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Bravest/Dumbest Kid Alive Salsa Dances In Giants Jersey During UMass Riot, Is Sucker-Punched

After the Patriots lost to the Giants in the Super Bowl on Sunday night, a “disturbance” broke out on the UMass campus, involving approximately 1,500 students and resulting in 14 arrests. It was a messy scene – one that involved, according to the photo caption here, “a few students with Giants jerseys [getting] assaulted in the crowd.” The video below shows what seems to be one of those incidents:

Wow. Some might see the most devoted Giants fan they’ve ever seen in their lives. Some might see the dumbest Giants fan they’ve ever seen in their lives. Other might think they’ve found one of the most devoted trolls of their lives. Perhaps all three are true. We also looked at that video and saw a devoted/dumb Giants fan/troll who maybe didn’t expect everyone – or, more to the point, that one guy in particular – to get that pissed. He knows now.

It’s not to excuse the punch to the back of the head while he’s facing the other direction – as much as Salsa Guy was provoking the crowd to get madder and madder, it didn’t get physical until the punch. It still wasn’t cool. But can anyone say they watched that clip and were surprised at what happened? Let Salsa Guy’s successful trolling be a warning: if you troll too successfully, you may never want to troll again.

[h/t Keith]

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  • Anonymous

    Chowderheads are punks at heart and gutless. Figures some wuss would hit this idiot kid from behind.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeffrey-J-Zimmerman/1227392514 Jeffrey J. Zimmerman

    A Moss jersey and wearing a white baseball cap backwards…….You CAN judge this book by it’s cover.  And it’s confirmed after the gutless wonder attacks from behind, then thinks he’s a big tough guy for doing so.   Now, about that clueless jerk of a Giants fan………

  • 10001

    First, its a fucking game. Only douchebags would punch someone in the back of the head while he’s walking away.  Second, I hope someone identifies him and he ends up in a marshland for weeks, rotting away,  while his mommy cries for his safe return…

  • Anonymous

    That Giant fan looks like he was vying for a Darwin Award. That being said the punk that sucker punched him and ran makes his favorite team proud. What a tool.

  • Milojms

    and if he does get dumped in the marsh his mom will tell everyone who will listen that he was a real nice boy who never bothered anyone

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