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NFLThey Said What?

Fred Durst Still Wants The Jaguars To Sign Tim Tebow

fred durst

Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit did an AMA on reddit last night. Many people asked him music- and rockstar-life-related questions that he answered with a surprising amount of thoughtfulness — surprising in that Durst is famous for wearing a baseball hat backwards and being, in his own words, “a redneck fucker from Jacksonville,” but did not come across as such.

Speaking of being from Jacksonville, Durst was asked by a reddit user if he was a Jaguars fan, and if he would like to come to a Jags tailgate when the season kicks off. Here’s his response:

fred durst tebow reddit

We’ll give Durst a pass for not knowing that Tebow is a New England Patriot nowadays (even though they are supposedly friends), because not everyone is as obsessed with Tebow sports as we are. But we have to wonder what he meant by “The moral could help, a lot.” Does he mean “morale?” Does he really think that a dose of morality will help the Jaguars not suck? Then again, he also admitted to only doing some of the things for the nookie, so what does he know?

We don’t agree with Durst’s suggestion (unless he wants Tebow to switch to tight end), but we now have another reason to talk about Tim Tebow, and for that, we thank him.

  • Ron

    “morale” is not the same as “moral.” It appears he was trying to say signing Tebow would raise the spirits of team members, which is undoubtedly true. Tebow would be a tremendous addition to any team, especially the Jaguars.

  • Eric Goldschein

    The question was, did he mean morale? The answer is yes, most likely. But “moral,” in the context of Tebow, shouldn’t be discounted.

  • punkchickpick

    Pleeezz, let’s stop the talk about trying to force Tebow into positions other than what he is. This “tight end” talk is getting very old. Just because he has the body type of a tight end, or, whatever, doesn’t mean that is what he was cut out to be. Has anyone noticed what position he played all the years that he was leading teams to wins & championships??? Why change a good thing? He has never had perfect mechanics, but didn’t seem to stop him from winning. And how many QB’s in the NFL have beautiful mechanics, yet don’t lead their teams to wins & championships? Plenty. There is far more to a great QB than just “mechanics” of the pass.

  • John Bouchard

    The Jags had a chance to sign Tebow but were turned off by the new GM and Football coach for fear of popularity and their personal ego.
    They forfeited a full stadium for games and a possible winning season with playoff possibilities. WHY…JEALOUSY and popularity!
    The Jags will have another losing season with poor attendance. What a bunch of losers!

  • E

    Worst fucking article writing of all time

  • Scott Johnson

    Tebow is garbage. If it weren’t for his religious beliefs, no one would even care who he was.

  • SoCalJagsFan

    Oh yeah cool, because Fred Durst is still relevant in life right?

  • SoCalJagsFan

    Him being a QB isn’t a “good thing”. The rest of the Broncos helped him win that year, and by the way, they lost the next game if you seem to forget. If “all he does is win”, why is his NFL record 9-7? That’s only 2 games above .500. He’s extremely mediocre. Great at U of F? Of course he was. Great in the NFL? Not a chance.

  • SoCalJagsFan

    Do you seem to forget the Jags tried to get him in 2011, and he, yes TIM TEBOW HIMSELF, chose the Jets over the Jags. Don’t blame us for not wanting someone who didn’t want to come here. Khan only wants people who want to be here, not people who had no choice. None of his followers seem to remember that now do they?

  • SoCalJagsFan

    2012 I meant to say. Same difference. And btw, you can’t be serious thinking Tebow would honestly lead us to the playoffs this year. That’s ridiculous. Jealousy, HA. Apparently the rest of the league was jealous too? Simpleton.

  • Michelle Ryan

    Tim is ON RECORD in March of 2012 saying that he did NOT have the say….that it was Elways and the Broncos leadership’s decision…”Tebow denied that he had final say in where he was going. “Ultimately, I really didn’t have any because the Broncos had all that power,” Tebow said, adding that Denver was “gracious” in the way it handled the process. “I was just kind of watching and waiting — kind of like everybody else. It was an interesting day.”"

  • Guest

    I guess either he or Tebow must be relevant enough for those that read or commented.

  • Michelle Ryan

    he is one of the best players to ever play college football, and while his faith may have given him an added light, it certainly didn’t make the media follow him. If he didn’t win, he would never have become uber-famous. There are plenty of players that are very spiritual. The reason people are interested in Tebow is the winning attitude and performance that carried from HS to college to the NFL. The adoration and hate regarding his religious beliefs generally came after he shot to fame due to his on-field abilities.

  • Michelle Ryan

    Are you suggesting that the rest of a team is NOT supposed to be helping the QB win? Seems to me a silly statement regarding the fact Tebow in his generally first starting (with game 5) year (yes he had a few in 2010) had a winning record. And this, without the backing of his head coach, or offensive coach. And without a preseason training that a starter should have. He has faced many obstacles, but somehow, he’s STILL here. I believe he’d be in a much better spot if he didn’t always have to fight for respect which he so greatly deserves. Finally, he will have a chance to become a true NFLer. People just really need to leave this guy be. He is a phenomenal role model, so why not let him and even WANT him to grow to his potential? if it’s nowhere, he’ll be cut and that will be that. and if he’s not cut you still don’t need to worry, you won’t be seeing him until he can truly contribute, and that probably won’t happen until 2014. If he’s still on the team, you can bet that BB has seen something great enough that he wanted to keep him.

  • Michelle Ryan

    and it wasn’t until his “flawed” mechanics were messed with that he started throwing those really bad ones. Hopefully he’s getting better and better at the fix over time.

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