“Giants, Romo Agree To Two-Year, $9 Million Contract” Says Unintentionally Confusing Headline Everywhere

  • Dylan Murphy

Woah, hold up a sec. What is this that came across the newswire on Wednesday from the Associated Press to Sports Illustrated?

Wait, how is this possible? Doesn’t Tony Romo have one year and $11.5 million left on his contract? Did Jerry Jones misread the contract? Is this one of those demotion-promotion deals? Did someone lock Jones out of the personnel decision room?

And what about the Giants? Did the columnists win? Is Eli Manning still trapped in his apartment building? Did someone in the Giants’ front office notice that burgeoning teacher arm?

But seriously, is this really true? If it is, other media outlets must have picked up the story as well:

Miami Herald:

“Giants give Romo two-year deal”

MLB Trade Rumors:

“Giants, Romo Agree To Two-Year Deal”

News & Observer:

“Giants give Romo two-year deal”

Kansas City Star:

“Giants give Romo two-year deal”

Chicago Tribune:

“Giants give Romo two-year deal”

Charlotte Observer:

“Giants give Romo two-year deal”


“Giants give Romo two-year deal”

Centre Daily Times:

“Giants give Romo two-year deal”

FOX News:

“Giants give Romo two-year deal”

Wait. WAIT. Let’s scroll down a bit and see what the article says:

OH, baseball. Sergio Romo. Got it.


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