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NFLThey Said What?

Mike Shanahan: Nobody In NFL History Has Played At RGIII’s Level

Robert Griffin III is incredible; this is not news. But Mike Shanahan is getting a little carried away with exactly how incredible he thinks his quarterback is playing.

“I don’t think anybody in the history of the league has played at his level,” Shanahan said. “At least over the last 40 years, when I take a look at the numbers and what he has done, I don’t think anybody has played at his level. As we’ve talked about before, he’s got a unique skill set — his ability to throw, drop back, play action, put a threat on a defense with his running ability — and he will just get better and better. He’s just scratching the surface. And the reason I say that is because he works at it.”

This is especially interesting because, as you know, Shanahan coached John Elway, Joe Montana and Steve Young. And I’m guessing he has watched Dan Marino, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and every other quarterback considered in the GOAT discussion.

Considering that Andrew Luck and even Russell Wilson are having similarly spectacular seasons, this is a bit ridiculous. RGIII is far from a lock to win Rookie of the Year, and as incredible as he’s been, few people would argue that he’s been the best quarterback in the NFL.

Obviously, Mike Shanahan is just backing up his quarterback. But this is Rex-Ryan-level bravado, and it’s unwarranted. Maybe RGIII will become the greatest quarterback ever, maybe he’ll merely be tenth-best. Regardless, his level of play his rookie season is not the highest of any quarterback, ever.

On his next step to greatness, Griffin must conquer the clutch machine that is Tony Romo.


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jesse-Jones/100000388904610 Jesse Jones

    Andrew Luck is the next Peyton Manning. RGIII is the next Michael Vick .. In his rookie season, RGIII has already been injured twice: a concussion and a sprained knee .. Three years from now, Luck will have a ring and RGIII will be a battered and bruised back-up QB ..

  • http://www.facebook.com/DarkSummoner Jeff Owens

    I think he meant “…other than the other guy who has thrown more touchdowns and over 1000 more yards than he… shattering Peyton Manning’s rookie yards record”…. ANDREW LUCK

  • RGIII for President

    Jealousy is such an ugly emotion. Hang in there, buddy. Your uncle Jerry will bring you a Super Bowl soon I’m sure. Bwahaha! HTTR!

  • RGIII for President

    Wipe away the tears, Jeff. If I shared the same last name as Terrell Owens, I’d be pretty upset, too. It’s going to be okay, little fella.

  • http://www.facebook.com/blacktalkradio Scotty Reid

    You mean Cam Newton’s rookie passing record don’t you? And it only took Luck about 200 more attempts to break it but I digress. I agree, Luck has been just as impressive if not more than RG3.

  • corri anderson

    I think what Shanahan was getting at was the level of play, meaning his speed, accuracy, decision making. I am a Hawks fan and think Wilson is a star in the making, but he couldn’t outrun a defensive backfield for a 70 yard run like RG3. Wilson’s deep balls are beautiful, but those slant passes and crossing routes that RG3 pins in there are incredible. Luck will be a stud, but he makes a lot more errors than RG3 at this point of their careers. All three are studs, RG3 is unique. That being said, Seahawks will win, although that knee brace will deserve some of the credit.

  • corri anderson

    In his own way yes. But Wilson (and RG3) has been even better if you look at passer rating, and they both are clutch, one no more than the other. Given Luck’s measurables, Wilson is even more impressive. Remember the NFC is a lot stronger right now than the AFC.

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