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New York Jets Being Investigated For Harassing Spanish TV Reporter

A reporter for Azteca TV, Ines Sainz, was reportedly harassed and catcalled when she made a trip to Jets practice yesterday to interview quarterback Mark Sanchez. Now, the NFL is investigating, and the team may be in hot water.

So, remember when some people said that the downright crazy amount of media attention being bestowed upon the New York Jets was a bad thing? And that the football-team-as-circus atmosphere that has steadily built itself up within the organization would eventually lead to distractions? It’s safe to say that accusations of harassment and a subsequent league investigation, just a day before they kick off on Monday Night Football against the Baltimore Ravens, would fall into the category of “distractions.”

Here’s what happened. Sainz, an extremely attractive reporter who usually only covers the Super Bowl, showed up to interview Sanchez. When the rest of the team saw her, they responded by “acting like frat boys,” catcalling her, and intentionally running into her during passing drills as she stood on the sidelines.

Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post referenced the passing drills incident, and based on the tone of his tweet, everybody thought things were fine and dandy:

Dennis Thurman purposely overthrowing the DBs in drills so they can “accidentally” run into TV Azteca reporter on the sideline. HILARIOUS.

HILARIOUS? Maybe not. The tweets have been erased, meaning either the Post or Thurman realizes the situation is getting a tad more serious.

Serious as in: The Association of Women in Sports Media asked the NFL to look into the incident, which the league described as “troubling.”

Sainz is best known for covering the NFL during the Super Bowl, and it’s not what you would call hard-hitting journalism (her signature move is measuring players’ biceps). So why would she be reporting on a team before the season even started?

Because the Jets, right now, are a zoo. They are fast becoming a magnet for media outlets that usually don’t touch football, which is potentially combustible when Rex Ryan‘s F-bomb locker room culture is the setting for the collision of worlds. When a busty Spanish reporter entered the Jets’ locker room yesterday, the situation may have combusted.

[h/t to D.J.]

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  • http://SailRabbits.com Magister

    Perhaps this isn’t the best time to say it, but the young lady does have a striking profile.

  • waxgirl333

    So you chide the Jets for this behavior, and close your article by describing the reporter as “busty”? Hmm, hoping for a good look at Fogarty’s package so I can describe him properly in my next article.

  • nellpost

    And she didn’t dress provocatively so noone would catcall and/or notice her. right?

  • CAconservative

    If those pants were any tighter, you could look see her spleen!

  • BearsFan

    Ay, Carrumba!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/danfoges Dan Fogarty

    Wait, “busty” is derogatory?

  • BearsFan

    Dan Fogarty says:
    September 13, 2010 at 5:39 pm
    Wait, “busty” is derogatory?

    I think they add to the list everyday, Dan.

  • waxgirl333

    You missed my point…not saying busty is derogatory just saying don’t be critical of others making notice of this woman’s “assets” and then describe her by those same assets. Frankly I think when people dress like a caricature they shouldn’t expect to be treated like a professional journalist.

  • http://twitter.com/danfoges Dan Fogarty

    What I was criticizing the Jets for was for the “hooting,” “hollering,” and catcalling – the creepy stuff. “Busty” was just a descriptive term, because it’s true. She’s busty.

    Also, I’ve heard a few people insinuate that she deserved to be leered at/whistled at/whatever for dressing the way she did. Nope. No matter how a woman dresses, there’s never a free pass to make her feel uncomfortable.

  • waxgirl333

    Your description is just a different degree of sexism…not as bad as hoots and catcalls but still a sexist description. Why don’t we describe the football players like “the well-hung receiver caught the long pass” or “the chiseled Fogarty wrote about the Spanish report on Sunday…” How do you know that your describing her as busty didn’t make her uncomfortable as well?

  • http://twitter.com/danfoges Dan Fogarty

    I would agree with you, if her being busty had nothing to do with the story. But it’s a pretty important piece of it – the reason she was catcalled had, at least in part, something to do with her physical attributes.

    As for an example of us referring to a “well-hung receiver,” I’m not sure that exists, but if it does, it’s here. Or here. Or here.

  • waxgirl333

    Plus it made for a pun with combustible. Thanks for the links my friends and I are drinking wine and reading them. Hooting and catcalls will surely ensue…

  • Puter Boi

    “(That strikes us as a bit of an exaggeration, but oh well.)”

    Strikes “us”?
    Exactly how many people did it take to write this masterpiece?

  • Puter Boi

    My bad….comment was meant for another masterpiece…
    Carry on….nothing to see here….

  • http://twitter.com/danfoges Dan Fogarty

    Waxgirl – glad we could provide some evening entertainment for you. And remember, look to SportsGrid to provide all of your Naked Athlete’s with Blurry Cell Phone picture needs.

  • daveinboca

    What a complete joke…! If hottie women dressed down showing lotsa flesh go into a locker room full of hot sweaty beaten-up athlete-male-sexbombs full of testosterone, what’s to be expected? The womens’ media group should be disenfranchised and the females who do get allowed in the locker room should be serious types like Erin Andrews or Alexa Flanagan.

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