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#WaitWhat? Michael Strahan Laughs At A Rape Joke On Twitter

Michael Strahan likes to laugh; it’s part of what makes him so affable and endearing as a TV Analyst on Fox NFL Sundays. Unfortunately, the same quality that made him a standout personality on Fox may also get him into some hot water on Twitter.

Strahan is one of those celebrity Twitter users who often responds to his fans – it’s part of the reason he has such a high number of followers. But in responding to one of them, and subsequently laughing at that user’s joke, he showed an incredible lapse in judgment.

Here’s the tweet:

I’m personally a big fan of Strahan’s, and think he does a great job on Sundays. But laughing at something like that just isn’t very smart – especially when 391,579 people will see it.

  • vaporware

    Lame, Lame, Lame!!!

    Michael Strahan thought a bunch of text was considered humorous,
    and posted it on his Twitter page-big deal. Mr. Strahan was not the first
    person to tweet this, as in the ‘RT’, so this becomes a story because of
    his celebrity status-that is a cheap, bottom feeding media play at getting
    attention. Also, just because someone has over 300,000 followers on
    Twitter doess not mean they have over 300,000 ACTIVE followers
    -Micheal would probably agree that prior to this misguided post on SportsGrid,
    screaming for attention “Look what he did! Look, it’s Michael Strahan!”, the number
    of ACTIVE twitter followers that actually read that tweet was probably……12.

    If you are going to be thorough and do a story about a celebrity telling(retelling)
    a rape joke, you need to include the following folk:
    John McCain (R-AZ)
    Russia President Vladimir Putin
    David Letterman(I know, it’s his job)
    Al Franken (D-MN)
    Sofia Vergara
    Seth MacFarlane(my hero ‘heavy “sigh”‘)
    Italy Premier Silvio Berlusconi

    Just because Michael Strahan thought a one-liner from another person was
    funny is not news-there are thousands of hours of video from thousands of
    other ‘celebrities’ who are on film laughing at material that was designed to
    be funny and interpreted by some as offensive.

  • paulmdoro

    Michael Strahan is a dirtball. His ex-wife claims he beat her and he used a GPS device to stalk a former girlfriend. Great role model.

  • Puter Boi

    Role model? Why is Strahan a role model? Because he is on TV? Seriously?
    Instead of setting up strangers as role models for your kids….how about being a role model yourself….then you don’t need Michael Strahan to whip up on.
    Insisting that athletes are role models is lazy parenting.

  • Carl Wester


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