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Michael Vick Now Has A Dog Somehow

What happens when you are finally released from prison for funding a dog fighting ring? If you’re Michael Vick, you get paid hundreds of millions of dollars to play football and immediately get a new dog.

Vick signed 6-year $100-million contract with the Philadelphia Eagles back in 2010, just a year removed from being released from prison. As much as that’s infuriating (I’m an upstanding citizen who has never laid a finger, or a hook, on a sweet pup, where’s my $100 million?), that’s not news.

What is news is that he tweeted a picture yesterday of himself and his daughter working at the dinner table with a box of Milk-Bones sitting out.

Considering most of us don’t buy dog food without actually owning a dog, you can guess what this probably means.

Vick immediately deleted the picture from his account and posted a new one sans Milk-Bones, but it’s 2012, so everyone had already saved the original.

To be fair, Vick has paid his debt to society. He’s presumably reformed. He has every right to get a new dog if he wants to. Still, there’s something dirty about a man who has served time for abusing dogs being able to get a new dog, right?

[Crossing Broad, via Larry Brown Sports]

  • Nico

    WOW. The person who wrote this is obviously a low life if he studied a picture of vick to find dog treats. First off he didnt personally beat dogs he had them fighting. Im not saying thats not bad but just because someone had dog fights doesnt mean they beat dogs. And your mental if you think hes really going to after going to prison for it. I like animals more then anyone and i still dont hate vick for it because im not an ignorant, low life like you obviously are.

  • Anonymous

    who cares let him have a dog.

  • Iris

    Have you read The Lost Dogs?? Michael Vick plead guilty to animal abuse, and eye witnesses testified that he was personally involved with punishing losing dogs… And those punishments included electrocuting dogs, hanging them, and slamming their bodies against the ground. Ps, the act of dog fighting is an act if supreme animal cruelty in itself even if, as you say, he didn’t “beat them.

  • Greg


  • Michael Vick

    you’re a goddamn imbecile

  • Dolfanz019

    No way.

  • barlow253

    holy fuck you know what really amazes me about this is …. everyone one is so willing to give everyone a second chance in life when there crimes are committed vs another human .. however a dog hang him for life … even if Mike doesnt agree or care about dogs now he will never fight them again .. and just his image with the younger generation pretend or not loving animals .will do millions of good .. get over it .. fuck

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Hancock/683948593 Michael Hancock

    If he has a dog (assuming the public knows about it) there may not be a single person in the world who will be more careful about how they take care of it. I’m sure Vick knows that he’s on a very short string and if he does something even quasi-questionable to the pup the public will go crazy (and rightfully so).

  • nJw

    Anyone who honestly believes the “system” works knows they are lying to themselves and everyone else they say that to. He made the decision to never own a dog when he beat the dogs and forced them to fight each other after days of not feeding them. It’s no different than allowing a “reformed” child molester around children, a former drug addict around drugs ect…

  • Anonymous

    This is the exact point I was going to make to all the people saying Vick should be allowed to have dogs. Well done.

  • Arturo

    Don’t hate. He has made up for his crimes. Look at all the volunteer work he has done, plus the amount of debt he has had to get out of…

  • Nico

    Just because he plead guilty doesnt mean he really did all that. He probably took the blame for other people that he knows. He grew up seeing that and thinking its normal and now he knows that he was wrong and obviously wouldnt do it again. You live in a different world if you think he is.

  • Anonymous

    Well said.

  • Nico

    The system doesnt work because the system does too much not because they dont do enough. And it is different in this case because hes a rich nfl player, and realizes it was stupid to fight dogs when he already has money. The system does work for some people but its just because they star realizing stuff not because there in prison for a long time. . I

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=615636249 JunJun Malou

    NICO, obviously your not very observant! The dog treats are very easily visible on the table maybe you need glasses. Secondly, He admitted to murdering and torturing the dogs. Maybe you should ask VICK if he could watch your pets or your kids. YOU are infact IGNORANT, non-observant. You quite honestly are very nieve to VICKS character. Oh, just look up the meaning of NIEVE in the dictionary, I’m sure you don’t know what it means.

  • Anonymous

    Not to be TOO much of a dick here, but this is a case where not checking spelling really came back to bite you.

  • Danielle

    He is NO WHERE NEAR done paying his debt back to society! His “punishment” was a joke! Furthermore, he’s not even the slightest bit remorseful, as was evident in a recent interview he did, where he arrogantly stated that he wouldn’t change ANYTHING about his life.. except for his prison sentence, which he felt should have been shorter! Does that sound like a “changed man” to you??

  • Danielle

    Who the fuck is “everyone”? Those bastards should rot behind bars, too! I only believe in redemption for the TRULY remorseful and that’s DEFINITELY not Michael Vick. And how do you know he wouldn’t do it again? He doesn’t even believe he did anything wrong! He’s a fucking MONSTER!

  • danielle

    yea, right.. The only thing he’ll be careful about is making sure no one finds out this time? How can you be so positive that he won’t continue to torture animals behind closed doors when he’s made it evident that he’s not even remorseful about what he’s done!? When asked in a recent interview what he’d change about his life, he replied..nothing, except for maybe his prison sentence (he thought it should have been shorter).. And you’re willing to trust this man around animals again? I wouldn’t even trust him around children!

  • danielle

    you’re right! He just threw them in the ring with other dogs and watched them get ripped apart for his own amusement! Oh, and electrocuted them! He’s not a bad person! Do you fucking hear yourself? I think YOU’RE the one who’s a fucking moron. Since when does going to prison make anyone a better person or any more trustworthy?? Would you leave a recently released pedophile alone in a room with your children or a convicted rapist around your wife or girlfriend?? So how did you come to the conclusion that an animal would be safe under the same roof as michael vick, who isn’t even remorseful of his actions?! You have a brain for a reason, use it!!

  • danielle

    are you blind or can’t you see that was all an act? He’s not even remotely sorry for what he did and I wouldn’t be surprised if he did it again! Plus, he deserves A LOT more than that! As far as I’m concerned, he got a slap on the wrist. You can always make your money back but you can’t make up for the time you lose in prison and THAT is the punishment he deserves! He should still be rotting behind bars!! Instead he gets to continue doing what he loves (playing football) and making tons of money. How fair is that? The dogs he tortured and murdered don’t get a second chance, so neither should he! Btw, you’re really pathetic for defending this monster! You’re trying to overlook his crimes because you like him as an athlete and that’s really sad!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ShawnFloriduh SheShawn Floriduh

    I find it so amusing that you aren’t capable of expressing an intelligent reply to this situation without using foul language. It also indicates to me you are unable to grasp the severity of what he did, what his being able to have another dog says to the younger generation and what his slap on the wrist of justice says to the younger generation also. Perhaps the next time you chose to comment, you will do some research first & also if you have not continued your education, take some online courses that will teach you how to express yourself in a manner that people who do care about serious issues & what is taught to the younger generation, more intelligently.

  • Tammy

    Money is the root of all evil!!!

  • m.m.

    Get over it already, yes what he did was horrible, but i believe people can change. I know a few people that used to fight dogs but they dont anymore, matter of fact they now have show dogs and they wouldnt let a fly touch them.

  • Ham Boner

    Actually its the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil. Money is just a tool that can be used or abused.


    Seriously, people you have nothing better to do than write about something that is truly none of your business. I love dogs, and if Mike has a dog who cares, I seriously doubt Mike was directly involved with fighting the dogs, were there fighting dogs on his property, yes there was, did he know what was going on with the dogs, yes, was Mike making money off those dogs, damn skippy.Although abuse is abuse, all you animal lovers, aren’t complaining about Horse racing, that’s abuse, the jockeys have a rod that the hit the horses with to make them ride faster, i personally witnessed a horse die from a heart attack, while i was employed in the Delaware Valley Casino, when you start talking bout horse and greyhound racing,then i’ll be impressed, right about now, it’s the shyt that comes out after you have drank HATERRADE.



  • GEV

    What should be the repercussions of women who get abortions or men who condone abortions?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jn9541 Jennifer Mayes

    I don’t care if he “paid” his debt to society… these dogs lost their LIVES.. how to repay that?!?! Owning a dog is a privilege not a right, and he lost that privilege a long time ago!

  • Selena

    That is not a crime…

  • Selena

    I’m sorry but there’s more to being a good dog owner than just “not abusing it.” Assuming that he truly is careful about not mistreating the dog rather than just not getting caught, he obviously does not care about animals and has no empathy. Therefore, he will not give a pet the love and care it deserves and needs.

  • Do Some Research

    Vick WAS involved with fighting the dogs, killing the dogs, having the dogs raped, etc etc etc. Research more.

  • SML

    Vick did not pay his debt to society. He went to prison for bankrolling a dog fighting ring. He did not serve one day in jail for animal abuse and murnder. Murder. Period. Murder which included electrocution, hanging and beating to death dogs which were not up to the standards his kennel strived for.

  • Selena

    If you don’t accept his own testimony as evidence that he did it, then you might as well not even be having this conversation. What is the point?

  • Selena

    Lol, “NIEVE.” Perhaps you should look up the spelling of NAIVE in the dictionary. Not that I agree with Nico.

  • Filmchick

    HE never served time for each dog that
    was abused and or killed! He should of had to serve the Max Sentence for Animal
    abuse in Virginia which is 12 months for each. More than 50 dogs were seized,
    with many showing signs of injuries, not including the ones that were killed. Dogs were drowned, shot and electrocuted. He did nowhere near the time he should have served!!! And shame
    on the NFL for allowing him to play. Who cares how good of a player he is, they
    are pretty much condoning animal abuse.

  • http://www.facebook.com/stefanie.martincic Stefanie Martincic


  • Doc Harley

    He should not be allowed to have a child !! Much less a Dog. There is room in hell for him!

  • Dhicks

    I’m probably being naive, but hopefully he learned his lesson. I know a lot of people who have changed. But anyone who can watch a dog physically be in pain and brutalized…probably is sick and will always enjoy seeing pain inflicted. But what I don’t understand is if he’s so rich why milk bone dude? Those are terrible for dogs!

  • danielle

    as rich as vick is and hes feeding his new dog crappy milk bones? wow dont shoot high vick…

  • Common_Sense

    He shouldn’t be allowed to have a dog. Period. He is no longer in prison and was not banned from the NFL. THAT is his second chance. Child molesters are not allowed around children. Murders can not own guns/weapons. Animal abusers should NOT be allowed to have animals. The fact that you don’t “get” that is really sad.

  • Bearisme

    No he should not ever be allowed to own any type of animal!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/pattie.gellmanhite Pattie Gellman Hite

    I don’t believe he is truly sorry for the horrific things he did. I don’t think he got anywhere near the punishment he deserves, and it’s so very sad that the Eagles are paying him so much money, and he continues to draw fans, for playing a sport. He probably laughs about this every day. I think he is a piece of scum. Anyone capable of doing the things he did to those poor, helpless dogs has no soul, should never own an animal, and has a truly sick, dark heart… I pray for Karma, because then he will end up in the Hell he so very much deserves.

  • zara

    No Way! I’d like to know how he got the dog if it’s true. What moron would sell him or give HIM a dog. Disgusting!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/denisel.ryanbigrigg Denise L Ryan-Bigrigg

    How in the hell did that happen?? That should NEVER BE ALLOWED!! This poor dog is probably locked up somewhere in the house…So much for our “SO CALLED” JUSTICE SYSTEM..Where is the justice for all those dogs he MURDERED????. He is a MURDERER in my eyes and always will be. I agree as well, he should of NEVER been allowed back in the NFL to make that kind of money… He has no remorse for what he did. He probably would still be doing it today if he didn’t get caught. He commited a violent crime. HIS PUNISHMENT SHOULD FIT HIS CRIME…He is a heartless,souless,inhumane being. If thats the case why dont they let Jerry Sandusky open an all boys school? OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM SUCKS FOR THOSE WHO ARE VICTIMS. I never wanted to believe it but its starting to be true. Victims are victimized.To me his debt to society WAS NOT PAID IN FULL…

  • http://www.facebook.com/tammy.thomasgaudreault Tammy Thomas-Gaudreault

    Can’t believe the writer of this blog had the balls to defend Vick at the end. He did NOT serve his time. He served time for maybe one dog, that’s it! Have you actually read the court documents of what he did to the other dogs? Disgusting. Poor puppy, it should be taken away immediately. That includes that girl in the picture too should be taken away from him.

  • jr

    Vick personally killed dogs with his own two hands by electrocution, drowning, slamming their heads against concrete, and other violent means. He also used family pets as “bait dogs”.

  • Disgusted

    Amazing. Almost unbelievable. People ‘…strain at a gnat and swallow a Camel’ when it comes to killing an animal. Those same bleeding hearts show-up violent and ugly when it comes to legalizing the murdering of helpless infants and the commercialization of their lifeless bodies into cosmetics and other senseless uses. Macabre barbarism. How warped you are, America.

  • gene clark

    Wow, if i run a child slave ring and kill the ones who don’t perform up to my standards, can I adopt after I get my slap on the wrist?

  • Anonymous

    Yes. Yes you can. Stupid.

  • Anonymous

    Are you claiming that someone is using the corpses of aborted babies to make cosmetics?? I’ll bet you’re voting Romney, huh?

  • http://www.facebook.com/karen.genosa Karen Genosa

    do your homework!!!!!! READ

  • http://www.facebook.com/karen.genosa Karen Genosa


  • Sweet3737

    You sound ignorant and I don’t think because he made a mistake about the dogs you are a a****** sold stop judging him

  • http://www.facebook.com/MichaelFlair Mikel Honore

    dogs aint people. get over it. the anthropomorphism displayed by you people is disgusting!!!

  • pete.mellbom

    Right On

  • pete.mellbom

    Pretty sure God sees it as MURDER!

  • ashley


  • ashley

    your cool

  • Fordf150

    He deserves a dog, just as much as these NFL thugs are allowed to play after drug bust, rapes murders and many many other wrong doing. But as long as they can win games they are allowed to play. Double standards, for sure. He probably takes better care of his dog now than some of the other players do.

  • Pan

    Anyone who believes sic in the head vic paid any debt to society is off thier rocker.. The Eagles and any current Eagles fan is sic in the head too.. Some of you think sic vic is cured of the evil he comitted ? Wait til you see him after he murders a human.. I have no doubt that’s coming.. And of course his apology will follow..He should have been put in jail for 20 years along with everyone involved in such a demented and vicious acts of animal cruelty..He’s not done yet..But many people won’t see him for what he is and does til a human is his victim..And that wanton blindness is as sic and twisted as he is..

  • esther

    pretty sure he admitted to beating and drowning 6-7 dogs.

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