Celebrate Thanksgiving With Jim Harbaugh Saying “Gobble Gobble Gobble Turkey”

  • Glenn Davis

Jim Harbaugh’s got plenty to be thankful for as this Thanksgiving season approaches. His 49ers are 7-2-1 and one of the Super Bowl favorites in the NFC, and while some teams have trouble finding one quarterback good enough for them to win, in Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick, the Niners appear to have two.

And Harbaugh’s given the rest of us reasons to be thankful, too – mainly having to do with frightening displays of intensity. More often than not, he’s giving the likes of us something to write about – and one of his most quotable moment of this season feels especially appropriate on this day. Late last month, following a win, Harbaugh was asked a question about a subject he felt had been unnecessarily beaten into the ground. The way he chose to verbalize this? Well…

Why, that’s the best use of “gobble gobble” I’ve heard since…

While Harbaugh said this weeks ago, I hadn’t heard it until today. Wondering how I’d managed to miss such a brilliant quote, I took note of the day Harbaugh had apparently said it: October 30. Turns out I missed it because that was the night this hit, knocking my power out for days and forcing me into an exile from my apartment from which I have not yet emerged. But it allowed me discover Harbaugh’s gobbling on this most fitting of days: the day before Turkey Day itself. I know I’m thankful.

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