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“I Think He’s Phony”: Watch Merril Hoge Rip Tim Tebow A New One

In mid-November, the New York Daily News reported that Tim Tebow’s Jets teammates thought he was “terrible.”

Yes, he took the Broncos to the playoffs last year with a late-season surge that made for a really nice story, and yes, the Jets were one of the teams knocked off by Tebow’s scrambly magic (his passing stats for that win last season: 9-20 for 104 yards). But to the players on his new team — the ones he’s been practicing with every day — that success appeared to be a product of a gimmicky Wildcat system. And as the throws in the dirt piled up, and Tebow himself showed no real signs of improvement, those suspicions became an accepted reality within the organization: The guy should never have been brought in, and he simply wasn’t very good.

Earlier this week, Tebow was told that he’d be passed over for the newly-vacant starting job in favor of Greg McElroy. Mark Sanchez’s time was up… but Tebow’s didn’t exist.

He didn’t take this well, according to ESPN New York.

New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow was so frustrated when the starting job was conferred upon Greg McElroy early last week that he told the coaches he didn’t want to be used in any Wildcat packages Sunday against the San Diego Chargers, multiple Jets sources told ESPNNewYork.com.

The image of Tebow taking his ball and going home with it would seem to conflict with the image of him as a team-first guy, one willing to play on the punt team if that’s where he was most needed. It’s an image Tebow and his people have worked hard to cultivate, and it’s part of the reason Merril Hoge said he smelled like “a three-day old fish” on SportsCenter this morning. I don’t 100% know what this means, but I’m pretty sure it’s a folksy euphemism for “being full of shit.”

The fish line comes at the 2:09 mark. Some other important notes: Adam Schefter reports (during this segment, actually) that Tebow eventually went to Rex Ryan on Friday and “had a good conversation.” Schefter also brings up a good point, which is that Tebow was promised certain things by the Jets’ front office (15-20 snaps per game) that he never got, and his childish reaction to the McElroy news was the culmination of a season-long lesson in frustration.

Still, Merril Hoge ain’t playing that.

  • RLW

    Merril Hoge doesn’t even have all the facts…He’s a tell bearer and a liar.

  • DaBus36

    Tell us how you really feel Merril. Why do you hate this kid so bad? You’ve been on him since training camp. You act like he dry humped your old lady.

  • First Take

    ESPN has serious quality control problems, a product of becoming too big, and a serious misunderstanding concerning their overall relevance. I use the term “quality control” respectfully in deference to the many fine people in the organization. Merril Hoge has offended me on a variety of topics, with his body language as well as the words that come out of his mouth. He is one of those guys that belongs in the back room and should not be talking in public. He has no objectivity. The chip on his shoulder with regard to Tim Tebow is only the latest display of his classless demeanor. Some of us in the listening/reading public have enough real world experience to grow weary of Hoge and those like him…….But I readily acknowledge you do have some folks you can be proud of. Perhaps it is the contrast which makes Hoge upsetting to me. dg

  • Patrick

    Hoge is a douche unless he’s been around the Jets and the goings on in and out of that locker room regarding Tebow’s unhappiness he truly has no right to say what said. none.

  • Victor Vegas

    Hoge has consistently been over-board in his criticisms of Tebow for the past few seasons. The fact he uses the word ‘phony’ kind goes to what personal level Hoge feels about Tebow as a person than a football player. Makes you wonder why Hoge feels so threatened by Tebow?

  • Anonymous

    The Jets have to be the most hilarious story in football this year. Why you bring in Tebow I have no idea, but why you don’t play him baffles me. Especially after Sanchez coats his hands in oil before he takes the field. Even if Tebow is the worst QB ever he still has the most intense desire to win, something it doesn’t seem Sanchez has. I think they don’t want to start Tebow because chances are he will pull out a nice win and make them all look ridiculous.

  • http://www.facebook.com/das.capitan.9 Das Capitan

    So who is Merril Hoge to criticize anyone ? He is nothing more than another hack with an opinion – no better informed nor any more important that the other 50,000,000 football fans across the country. And like the angry loser he is, certain players get on his nerves and he picks on them constantly.
    Merril, you’re just a jerk, nothing more and if you don’t believe me, ask your wife.

  • Anonymous

    Even if the story is true it doesn’t make Tebow a phony. It makes him human that he finally lost it for two seconds. Hodge loathes Tebow and it goes deep. That’s obvious. The word ‘phony’ directed at Tebow is particularly harsh because Tebow haters-and Hodge appears to be the real thing use that word in particular to doubt Tebow’s character and religious convictions. They think Tim is secretly out banging cocktail waitresses and gambling and every other debauchery. That’s what they actually think Tim is doing and it drives them nuts there has been no evidence to support it. They are just waiting for the Tiger like fall from grace and will grasp at anything to proclaim Tim a liar and fraud.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jack.vincent.581 Jack Vincent

    What Hoge has to say about anyone should go in one ear and out the other. His opinion carries zero credibility. He himself was a mediocre football player drafted in the 10th round and had nearly as many fumbles as he did touchdowns. Hell the man had 34 touchdowns in his sorry career and had 22 fumbles and he wants to dis on Tebow? Tebow has more athletic ability in his pinky than Hoge has in his entire body. Tebow has more ethics, and moral character than Hoge could dream about having. That man is the real fraud. He’s just pissed because Tebow is the better man.

  • Tony

    I like Merril Hoge but he seems like he’s jealous of Tebow or threatened by him being given another chance at quarterback in the NFL, I don’t know if Tebow will ever make it in the NFL at this point, but Merril’s not qualified to evaluate him at quarterback and espn needs to make him tone his comments on him down a bit, they sound personal to everyone i know

  • corri anderson

    It seems every time something comes up with Hoge online he is being a first class a-hole to someone.

  • T.C. Banner

    Hoge always loses arguments against his peers on ESPN anytime he debates lol. He lacks intelligence and loses his composure when his skewd logic is challenged. I’m lag Tebow told the Jets he didn’t want to play, good for him! Jets fans should be angry about this charade to sell jerseys and never give Tebow a legit shot. Hoge is lucky Tebow is nice because if I was Tebow I would challenge him as a man to call me phony to my face! One day ESPN will wise up and fire you Hoge. It sounds impossible but your commentary in every aspect of the NFL is worse than your play on the gridiron.

  • MIK22

    It’s funny that Hoge was nothing in the NFL and is almost ALWAYS wrong on his commentary – Talk about a PHONY!

  • JGF

    Merril Hoge is the real phony. He’s a wannabe little boy sports reporter with very little if any credibility to what he says. This is all the effort I will expend on him as a topic.

  • Matt

    Hodge had a little too much egg nog I think.

  • Matt

    Hoge had a little too much egg nog I think .

  • Chris

    Didn’t Hoge apologize to Tebow on the air last season when the Broncos were winning? Talk about phony.

  • Pink Panther

    Hoge is paid to be a commentator, not a player’s buddy. You seriously can’t think that he is jealous of Tebow. Who says he’s a better man. Just because he will be the most famous Missionary in the world, doesn’t mean squat!.

  • Pink Panther

    Nice post, but I don’t believe everyone thinks Tee-hee bow is out …with the ladies. That seems to be a big majority of others’ opinions, as well.

  • http://www.facebook.com/herb.sewell3 Randall Toomey

    Seems like you like to hate Christians too go crucify someone else. And stop torturing small animals.

  • http://www.facebook.com/herb.sewell3 Randall Toomey

    Well if anybody is qualified to talk about taking the schlong for a ride it’s you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/herb.sewell3 Randall Toomey

    Merril has nog lip.

  • Pat Barga

    Tebow a phony? Evidence points to no. Hoge a jerk? No question.

  • Stabmaster Arson

    Hoge needs to just shut up, he’s sounding more like Skip Bayless, i.e. a DOOFUS, every day!

  • Grungemaster

    Hoge is still mad Tebow knocked out his Steelers and he is just using this to take shots at him publicly. What gets me though is he said Tebow won’t help Jacksonville bring in fans because he won’t win games. When he took over a crummy Denver team he won games. So for Hoge it’s just a culmination of Tebow proving him wrong and making him look stupid and the dagger was beating the Steelers.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DBWPZJYWDIXGI4UM3EKLTWHW5A Melissa

    Hoge is so desperate to be “right” about his opinion of Tebow. The desperation is nauseating. Tebow has already done more in football than Hoge ever did. Being a mediocre RB who played a short career and left due to concussions just doesn’t stack up against being a Heisman winner, 2 time national champion, 1st round draft pick, and led his team to a playoff win. It’s comparing a mutt to a thoroughbred. And Hoge’s jealously shows every time he opens his mouth about Tebow. His hatred for him is unhinged and unexplainable.

  • tbarton

    That is why i call him a “Fake Analyst”. He thinks he knows it all, but he don’t know jack squat. How he got a job is beyond me.

  • William Burroughs

    If Hoge had Character or personality as big as the knot in his ties, he might give us pause to listen to what the small minded man is saying…he has been waiting for Tebow to

  • William Burroughs

    If Hoge had a personality anywhere as big as the knot in his tie, you might want to listen to him…but this was too easy to see coming, Hoge has been wanting to bash Tebow for a while, I think that he needs something to give him some attention…we have all bored of hearing his listless commentary!

  • David Cadran Sr.

    How about a comment from Mr Hoge now that Tim Tebow and Rex Ryan have both come out and said ” It ain’t so !!” I think he may need a job were what comes out of his mouth is “Do you want fries with that ? ” I work at McDonald’s and myself and my fellow employees are not sure we would let him work with us. We’re too professional for his foolishness……………………………

  • Jose

    is that the what represents ESPN?? Horrible!!!!!

  • Gerald

    I’m changing the channel until Hoge is fired. How do you allow him to criticize without having facts. Who is he to say any franchise is “crazy” for hiring Tebow. I lost alot of respect for your network today.

  • JohnB

    Ha! This guy Hoge is another over-paid talking head. When he talks..no one should listen. Just another talking head!
    Hoge needs to pay for some lessons on how to tie his own ties…..or buy some clip-on ties. Or if Hoge is cheap….there always YouTube.

  • dow

    think it’s time for Hog to go!!!!!

  • sureshot

    There sure are a lot of Tebow apologists on here today. The truth is, Tebow is not a very good quarterback. He got extremely lucky with a schedule that featured teams with third string quarterbacks and running backs last year and just backed into the playoffs after the Raiders laid an egg in the last game of the season. Every time he played a team with a starting backfield, he lost. Patriots? Lost. Lions? Lost. Bills? Lost. Look it up, with the possible exception of the Chargers (who he beat in OT after the Chargers missed a field goal) his wins ALL came against crippled teams. Even the Steelers in the playoffs were missing their starting running back and their quarterback was playing at about 50% (plus, no Ryan Clark, due to his sickle cell trait).

    Is Tebow good? Not hardly. Does Merril Hoge make some great points? Absolutely!

  • kidjojo

    I am so tired of merril hoge. This dude had a very mediocre career. No fan fare, late round pick and extremely forgettable. He definately has it out for Tim Tebow. He should be grateful for Tim being around . If it weren’t for Tim, nobody would give a crap about what comes out of his mouth. No one ever paid attention to his opinion, he is just a wanna be who has “Never Been” . Other athletes give their opinions about Tim, but none in the matter that he does.Maybe Merril lost some faith in God because his career got cut short? maybe he lost his faith during his cancer scare? are you focusing some deep rooted anger at Tim because you think someone owed you more? did God fail you? or do you see Tim as the punching bag you’ve been waiting for to desperately make your self esteem feel better? because you are hands down the worst analyst that E.S.P.N has. This experiment with the Jets was a joke, not because of anything Tim did, but rather Rex Ryan’s horrible coaching. Does anyone really think that Sanchez gave them the best chance to win ? Tim is not a great quarterback, nothing new there, but that guy would’ve busted his ass to win. Not Sanchez or Macelroy. When I hear some stupid comment about wether Bronco fans are better off with Peyton rather than Tim , I roll my eyes and say “of course” but aren’t there about 20 or so other teams that would trade their quarterback for peyton ? I wish my team would

  • EnglishJim

    Why does ESPN and other networks hire these jerks? If they are going to be on TV put them on the “Crap Show!” and use qualified sports announcers (six is not an issue) to broadcast sports. If you want to get rid of Hode, I am sure that Howard Stern has a place for his kind of trash.

  • EnglishJim

    Correction – I can not spell this early. I meant to say “sex”. Thank you.

  • Ted Dyck

    Waiting for an apology from the uniformed Hog…..next time check on the facts before babbling and making yourself look stupid on air.

  • michaeldavidprophet

    Its obvious to me Hodge, like many ex or current athletes, is jealous of Tebow and hus nation.

  • mcc

    Wow Hoge!! never heard so much hate from a “commentator” than that!!!. Sounds like something very personal is going on with you? Search inside your own soul on what bothers you and not what Tebow (or others) represents. If you don;t …..you will die a very lonely miserable man.

  • Guest75

    Lord have mercy… LOL, Has anyone hating on Hoge ever PLAYED football??? If you have, you would certainly agree in saying that a player NEVER has the stroke to tell a coach when he is or isn’t going to play. On top of that, you’d certainly be able to tell by now that Tebow isn’t starting material. He seems like a nice guy, but Hoge is right… Tebow is a mediocre athlete… Just like he was, lol.

  • alex

    Hodge was a subpar Player that never won anything, The same team player that sued his team doctor for clearing him to play in a game after a Concussion….. Hodge should hope Tebow doesnt leave the NFL because ESPN would take Tebow over Hodge for ratings alone….

  • Anonymous

    Calling Tebow a phony is criticizing him as a person and his character- way beyond analysis of Tebow as a qb. And that is absurd, as Tim, while human, is about as admirable a person as there is on the planet- particularly of those in the public eye. You got a problem with him, all it does is say something about yourself.

  • DigitalRain

    I sincerely hope that Tebow gets picked up by Jax and helps rally the team to do something good next season. It will be sweet to watch all of the naysayers eat crow.

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