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ESPN.com Comment Thread Descends Into Chaos Because Of Tim Tebow’s Lackluster Play

Right now on ESPN.com’s AFC West blog, there’s an article posted called “Time for Elway to think post-Tebow.” It’s written by former Denver Post reporter Bill Williamson, and it outlines all of the ways that Tim Tebow is a sub-par NFL quarterback.

He is “far from competent,” “terribly ineffective,” and “light years behind” other rookies, according to Williamson. His lack of play-making ability, coupled with the fact that at least one thing goes wrong on every snap he takes, means that his window of opportunity is closing pretty fast. And although Tebow had to be given a chance — and Denver’s fans had to see him given a chance — the experiment is failing. He’s just not that good, according to the AFC West blogger.

Although Williamson deals with Tebow’s mediocrity pretty sanely, plainly outlining why the guy can never be an elite NFL passer, ESPN.com’s commenters have decided to take things a step further. Using the greater-than sign (“>”), these helpful denizens of the internet have decided to carefully document everything that is better than Tim Tebow.

Here is a selection of their findings:

Stinky quee efs > Tebow

coke-boogers > Tebow

Eating your kids > Tebow

Playing footsy with the Ryan twins > Tebow

“Murder she wrote” > Tebow

Legally marrying a McRib sandwich > Tebow

what what in the butt > tebow

A Tiger Uppercut to the Junk > Tebow

planking > tebow

Leonard Nimoy’s scrotum > Tebow

Aging as quickly as Greg Oden > Tebow

Bob Knight wiping his bu tt and showing his players what he thinks of their play > Tebow

Also among the things better than Tim Tebow: chafing, the band “Journey,” and, finally, having your dog unexpectedly lick your face when you were sleeping with your mouth open. Again: all of these things are greater than completing 46.1% of your passes.

[h/t Reddit]

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Laurence-Glavin/100000568386394 Laurence Glavin

    In the minute or so I spent at the site’s ‘Comments’ function, three new >tebow posts appeared.  They may still be happening.  There may be MILLIONS of people commenting there.

  • Michelle

    I love Tebow.   I think he has WAY more pressure on him than other young quarterbacks.  You get the feeling a lot of people are rooting for him to fail because they just don’t like him.  It’s sad that anyone who tries to be a good person gets this treatment.  I think as time goes on, he will get more comfortable in the NFL and shine.  I just hope he’s given the chance.  Growing up in Seattle, I never thought I could be a  Broncos fan, but he’s changing my mind.  Or better yet, maybe my Seahawks can steal him away.  Heaven knows they need the help!  Hand tough, Tim!!  A lot of people are pulling for you.

  • Anonymous

    ESPN has now officially FREAKED OUT, and has begun wholesale deletions of these posts, even though they are now in the, literally, tens (or possibly hundreds) of thousands, and is suspending or banning every subscriber who posted in the thread. 

    Way to go ESPN/Disney! Big Brother lives in Bristol, Connecticut.

  • Bleumosquito

    it was sooooooooo worth it  almost 2 days straight of non stop posting –there was alot of comedic genius on there…..one of the banned

  • Nick D

    Let me try –
    Dilfer > Tebow    Wait a minute, actually Dilfer wasn’t better.  Actually he was pretty awful.  Actually, there’s really no good reason to listen to anything he (or Hoge or Esiason or or or) has to say on the subject of Tebow or anything else for that matter.  I think I’ll just watch and judge for myself and in the meantime I’ll show some respect to Tebow, simply because he’s a human being, while wishing him the best.  After all, isn’t that the best and decent thing to do?

  • >Tebow

    ESPN took a united front by football fans away by deleting the “>” post’s. For once on their threads there was no name calling between people, trolling or taking offence to a joke. Shame on ESPN for deleting post’s and killing the thread.

  • Anonymous

    Descending into chaos was mild. It’s now evolved into “Occupy ESPN”. The readers are making new accounts just as fast as they get suspended, and firing off jokes right now at the rate of about one or two per second.
    Censorship > Tebow. Not.

  • Rfr5005

    You sound like you know nothing about football and I’m right…you know nothing about football.

  • GreaterThanTebow

    It’s also worthy to note, this trend started during the Detroit – Denver game on the message board for that game on ESPN, and has not ceased to spawn > Tebow comments, and probably won’t for some time. (In spite of numerous account bans and comments being constantly removed.)…  > Tebow

  • GreaterThanTebow

    I think the vast majority of people don’t hate Tebow, they just understand he is a below average QB that Denver tried to promote as Jesus. Now that he is performing exactly how we all knew he would, it is everyone saying “Told you so” to Denver and Tebow fans.

  • GreaterThanTebow

    I got banned twice, and I haven’t checked yet, but my third account is probably banned by now as well!

  • Tchronin

    Got a 24 hr suspension

  • Tchronin

    Dilfer won the superbowl genious

  • Jpzum

    suspended twice. yelling “PULL” before every tebow pass > tebow

  • bah

    no, the ravens d won the super bowl.  

  • Nick D

    Your admiration for Dilfer is explained by your spelling of ”genius”.    lol

  • Nelson_smith3000

    tries to be a good person? he’s a christian missionary! the hieght of arrogance! “you must be more like me so that God can love you. the guy is truly an arrogant jerk.

  • Quitridingme22

    Chris leak > tebow

  • Tchronin

    Hey genius, look at your keyboard! It was a typo.  By the Tebow is being kicked to the curb.

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