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Michael Vick Autograph Appearance Canceled Due To Death Threats; Former MMA Fighter/Dog Advocate Wants Him In The Ring

Has it really been six years since Michael Vick was convicted of running a dogfighting ring, and four years since his release from prison? The most successful NFL quarterback to have spent time in Leavenworth still wears his past like a, forgive me, heavy collar, as evidenced by this little bit of news from York, PA.

It seems that Vick was scheduled to make an autograph appearance at Buffalo Wild Wings in York — $75 per signature, kids — on Oct. 30. But cyber-protests by the animal advocacy community led to Buffalo Wild Wings, and the event organizer, getting a ton of negative response, and the event was canceled.

Sports Illustrated:

The organizer of the event, co-owner of JJ Cards-N-Toys at the York Galleria Mall, Jamie Bartolo said she had to cancel the event due to death threats against her and her family.

Bartolo said she received thousands of death threats on social media for planning an event to bring Vick into town.

Now an ex-MMA fighter and dog rescue activist is renewing his challenge for Vick to fight him in the ring, saying that the only path to redemption for the quarterback is through blood. Gordon “Shotgun” Shell donated the entire purse from his final fight in 2012 to the Michigan Humane Society, before he retired due to a heart condition. But now he says he’d get back in the ring if Vick would agree to fight him. Sounds wacky, but a more entertaining collection of words you’re not likely to see:

“If you truly want redemption, if you truly want to be free, people want to see you bleed,” says Shell. “At the end of the fight, I’m going to grab the microphone, and just announce to all the animal advocates, OK, this man has actually stepped up. We’re both bleeding. He’s bleeding. He’s felt like what it’s like to be a dog. Except he’s still alive, we haven’t electrocuted him. But he’s stepped up. Now we have to let him finally be free.”

OK, maybe we shocked him just a little: but that was the taser to get him into the ring. Now he’s fine.

The promoter of the proposed Buffalo Wild Wings signing, JJ Cards N Toys, at first said that they would reschedule the event to another venue, keeping the location secret until the day of the event. Now however, according to the Huffington Post, JJ Cards N Toys says the event will not happen. Huffington Post:

We asked JJ Cards to respond to Vick’s spokesperson’s statement. Here’s the unsigned email from JJ Cards we received in response:

“We had an agreement with a third party who was bringing him in all we were doing was selling tix and helping promote the event. Nnow all we are doing is getting negative,hateful, hurtful and threatening comments towards our family . So since you and everyone that has reported this event, it is not and never going to happen, so leave us alone now.”

This isn’t the first time a Vick appearance has been canceled due to the threat of violence. Apparently some people want a ritual bloodletting before they’ll forgive him. But isn’t that what the NFL is?

  • Anonymous

    You know, Vick’s detractors need to let go of their hatred. He made a mistake, it was deplorable, but he acknowledged it, he apologized, he served his time and he fought his way back up to play pro ball again. I wonder how many of his mealy mouthed critics can boast of a similar performance?

  • Anonymous

    Gordon Shell makes me want to do what no one could ever do before…he makes me want to hate dogs. Poster child for HGH abuse. What a thug!

  • Anonymous

    He should be able to go on, but not as a role model for children to see. I don’t see how you allow anyone to get beyond throwing his own house pets into pits with killer dogs to be torn apart. His degeneracy is never to be forgotten, nor forgiven, by feeling people. Paying a BS legal price does not wipe away his actions, just his incarceration. I wish all the immoral bleeding heart criminal lovers would get beyond protecting vicious, guilty scum, and forcing them into our faces whenever possible, like we are guilty for recognizing what they really are.

  • MDH

    He should be a role model even more. It shows kids what happens when you make a mistake in life, pay your price, and become a better person.
    Get over it. I wish I could see your mistakes and misfortunes be air out in public. I would love that everyday people see you that will bring back the shortcomings of your past. How would that make you feel? You are a pathetic person if you are going to take one person mistake and make him as a villain forever.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone who took until well into maturity to realize it isn’t ok to strangle dogs, electrocute dogs, lift dogs over his head and beat them against the ground until dead, and throw innocent dogs to their deaths IS a villain forever, period.
    Once could be considered an aberration, and might be forgivable.
    HIS actions, over and over, made him deserving of lifetime shunning at the very least. I believe he should have been incarcerated until the dogs come back to life.
    I know better than to be a public figure. I am an imperfect individual, and I have the shame and good graces to keep my business out of others faces.
    He should do the same.

  • MDH

    At the end of the day you are going overboard with your so called since of justice. We know the at of lie is wrong but do we call people villians. What about cheating on your suppose. What about stealing? All of these things people “realize it isn’t ok to do ” . People don’t walk around screaming about people LIAR!!! THEFI!! CHEATER! No.
    At the end of the day what is wrong is wrong. You cant rack and stack the level of wrong that people do because your personal beliefs on the subject matter. So as a society, if we can forgive the liar, cheater, thief…we can forgive the guy who killed dogs.
    I am so freaking tired of people and their holier than thou attuide towards this subject versus Mike Vick. So let me start your life time of shunning now since we are going to shun Mike Vick.

    “realetybytes” is a hoiler than thou individuals that swears that thinks because he/she didnt do anything such as Mike Vick or because he/she isnt a public figure that he/she that they deseve free pass. “realetybytes’ is human so I am sure she lied before. So that means she deserve a lifetime if shunning. Everyone point and laugh at “realetybytes” the liar. Oh it doesnt matter if “realetybytes” has stop his/her lying tendencies! Nope! Why!? Because she most have done it more than once. According to the Mik Vick logic of “realetybytes” she remains a liar forever.

  • Anonymous

    What’s with this “we” crap? Don’t pass off whatever it is you are trying to say on other people. I told you how I feel, and killers deserve no second chances.
    Your command of the language is such that not much is understandable, but no matter how you cut it, Michael “DOGKILLER” Vick is a disgusting piece of excrement, and nothing in my life comes close to his actions. I would venture to say most of humanity stands far above this pampered killer.

  • Redrider

    First, a mistake is when you turn onto a one way street going the wrong way. What this scum did what a choice and he new what he was doing. He just never thought he would get caught. Second, how many of us everyday people working a real job would get it back with a felony on our record! By the way, anyone that can slam a living breathing animal into the ground until it dies as some serious issues. You can bet that he didn’t apologize because he was sorry-he needed his job back. He deserved to get a lot worse than he did. But you know, his day will come, if not here on earth………

  • Raiderlinda

    Hey JamVee, I will let go of my hatred for Vick when he lets us pull all his teeth out, put him into a rape machine, electrocute him and everything else deplorable he did to those dogs. He did not make a mistake. The first time he fought a dog could be called a mistake. From then on it became what HE CHOSE TO DO. As far as doing his time, what he got was a joke. Those poor animals are still living with the reminders of the torture they endured. He apologized only because his publicist told him that is what he needed to do to get his job back. The fact that the NFL let him even come back into the league still upsets me. I am a life long football lover and I have struggled with the decision they made. Every time he takes the field I hope that someone will take him out of football for good. I tell my kid that he is no role model and in know way should he have been allowed back into a position where he could be perceived as one. If he wasn’t such a punk he would get into the ring with anyone that wants to fight him and see how he likes getting tore up. At least it would be his choice. Anyone who can stand up for this guy is as evil and as guilty as he is.

  • Jessica Pitt

    How is he a thug? he’s a dog lover who literally puts his money where his mouth is-and all he wants is to make Mike FINALLY understand what he put those dogs through…even so, Mike will not get any kind of blood born disease that can be treated, but will still lead to a horrible death like many of the rescued dogs live with. Vick didn’t go to jail for animal abuse, so to me and many others, he has not paid the price. The deepest level of hell is reserved for those who abuse animals and children with no remorse-and he has no remorse. The NFL needs to get rid of the Vick’s and Lewis’, who are the real thugs.

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