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Maybe Terry Bradshaw Wasn’t Being Indefensibly Racist After All

“Guys, Jimmy Johnson loves fried chicken, so Terry Bradshaw totally isn’t a racist.” That’s the narrative being spun right now on Twitter by members of the FOX Sports team.

If you haven’t yet heard, Bradshaw was calling a Reggie Bush touchdown run when he remarked, “Look at this Jimmy, like he was chasing that bucket of chicken…”

Although the FOX Sports broadcast team erupted in laughter (well, everyone except Curt Menefee, who seemed to realize ol’ Terry Bradshaw had just Terry Bradshaw’d himself into some trouble), the internet went predictably bonkers.

The backlash was swift and unforgiving, as everyone jumped on the “Terry Bradshaw is a guffawing racist” bandwagon. Bradshaw’s studio colleagues, however, would soon come to their besieged pal’s aid.

According to host Curt Menafee, Bradshaw said “like you [Jimmy]” and not “like he.” Jimmy Johnson explained it was a dig at him because he eats fried chicken every Sunday on the set of FOX Sports’ studio broadcast.

Confused yet? Allow the noted Extenze pitchman to elaborate.

See! Even Jimmy Johnson is throwing his marriage under the bus for ol’ Terry!

More defenders, ahoy.

Erin Andrews has spoken. Case closed.

  • Sports Grid Sucks

    He said Jimmy was running after chicken. This is a really stupid website.

  • NotRacist

    Who cares? I do not understand what is wrong with saying black people eat chicken. Black people do eat a lot of fried chicken. How is this an insult?

  • Anonymous

    Being a black male, I’m sick of “journalists” or internet writers saying everything is racist. It feels as if these writers are purposely trying to water down real charges of racism so that they cannot be distinguished from clear instances of non-racism. Bradshaw clearly says “Look at this, Jimmy. Like you was chasing that bucket of chicken.” The “like you” refers to Jimmy. Damn shame. Now if I or other minorities encounter real racism, people will brush it off by referencing those times, such as these, where people cried wolf. I’m sick of it. Stop it.

  • ddd

    If you even listened to what he said you would know that he was talking about Jimmy. Nice attempt at slandering someone though, better luck next time.

  • shannon

    This really pisses me off. While I don’t personally know Mr. Bradshaw, I like what I have seen of him. I do not for one second believe that he is racist (by the way I am black) and I don’t believe he was referring to Reggie Bush. This is tarnishment of a good man’s image.

  • Anonymous

    PC gone crazy yet again

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