It Only Costs $1,950 To Play Flag Football With Tiki Barber

  • Dylan Murphy

We’d first like to note that Kevin Durant did it for free. That’s why everyone likes Kevin Durant. Tiki Barber, – yeah, that Tiki Barber – won’t do it for free. In fact, he thinks Tiki Barber’s flag football skills are worth Kevin Durant + $1,950.

Here’s why:

“You’re getting Tiki Barber—the NY Giants all-time leading rusher and owner of one of the greatest names in the history of names—for your next game of flag football. Or basketball. Or kickball. Or pretty much whatever sport/gentlemanly activity you can think of. Because having a three-time Pro Bowl-er on your team definitely qualifies as a Perk.”

The way this reads is kinda sad: “…or pretty much whatever sport/gentlemanly activity you can think of. Just hang out with me. Please.” We have little doubt that that some douchey corporate finanace guy and his buddies will fork over the cash because BROS, but watching an athlete leverage his athlete-ness for a tiny fraction of what he used to make is depressing.

Oh and also, this:

“Any trash-talking done to Mr. Barber must be done with full and willing consent to receive a thorough verbal thrashing from Mr. Barber himself.”

Yeah, but his verbal thrashings kinda suck.

[Bob’s Blitz, via Urban Daddy]

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