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NFLWeird But True

Here’s The Jim Harbaugh-Jim Schwartz Fight At The End Of 49ers-Lions

Today, the San Francisco 49ers handed the Detroit Lions their first loss of the season, 25-19. 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, as he is wont to do, got excited at this. He was a little too excited for Lions coach Jim Schwartz, who said a few words to Harbaugh when the two had a brief handshake. Then…well, things got a little out of hand.

Players and various other intermediaries got involved, and the two ran parallel to one another for a while, and if there hadn’t been that small mob separating them, might have come to blows (which would have been awesome, though upon further review, Schwartz was going way, way crazier than Harbaugh). Whatever Harbaugh’s deal is, it’s clearly a deal that irritates many.

UPDATE: The NFL announced Monday evening there would be no fines for either Harbaugh or Schwartz. The incident didn’t strike us as fine-worthy, though it’s worth wondering, as Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio did, whether the NFL is allowing coaches to get away with something players couldn’t. We’ll revisit this issue the next time Harbaugh gets under someone’s skin, which should happen in about, oh, eight seconds.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FU4GJH46RB3TU4K75WGN4DKFJM Nikki Whatley

    That coach was way too heated about his first loss. Watching Harbaugh’s excitement, Schwartz should have just realized he was really excited and didn’t mean any disrespect. “It’s clearly a deal that irritates many.” How about people calm down and stop getting so upset over stupid stuff? Harbaugh has not been disrespectful and Schwartz was way too sensitive. 

  • Chris

    Win with class you asshole. If I were the Lions head coach I would’ve punched that bitch right in the face. What a disgrace.

  • Bryan

    What’s worse,this or AJ Hawk’s finger?Everybody please grow up!!!  TY

  • A Smart Person


  • http://twitter.com/Gary333 Gary Lee

    Schwartz is a crybaby who didn’t like that his team got beat.  He’s always talking smack to everyone else.  What makes him any different when the shoe is on the other foot!?!  Nothing!!!  They’re gonna lose against Green Bay anyway!

  • http://twitter.com/Gary333 Gary Lee

    Lose with dignity!  Crybabies!! 

  • Mbpeck

    I agree, learn to win with class Harbaugh you childish jerk.  It doesnt matter that you just won a great game, you calm down and you respectfully and professionally shake the other coaches hand and look him in the eye.  F*** Harbaugh.

  • koko03

    aww the lions coach took a beating n wanted to cry about it… grow up

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=751556234 Pablo Goldstein

    You made a typo. You wrote “Lions head coach” when you meant “49ers head coach.” It happens.

  • Rasconp

    OH YES Detroits coach could not handle his team losing and the 49ERS coach bieng all happy about it. That coach lost his cool and made A big issue of something so little. WHAT a shame that is. Then maybe coach Jim Harbrough could have shown a little more RESPECT for birng the road winner team twards THE LIONS, But hopefully all will forgive each other?

  • 49ERS 81

    YO hey Chris there is no need for that language, Understand how you feel but come on Harbrough did not mean it like the way you think???? 

  • Rasconp

    HEY CHRIS there is no need for that kind of disrespect of language. Come on the 49ers won and detroit  were not cool with that which is very very sad very unsportsmen like of the LIONS coach to create a negative attitude at the end of the game ??? AND JIM HARBROUGH meant no disrespect???

  • Rasconp

    VERY SAD YOU TO same negative attitude ??

  • WonderWoman

    Grown men. Grownups. Not.

  • Ghostwriter_213

    It’s funny how Jim Schwartz didn’t like the Over-excitement of Harbaugh, yet after every Lions win he goes out of his way to fist pump and shout about their victories. Now he wants to throw a bitch-fit over Harbaugh celebrating?

  • Bay Boy

    your sound like you never played sports a day in your life. Everyone left SF dead for this game. Look at it from his stand point you clown. Punch him in the face and you look just like a clown you clown.

  • Dee

    Wow Chris no wonder kids are poor sports when the adults around them act like you. Grow up it wasn’t ment to offend and if you can’t see that then you just want to complain.

  • yawn

    And if you were to punch Jim Harbough in the face you would’ve gotten knocked the fuck out.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QDVM4RGB27GUCSSGXPCLV5GNVU Matthew P

    If I went after everybody who shook my hand and patted me on the back after their team beat mine, then went away to congratulate their team, I would’ve been very, very busy. What did the Lions coach expect Harbaugh to do? Was he supposed to walk over and give his condolences for the Lions undefeated record? Was Harbaugh supposed to appologize for winning? Take your handshake, your pat on the back, get out of the man’s way, and go tell your team that they got outplayed and there are other games to worry about. In other words, Jim Schwartz, grow up.

  • Mstafford822

    every professional (coaches AND players) knows that every Sunday they will play and compete TO WIN. They also know that there always will be only one winner and one loser. Things can get heated during the competition, but when the game is over, ITS OVER! Real professionals simply move on to their next opponent

  • Harwo6933

    When I saw it in real time on Fox, I thought, Wow! Harbuagh is a real jerk. Fox cut away and we didn’t see what happened after that. In was left thinking how classless Harbaugh was by not really acknowledging Schwartz. He literally brushed him aside. There is nothing wrong with Harbaugh being excited they won but when the coaches meet afterwards, that is not how they are supposed to act. There is the handshake and a few words. Schwartz was going to take the loss with grace IMO. As Schwartz said, there is a protocol between coaches at the end of a game and what Harbaugh did is NOT it. Frankly, yes it’s about winning, for sure. But I’m not sure what he was so excited about. Both teams played poorly.

  • HawkCW4

    It is a sad sad comment on the state of all sports in America these days.  High paid athletes who many believe gives them some extra status in this world beyond what their extreme salaries can buy them.  There is a serious loss of class these days and guys like Schwartz was showing off his lack.

  • beej

    you’re mad ’cause he was excited he won?  WHO CARES this is so stupid.   Jim Schwartz is a little bitch with a bruised ego

  • Hunty742

    You are a friking idiot.  Schwartz is an a-hole that can dish it out but cannot receive it.  He is lucky to be a coach.  He will not last….

  • http://profiles.google.com/jacobrichardford Jacob Ford


  • bob

    Lol right. Looks like the pussy lion coach couldn’t take a rough handshake. Guess hes a woman. Then he runs and attacks a man whos back is turned. He has no honor or class. No wonder his team lost.

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