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Terrell Owens Visits Chad Johnson In Jail, Tweets About His Hair

If I had a time machine and went back to 2009, let’s say, and told you that Terrell Owens is out of football visiting Chad Johnson in prison, what would you think? Did you see it coming? Would you make a conjugal visit joke? Because I just did. And it happened (the visit part, anyways). Chad Johnson, who’s serving a 30 day sentence for smacking his lawyer on the ass during court proceedings, was paid a friendly visit from fellow confused ex-football player, Terrell Owens.

What have we learned from the trip? Let’s see, apparently there isn’t a barber in jail. That, or Chad Johnson and T.O. are incredibly finicky about grooming (I do not doubt this to be true, regardless). We speculate he looks like this now, considering this is the only photograph of him with hair, ever. Gonna go out on a limb here, but Sisqo probably isn’t the most intimidating prison look. Also, you can only interact with the inmates via video conference. That’s right, no window love. Just Skype.

Also, T.O. has never even been near the big house before. Like, not even on a school field trip. And it scares him. Rightfully so. Do you know what they do to washed up, egomaniacal wideouts in there?!?!

Chad Johnson leaves in about 24 days, so that haircut is gonna have to wait.

  • Rolland Tide

    I think this is BULLSHIT!!! Lindsay Lohan can escape jail Time but a black athlete cannot!!! I’m a white guy who loves football & raised in the south & has probably said some racist shit in my teenage years back in the 80′s but I’m now racist by no means & this sir !!! IS RACIST double standard & just plain BULLSHIT!! That judge oughta. E ashamed guys pop each other on the ass it’s a habbit!!! Get over it bitch

  • The New Black Elite

    I salute you my man. 100% agree

  • UnsilentMajority

    Yep. Stallworth, Ray Lewis, Jason Kidd, Stephen Jackson, Pacman(I’m not going to type every name out or I’ll be here all day), etc. all got plenty of time for the crimes they committed. Except…they didn’t. Racism definitely has a part to play in the criminal justice system–usually being unfair to African Americans. But don’t be so ignorant to think that Black athletes never escape jail/prison time. Because they do.

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