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NFLWeird But True

LaRon Landry Does Not Look Real Anymore

LaRon Landry has is one of the hardest-hitting strong safeties in football. But, as these recent Twitter photos posted by Landry show, he has ceased looking like a strong safety, and has begun to look more like a strong… bodybuilder? Cartoon character? Photoshopped space alien?

I know after you work out, you look bigger than you actually are because of bloodlflow and pumps and whatnot. But this is ridiculous. UPDATE: Some folks are crying “fake!”, noting that Landry is missing a tattoo in photo 1. Which makes this whole thing even weirder, because Landry re-tweeted photo 1 from his own account. UPDATE 2: I’m dumb. That second photo is taken in a mirror, as Derek Ponamsky pointed out, meaning what appears to be his right arm is actually on his left. These photos look like they’re the real deal.

[LaRon Landry is looking quite large] DC Sports Bog

  • Anonymous

    Steroids much?

  • Sabeelen

    Pic 1–untattooed arm is his right arm, facing camera…pic 2–in a mirror, so untattooed arm is his right arm as well.  Either pic could be shopped, but not because of the tattoos.

  • http://www.facebook.com/billybobisdrunk William Robert Stone

    80 percent of NFL players use HGH and no one in the media seemed to care but if a baseball player gets caught using it national story.  The NFL has bought the media especially ESPN.  Bullshit!

  • Joe Johnson

    Idiots..in the second pic he is in the mirror..if you look at HIS left arm-bo tattoo. Problem solved

  • Evansville Hoosier

    Ah good point. I was quite confused. Thanks for the clarification.

  • Joe Johnson


  • Rick

    In picture 2 it shows his left arm with no tattoos but his right arm does. In picture 1 it shows no tattoos on his right arm.

  • Taylor

    Not true. NFL players are suspended for using HGH. Take a look at Shawne Merriman. NFL players are screened for drugs just as often as another sport. Please do a little research next time you accuse somebody for doing something they’re not.

  • Anonymous

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    the top picture could be before he got the tattoo hence why he said “IM DUMB”

  • Tyler Barker

    HGH is a steroid.

  • Larry

    You guys are all stupid.

  • The Real Truth

     lol, hgh is a steroid? Ok? Tell that to a biologist or a organic chem major. Since when was HGH a steroid? It does not react in the body nearly the same as a steroid does. Please show me any literature that puts HgH in the same specific category as a steroid? Laughable.

  • bigsonbitch

    no its not….two different substances altogether. get you fact straight and do research

  • http://www.facebook.com/howard.rivers Howard Rivers

    haters much?? get in the gym and put some time in

  • Pihrana2k3

    can you site your source for your percentage of 80% usage by nfl players?

  • billy brennan

    how does he get by the steroid testing?
    Even in the UFC. THEY TEST BEFORE {{{ AND }}}}} after fights.
    Landry is a clown. It doesn’t help his playing. Quite the opposite.

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