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IGN Reviewed Madden 25 On Xbox One And PS4 And Their Verdict Will Surprise You

Last night, the world changed forever. No, your reclusive friend Geoff didn’t miraculously lose his virginity — nor did they cure male pattern baldness. Sorry, Geoff! The next gen Playstation was made available to consumers. Promising to bring a full 1080p experience to gaming, this $399 piece of equipment hit stores with high hopes…hopes that every part of the gaming experience would be dramatically improved beyond our wildest dreams. Hopes that were squashed like Richie Icognito’s dream of one day being an inner city guidance counselor.

It’s looking like Madden 25 is an overall downgrade on the new device. Ya, we were surprised, too.

We’ll let IGN’s Bobby Amos explain…

  • Moaner

    NFL doesnt actually allow tattoos, so the game wont feature any. And this reviewer is b#tching about the game being realistic. He moans cause he cant take advantage of the previous running flaws, and now since its “more like a sim” (his words), its harder. Please, I for one would welcome a harder, more realistic running game and not the fake running angles and sliding of your blockers.

  • FrozenMadden

    Does it constantly freeze like the current Gen Madden 25?

  • Gamer

    I fully agree with you. That reviewer needs to stick with the PS3 if he isn’t ready to deal with what’s real, and that’s what this game offers. I applaud EA for offering a game that actually challenges gamers. Really disappointing to see a reviewer give a game a bad review due to that fact that it’s too challenging!!

  • Danicalo

    Sounds like the review was done by a guy who can’t afford the PS4 or XBOX One!! How can you downplay improvements (graphics, atmosphere, “real” footing on the field), just because the beauty of playing your current gen copy allows you to be better at beating the computer?? A mess……

  • thatninjab

    Like madden 99 on Nintendo 64

  • Matt

    Ive played both.and they dont feel like Sim in anyway. That have a good foundation buthhaven’t figured out that next step. I feel like the next great madden won’t come out until 2k can make a football game and challenge EA. Competition brings out the best

  • Big baby

    This reviewer needs to just shut up…big cry baby…probably was asking for this and now that he has it and flaws have been fixed he can’t win anymore! Lol!

  • mike

    Got this game along with 2k for ps4 and i gotta say i expected more from madden, nba is cool but it just seems like there are less features.my biggest complaint is that i feel like there is a delayed reaction, extremely evident in these sports games, such as when i try to juke on madden or spin and drive on nba it doesnt do it right away like on my 360, it takes a secpnd and usually throws off the timing. does anyone else seem notice this? or is it just me

  • Jake O’Donnell

    When has the NFL ever said it doesn’t allow tattoos?

  • nick

    No surprise here. EA stopped improving the series once they got the exclusive license. $60 yearly roster updates since then.

  • mybad

    I meant NFL doesnt want EA to put tattoos in game. They trying to keep a clean image. You wont see any helmet-to-helmet hits or stuff like that. Previous Madden’s had tattoos.

  • Zach Clary

    Did he seriously just complain about it being too realistic? It’s supposed to be a football simulation not arcade football. Go buy an old copy of Blitz if you want to play unrealistic “fun” football games.

  • Tyler Hayden

    That’s a PlayStation thing. Happened to me on my ps3. I will be sticking to my Xbox.

  • Dion Abbott

    Umm no, the ps4 is way more powerulll then x1, it is NOT a ps thing, it is a madden thing moron fangirl

  • Derek Allen

    Very in-depth and informative review. The best way to describe it would be…that was real. From a normal guys perspective. Usually it’s some “gaming geek” that doesn’t really know the ins & outs of football giving the review. He did a great job of mentioning BOTH the PROS & the CONS of the new game. Unrealistic player models for example? I’ll keep this review in mind as listen to others before I make my purchase.

  • Anonymous

    I think the running game is awesome on next gen it feels right on!

  • mbounce88

    I am pretty sure NBA 2k for next gen has more features,cutscenes in my player (that are absolutely incredible) way better graphics, etc…

  • mbounce88

    Haven’t bought a madden since 12, but I got this for next gen Ps4 and I play it alot.. Really fun game,realistic (when you are bursting down the feel wide open better not hold sprint to, you will get embarrased and someone will catch up! Doesn’t hurt my team is highest rank in game either. Go hawks! Nba 2k14′s graphics blow it away though. I am banking on next years game to be full next gen

  • Mendell Potier

    thats why its stupid…how almost every nfl player has tats and experience helmet to helmet and theres none in the game real stupid

  • Mendell Potier

    if madden going to be in next generation and supposedly REAL well add everything the REAL nfl has….i dont see any tats um well guess what there are tats on players in nfl..i dont see helmet to helmet…well theres a flag every game almost with near helmet to helmet calls…they must improve..

  • Mendell Potier

    i agree if thats the case there would be almost no NFL PLAYERS IN THE NFL BECAUSE EVERYBODY ALMOST HAS TATS..look at carolina panthers point to one player who doesnt has a tat..LOL

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