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Mark Sanchez Thinks He’s Tim Tebow

Mark Sanchez Tim TebowDo you remeber Tim Tebow, former second-string WINNER on the New York Jets depth chart? Well, Mark Sanchez, who’s in a quarterback competition with Geno Smith for next year’s job, apparently doesn’t remember his former teammate and what he stood for.

He’s certainly not acting like he’s worried about losing his starting job to rookie Geno Smith — and he’s not talking that way, either. Sanchez all but predicted he will prevail in their open competition.

“When it’s a straight-up competition for the job, let’s roll,” the embattled Sanchez said in a recent sitdown with ESPNNewYork.com. “It really doesn’t bother me at all. It really doesn’t affect my confidence or anything like that. We’re competing for something. All right, I’m going to win. That’s just how I am.”

All right, he’s going to win! That’s just how he is. A bit insulting to the REAL WINNER who just got cut. Mark Sanchez lost a game a few times; he’s not a winner. Tim Tebow knows what it takes to win. Mark Sanchez knows what it takes to have low character.

But seriously, ease up on the cockiness, Mark. You’re in a competition with an unpolished rookie, and fans will boo you when you win. That’s just how you are.


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  • You areStupid

    what the fuck are you even trying to say here?

  • Trolled So Hard

    Lets go ahead and pick apart the stupidest parts of this article.

    1. Do I remember Tim Tebow? No, I totally forgot about the sack of shit who has gotten headlines for no reason over the past 4 years.

    2. In what way does Sanchez ever show any semblance of “not remembering who Tebow was”? The very point of your article is completely stretched. You are trying to be funny and failing miserably. Go back to jerking off in your dorm room.

    3. “But seriously, ease up on the cockiness”. Oh, thanks college sophomore Matt Rudnitsky from the University of Maryland at Ann Arbor. You should just skip the rest of your college career and go right to the pros with that astute advice.

    4. “Thats just how you are”. Great end to the article. I bet you wrote this whole thing, read it over, and added this little gem in at the end. Then you probably thought to yourself smugly “Great article, Matt. Let’s celebrate with a Totino’s Pizza Roll and a microwaved banana peel to jerk off into”.

    In summary, you should just quit now. Love,
    The internet

  • Gatorfan

    Is this really how people like to comment? I am finding it difficult to understand why everyone is so rude. I read articles all the time, some better than others, but would never resort to name calling if I didn’t agree with someone or something. We live in a society in which we hold ourselves up as being so open minded and diverse, when it seems that the opposite is often the case. What a bunch of close minded and childish people. I hope that these people aren’t treated this poorly if and when they ever get around to actually writing something rather than just sitting home, making rude comments on other’s article. Sad.

  • Chris Wyman

    I bet Joey Harrington could start for the Jets

  • Chris Wyman

    I bet Joey Harrington could start for the Jets. It’s basically the same kind of player.

  • Anonymous

    I love the ‘insulting to the REAL WINNER’ idiocy; Tebow will be lining up on special teams and as a slot receiver behind a REAL WINNER in Tom Brady next season, where he belongs. The same Pats team that beat him LIKE A GONG in his last game as a Bronco.. hilarious. The fact that Sanchez has won way more playoff games than TEBOW! of course is lost on this nitwit… embarrassing.

  • mistabones

    hahahaha, this article is AWFUL. It makes no point whatsoever… I mean, is this just a quick “let me pick on Mark Sanchez” attempt? What does Tebow have to do with this at all, particularly with the “apparently doesn’t remember his former teammate and what he stood for” line which left me thinking “okay, what about it… you want Sanchez to be religious?”
    My best guess is that this guy is a Patriots fan who is desperately trying to shift the attention from the recent team arrests including potential triple murder.
    I’m fine with it if you want to write an article to paint someone in a negative light but this was just awful… the writing HAS to be put together better and the reader should certainly understand the point by the end. Not left thinking “what the hell did I just read?”

  • mistabones

    I agree, some of the commentary doesn’t have to go where it went, but this article was literally the worst I’ve ever read… not because I don’t agree with the writer, but because it made no sense and was horribly horribly HORRIBLY written

  • mistabones

    Agreed… I guess his definition of “Real Winner” is someone who takes 47 snaps last season, gets cut, struggles for months to make an NFL roster, then lands on a team where he has absolutely no chance of playing his position… if that’s not a real winner I don’t know what is…

  • Anonymous

    if you really need explaining:

    1) yes, this is just a “let me pick on mark sanchez attempt.” you seem to understand me, so i could probably just stop here.
    2) it’s satire, regarding the idiots that argue Tebow’s merits as a quarterback behind the farcical logic that he’s a “winner”
    3) i’m a very big Jets fan, and I thought Sanchez’s comment was funny and oddly cocky given his circumstance, so I wrote a quick, tongue-in-cheek post on it

    did explaining the joke enhance its enjoyment?

  • Adam

    It’s the same douche over and over again. Content of the article aside, one has to wonder why people can’t find something more productive to do.

  • mistabones

    no, not really, this was still awful. Given that the points you were attempting to make were unknown to seemingly any ready, that’s usually not a good sign.
    This was awful. I’m not saying that you are awful… just this particular post.

  • Anonymous

    i’m sorry you didn’t like it, thanks for reading

  • straight shooter

    tim tebow just sucks as a quarterback, he was just a qb in college because it was a different style of offense… leave it to tim tebow to not realize the difference.. tim tebow still thinks he can play as a quarterback in the nfl.. what a clown joker.. the guy is obviously in a state of delusion. God tebow is annoying just can that cracker jack retard.

  • straight shooter

    people are paying an arm and a leg for tim tebows autograph cards right now and they couldn’t be wasting their money any worse. Tim Tebow was hired by the patrioits for little to nothing.. they just hired him for the dumb fans that still think hes good. I can throw the ball farther than tim tebow and i’ve never played football in my life.. tebow is slow he isn’t all there.. hes just a big brute that had a really good offensive line in college.. tim tebow didn’t hardly have anything to do with florida winning the national championship.. Florida’s entire offensive line went pro the next year and then they sucked even with tebow. Don’t give tebow any credit for anything he really isn’t much of a football player.

  • Post Corner

    Tim Tebow was able to win in Denver despite the Broncos running a terrible offensive scheme. They couldn’t protect the blind side so they kept RBs and TEs in to block. The O-Line before Tebow was horrible at protection – so Orton was forced to hit the check constantly. Just look at the O-Line rankings- they were horrible. The scary thing is, that pass blocking was ranked higher than run blocking. Then take into consideration that the passing offense was mostly run from 1 and 2 receiver BLIND playaction sets with TEs and RBs staying home to block. That is no way to run a passing offense if you’re looking to achieve a high completion percentage. The scheme was to sell the run and go deep out of sets that looked more run than pass. It allowed Tebow to get a big play when it mattered, but it didn’t help his QB%.

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