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IT HAS BEGUN: Tim Tebow Sucks It Up At First Patriots Practice, Gives Great Interview Though

For media types, talking about the woes of Tim Tebow is akin to heroin. We’re hooked. We’re sorry. But it’s just so, ugh, AMAZING! He’s the anti-intellectual. We’re the pseudo-intellectuals. It’s a match made in asshole heaven.

Oh God, there better be more…

HOLY SHIT I WISH I WAS THERE TO GROAN AND LAUGH! Tell me there’s more bad news…

Eh, that’s good enough. Though he didn’t manage to avoid critisim after his first day at Pats camp, he did do an expert, tactful job of ducking questions about The Jets, Aaron Hernandez, and Urban Meyer’s reign as head honcho at Florida. For a comprehensive list of critical tweets, click here.

Photo via CBS

  • frank

    So fucking funny. The weekend posts on this site are the best!

  • Anonymous

    With so many lying, cheating, ill-mannered, bastard-making, ped using a–holes in sports, why do you losers like to pick on a genuinely decent, honest, nice man? Granted, Tim Tebow will never be a star player, but he’ll always be someone most responsible parents would want their children to emulate.

  • Tom Tebow

    No one is “picking” on him. They’re simply acknowledging that he doesn’t belong in the NFL playing QB. Ive never seen an NFL QB that actually looks funny while he’s throwing the ball. He’s souring our league and needs either a new position or to play in CFL.

  • Flowheim

    I bet Jake O’Donnell likes his wieners raw.

  • Anonymous

    Go look up Tebow’s 2011 stats (the only year he was truly allowed to start), and compare them to Sanchez stats for last year, or compare them to Elway’s 1983 rookie season. Think you’ll be surprised. Also, go to Google images and lookup Elway’s throwing motion. I don’t see much difference when compared to Tebow’s. In fact, they look identical. Just as an objective exercise.

  • Ryguy

    Elway had a strong, accurate throwing arm. Tim Tebow, god bless him, has a stick of butter where his arm should be.

  • Anonymous

    You obviously weren’t watching Elway in 1983, like I was. I’ve been a Denver fan since that time, and I remember he took a lot of criticism, but the difference was, he was given a few years of consistent play as a starter to show what he could do. Remember Terry Bradshaw constantly hammering Elway’s skills as a QB? Just Google “Bradshaw on Elway”, and you’ll see what I mean. Now, years later, Bradshaw is a fan. So, this idea that Elway was always great is non-sense. If he was that great and consistent, then how could he be known for his 4th quarter, final 2 minutes comeback?

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