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Glenn Beck Was Offended By The Super Bowl’s National Anthem, But Not The Part You Think

It’s not surprising that controversial radio and TV host Glenn Beck was offended by the national anthem at last night’s Super Bowl. What was surprising was that it wasn’t Christina Aguilera’s singing that offended him: rather, it was the lack of players who put their hands over their hearts.

“Was anybody else offended by…can you put your hand on your heart?” Beck said. “It’s the national anthem!”

It’s worth pointing out that Beck’s tone during his segment on the Super Bowl was one of mock anger, as opposed to one of real anger.

According to Beck, only one player (the Packers’ William Gay), had his hand on his chest. Gay was so moved, in fact, that a single tear drop was seen coming down his cheek – although it likely had just as much to do with the rush of emotion right before the biggest game of his life than any sudden onslaught of patriotism.

Listen to Glenn Beck’s segment on the Super Bowl national anthem here:

  • Anonymous

    I guess that will never be an issue for Glenn Beck, since he has no heart.

    Plenty of ass and double-chin, though.

  • http://www.jay-adler.blogspot.com/ JayAdlerComment

    You know its easy for bloggers and MSM talk show personalities to draw and quarter Glen Beck. He has millions of loyal viewers and followers. He is a top man on a national network. He is also a brilliant man, I think likable and has much more of the shinola then his detractors. So what are they trying to do, sit in the cat bird’s seat and lambast a man who has done so much better than them in the news business? Really, I only get to see Glenn when he guests on the evening shows because 5pm I am usually cruising around drumming up business. Just remember the Bob Dylan lyric: “The First One now will later be last” and Bob had one in the bullpen, “The last one now is later to win.”

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