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Johnny Football Went Fist-Pumping In Hollywood And Left With This FSU Bikini Model

Lauren Hanley FSU Model

Johnny Manziel went to a club in Hollywood. Here he is, leaving, caught by TMZ, per usual.

The girl he’s leaving with? Lauren Hanley, a model from FSU.

But before that? He led the FSU war chant, at the club.

And, finally, because, as a sports blog, we’re obligated to do things like show you “butt-selfie goddesses,” here is a slideshow of Lauren Hanley.

All photos via Lauren’s Instagram


  • Anonymous

    Why are big voluminous tits the most coveted thing on earth? I can’t figure it out.

  • Laurie K.

    have you ever tit-fucked a woman who’s into it? Until you do you’ll never know.

  • Shaun Nottage

    Hoping for that Manziel Magic! Being unpredictable and staying one more year!
    (AgeLuv_COM) — which is based around age gap dating. It is quite successful, and has helped bring Younger Women Older Men together in committed, long-term relationships.

  • Anonymous

    I would literally change religions for these girls. Dang

  • Anonymous

    Oh make no mistake Laurie, I’d be happy to. :)
    It’s a biological thing or something. But I don’t know why.

  • Barr Suul

    jesus christ

  • Jbkorn02

    Wow he is lucky.

  • Shawn Cicero

    the kid yes kid has fun so what

  • Oris

    Fugly A Manziel leaving with hollywood hottie? Something’s up with that…………

  • Anonymous

    So, either you are a girl or you are a Beta male. Either way …

  • Anonymous

    You misunderstand. My question is not why people acknowledge that busty women are desireable. The attraction is obvious to any male (what the f*ck is a beta male?)

    The question is why busty women are biologically desireable to begin with.

  • Budakhan

    That there be Disneyland for men

  • Anonymous


  • Thomas Wainwright

    Nice tits

  • Scott Wilson

    Way to go Manziel !

  • wateverfukfase

    and watch him get pummeled in the nfl… but yea kudos for the hotty totty accessory!

  • mep

    I’m not an expert but I have read things from people like Desmond Morris who is a scientist that makes a study of human behavior amongst other things and his answer is that almost all males have a strong sexual response to certain visual cues. One of these cues is a woman’s butt. The reason large breast cause the same reaction is because large breast are very similar in shape to a woman’s rear, especially if they have cleavage. showing. He explained this while showing two models, one of which had a dress with a very low cut back which exposed part of the butt and the other had large breast with a lot of cleavage. If you frame the picture just right, there isn’t much difference in how they look.

  • خالد الجمال
  • Thanks dems! Thanks RINO’s!

    I like little tits, medium tits, big tits, and giant tear drop tits! But I would take small ones with a perfect ass vs giant tear drops with an average ass any day!

  • Anonymous

    I would demolish her

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