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Complete IdiotsNFLVideo

NaVorro Bowman Suffers Gruesome Knee Injury, Seahawks’ Fans Throw Food At Him As He’s Carted Off

Because The 12th Man is so very, very classy.

The 49ers’ NaVorro Bowman suffered a horrific-looking injury (it’s a likely ACL tear) during a goal-line stand late in the fourth quarter, as he got his leg bent under him, apparently twisting his knee. He kept possession of a fumble, but Seahawks grabbed it away from him as he lay in pain, and officials awarded the ball to Seattle (such plays are not reviewable, apparently).

The 49ers got it back on another fumble on the following play: actually helping the NFL avoid a major PR disaster.

So Bowman, possibly the best linebacker in the NFL, was carted off the field, his season apparently over … and as he passed the stands, Seahawks’ fans threw food at him.

Video evidence.

  • Anonymous

    Seattle fans throw food at their own players. Ask Lynch about his skittles. So some guy hash tags something he saw some idiot do and all of a sudden all Seattle fans are sore winners or something. Me senses a 49er fan that can’t deal with loss. Just because the 12th man knows how to be team boosters you have to label them all because some moron was throwing food. I am sure you got a photo of that right? Oh…and BTW,, as a Seattle fan I think the 49ers are one of the best teams in the NFL. They have nothing to prove. We did.

  • Thomas J. Moran

    FUCK Seattle, Asshole players, asshole fans.

  • jpp2k14

    Dude, are you kidding? You are seriously suffering from fanboy blindness. The dude was CARTED off the field and they threw food at him. It’s completely different from fans throwing skittles at Lynch, who is well known for eating skittles after scoring a TD. That is like a fun gesture out of admiration for the player. Throwing food at an injured player from the opposing team as he’s carted off the field because he can’t even walk is low. The only thing lower than that is you sitting here with a straight face trying to defend it.

  • Anonymous

    Any video or picture evidence aside from a few tweets?

  • Anonymous

    And the tweets aren’t Seahawk fans I bet.

  • Cricketgirl

    That is absolutely disgusting! The 49er’s are a worthy opponent, and to be so vengeful and spiteful is beneath the fans. The fans should have honored him and cheered him as they took him off the field.

  • John Moore

    And THEY go to the Super Bowl, smh. Wow.

  • Soothsayer

    You’re joking right? Comparing Lynch’s Skittles celebration to fans throwing food at an injured player? THAT’S what you got as a defense? Wow…

  • chris 1066

    Not to mention the classless way richard sherman responded in his interview. I found it truly disturbing to find out he not only graduated Stanford, but is attempting to get his master’s…. must not teach ethics in the Pac 10

  • Anonymous

    49er fans. Sore losers.

  • http://www.dryedmangoez.com/ Lester Jeff

    Yeah I’d like to see video or pictures and not just two tweets.

  • Will


    Is that good enough for you? There are the skittles.

  • Anonymous

    who are gregg and Caleb? and why should I believe them?

  • Anonymous

    The niners got jobbed my the refs. The Seahawk fan like Richard Sherman are classless louts.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like popcorn.

    A big FUCK YOU to the fan who threw shit.

  • john palmer

    about this one too yea sherman is a complete asshole but this one is
    utterly disgusting NaVorro Bowman Suffers Gruesome Knee Injury,
    Seahawks’ Fans Throw Food At Him As He’s Carted Off cmon scum bag
    seattle fans show some fuckin respect if it was one of your players at one
    of the other teams fields do you think their fans would throw food at
    your player HELL NO!! because other fans have respect for other teams
    players fuck seattle and fuck their fans !!

  • RW

    You sir are an idiot for comparing an injury celebration to a touchdown celebration. The archetypical Seahawks fan…

  • Hawks12

    I’ve been searching for this footage but apparently it is only in the heads of 49rs

  • Kenneth Patterson

    Broncos just made a lot of new fans

  • RTF916

    Pop corn? Because judging by the reaction of 49er fans, I thought it had to have been artichokes, or batteries.

  • Faithful

    You can’t blame him. These Seattle fans are new to this whole football thing.

  • Niner Fan

    Only for the one game coming up!

  • gohawks

    Please show the uncropped photo that shows 49er fans who were gathered at the top of the tunnel spilling popcorn.


    No, Asshole players (sherman) dickhead fans throwing food at an all pro linebacker, oh yea does seattle have one of those?

  • Bobby Brown

    Not all seahawks fans are like that. What happened was horrible and sad. The people who threw food are rude and every state has people like that

  • mgh909

    You response just further indicates why Seattle and it’s citizens will be the only ones cheering for the Seahawks in the Super Bowl.

  • Rachel

    That cart sits on the side lines during play. Could be popcorn from anywhere, player, staff etc. Show me video of a Seahawk fan throwing food at Bowman, and we will single him out and eliminate him from the 12th man……your an idiot if you did this!

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Shows what your mentality is as well. These guys are human beings as well as football players. Show some diginity in your behavior and posts.

  • Anonymous

    Just look up a few posts.

  • amanda

    Don’t generalize an entire fan base and city on one fan. We (seahawk fans) are all appalled by the few who think that is acceptable.

  • Anonymous

    +1. Hope Manning throws for many TDs over Sherman

  • buddgilbert

    Nobody, absolutely nobody,including anyone here, saw any food being thrown at the cart. It didnt happen. Check your facts before you start frothing at the mouth. There were skittles already on the cart and some idiot sore loser biased reporter states falsely that Seattle fans are throwing food. Just proves that anyone can write anything and will always draw mindless minions into their lies.

  • gohawks

    So who photoshopped that pic? Here is the original from USATODAY… http://ftw.usatoday.com/2014/01/nfl-49ers-navorro-bowman-injury-twitter-peers/

  • Anonymous

    Still delusional I see. Carry on, quite all right, that is to be expected.

  • rude

    That’s what happens when you have such an intense rivalry! People don’t know how to act…. sad but true

  • buddgilbert

    awww, wittle niners fan all upset

  • disgusted-fan

    As a Seattle fan, let me be the first of many to apologize for the disgusting behavior the fans showed, all injured players deserve to be treated with respect regardless of how intense a rivalry is. There is no excuse for this

  • Phil Patterson

    Prove it, dumb asses!!!

  • Lindamaeb

    Is there any real witness to this, or just some niner fan whose mad? I can’t find any reports except for on a Niners forum.

  • Lindamaeb

    I wonder the same thing, the only ‘evidence’ I can find is on a 49er site…I would like a non-biased report otherwise it’s just a rumor

  • Lindamaeb

    good question. I’ve looked, I cannot find anything besides some Niners forums.

  • EJ Lala

    Does anyone have a link to video or even a picture of the food being thrown? Usually there’s camera’s on players while being carted away.

  • Bone

    NEWSFLASH!!! All NFL teams have stupid drunken fans who throw refuse at, spit on, swear at, and do other disrespectful things to players on the home, and opposite team. I’m sure some of you that are commenting are those same idiots who act out during NFL games.

  • bakaw

    Fuuuuuuck you, Philly fans have been hearing about snowballs for 30, 40 years now. If this happened in our city, we’d be labeled and defaced and generalized for another 50 yeara. Time to taste your own medicine.

  • Anonymous

    I am going to settle back and enjoy seeing the Peehawks get their butts handed to them on a platter by the Broncos at the Superbowl.

  • http://www.amazon.com/Avoid-Huge-Ships-John-Trimmer/product-reviews/0870334336/ref=sr_1_1_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1 Joseph Wilson

    Does anybody know where I can find a video of this food parade? I must have completely missed the whole thing.

  • NinerGang

    Ok skittles thrown to lynch vs food thrown AT an injured player…must be one of them NEW bandwagon cheathawk fans

  • anon

    because the actions of a few individuals define the fans of an entire franchise, right? there are no words to describe how disrespectful those people were, but we’re not all like that…

  • ray

    And you show your intelligence by grouping him/her with a fan base smh

  • andrew duff

    well if you look at the live telecast from fox. (The unedited shot).from there you will see. so stop trying to deny the stupidity and classlessness of your fan base.

  • ChargerFan77
  • Adrian Isaiah Enosara

    so far this is the only footage i have found that shows skittles on the cart. i have not found a video yet of people throwing it at him but i was wondering what was on the cart with Bowman during the game. fast forward 45 secs


  • roman

    Respect should be shown to an injured player especially one of this caliber..dirty ass seahawks players and fans..Pete Carroll gave a high five to the player that roughed the kicker but the refs called accidental running into the kicker…That’s classy

  • jesse james

    those are not skittles stupid …thats popcorn…wierd how their all the same color….wierd how their not circular in shape…actually no its not wierd …cuz its not skittles its popcorn hom#…hash tag that..

  • Jetrimm

    There is no evidence that they threw food at him… only butt hurt morons. Even if a few people threw food at him, who gives a fuck? He makes a pretty hefty amount of money, and that is a pretty full stadium, the odds of running into an asshole moron are pretty high don’t you think? Nothing like 90% of other teams fans would not do… stfu pooswah QQ

  • Gellie

    I’m in awe that some Seattle fans are defending this… This goes beyond football. People threw food at a man who blew his knee out.

    This has nothing to do with being “salty” or being “a sore loser”. This has to do with being a good human.

  • videoornotreal

    video or its not real… simple as that

  • Jennifer Holcombe

    Are you guys kidding me? There’s actual footage of the food being thrown. I think the Seahawks are good but their fans make them so ugly. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PZoD1_atpBY&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DPZoD1_atpBY

  • nick

    Every stadium is loud… but every stadium wasn’t built to hold sound in. You don’t face the weather that most fans face sitting in 10 degrees. Fans are great for every team but throwing food is a joke

  • Jamaal Reece

    Can people who use “butt-hurt” find a better word to use other than “butt-hurt?” No doubt I’m sure a lot of people stopped reading right there. And judging from the rest of your rant, they probably did themselves a favor.

  • Jim Dawkins

    First off I’ll say as a niner fan Sherman deserves the right to talk smack he earned it. With that said, Seahawk fans should be ashamed throwing food at such a great “person” and player like Bowman. That’s bad behavior all around.

  • tshill12
  • thill
  • t
  • takai
  • Michael Stevens

    Fuck the “12th man”… fans have no business being involved in the play of a game. Could you imagine someone throwing a punch at boxers from the audience, or running out to disrupt a play during a baseball game, or grabbing a racket during a tennis match? Same thing! The whole “Get Loud” thing with players and coaches waving their arms around to encourage it is nauseating. It is nothing but a way to fill those stadium seats with losers who could never make it onto the field on their own, but who fantasize about it because they played Madden on XBox. This is the final nail in the coffin of sportsmanlike conduct.

  • Cheatin Pete

    Not all that surprising. Classless city filled with classless players (like Dick Sherman).

  • takai
  • idk

    Where is the proof?

  • Anonymous

    Well, they did. The entire stadium honored him and cheered him. And one clumsy idiot (who may actually have been malicious, but who knows?) dropped some popcorn on him. Judge the majority, not the lone idiot.

  • Anonymous

    OK. Feel better now? One idiot may (or may not) have dropped (or thrown) some popcorn on an injured player. If he did, he’s evil and should be banned. But everyone else in that stadium cheered for the injured player as he was being taken away. And lots of us will be praying for him tonight and every day until he recovers. Because we’re actually not the kind of people you think we are.

  • Anonymous

    Manning’s a good guy, and should have a lot of fans. But so is Russell Wilson. Cheer as you wish, but both teams earned their way into that game.

  • Rosie

    I will not. :(

  • Summer Lynn McCormick

    Watch the video….

  • Justin McRoberts

    Does anyone have confirmation of it actually happening? Like.. vids or pics? Not to say Twitter is unreliable when it comes to facts…

  • KeepitclassySF
  • dude

    Here’s the evidence, watch the whole video. Yeah, great sportsmanship by Seahawks fans. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZoD1_atpBY&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DPZoD1_atpBY&app=desktop

  • John

    Your a fucking idiot there are videos all over the internet why don’t you just look it up and stop making excuses you dumbass. Just accept the fact that the Seahawks have some disrespectful pieces of shit fans.

  • Anonymous

    Just as tea partiers were supposedly spitting on democrats (reported, but no proof), I’d like to see evidence of this food throwing before I believe it……after all, it was posted by someone from “Niner Nation”; probably just sour grapes for getting eliminated. I’m just greatful that we didn’t have to watch Krapernick’s bicep kissing!

  • Anonymous

    Seattle fans are bush-league. Lived there 30 years. Still whining about their First Super Bowl appearance. And it will come up again with the SB hype. Refs are against us. Blah blah. The Sonic fans were good fans. And those poor baseball fans. Pathetic team.

  • Shannon Foreman

    OMG! Get over yourselves! we only throw skittles. LMAO! you media will look for ANYTHING! sheeple!

  • Truth Williams
  • holli

    Well thanks Thomas, I enjoyed being told to fuck off and called an asshole from someone I do not know…hmmmm, what does that say about you?

  • supanam82


    there is no proof a seahawks fan threw popcorn. someone could have been easily bumped on the rail and spilled. and even IF it was intentionally thrown… it couldn’t have been more than 20 kernels thus thrown by one idiot fan who doesn’t represent our entire fan base.

  • agoodboy

    Let’s see ONE photo of any food being thrown? Got it? where? nice reporting with no evidence to back it up? where is the food being thrown?

  • adam

    the video is included in the article you literally just read.

  • Zolag

    Are we assuming several fans threw a single popcorn kernel each at the same time? Bash the 12th man over 1 person that’s classy. All I saw was popcorn fall perhaps it was spilled but I’m willing to bet 1 single drunk ass threw popcorn. Just don’t blame the entire Pacific Northwest for it.

  • Darwish

    When u get a bag of popcorn I say ” I’m getting popcorn” not “i’m getting a a bag of food”

  • Downright Dyruis

    Whew, better watch out for those twenty Seahawk fans “throwing” one kernel of popcorn at people. I am sorry but if that is “fans throwing food” then I would hate to see food getting tossed around by rioters. Look, if “they” were intentionally aiming for him then:
    A) More than six(ish?) pieces of popcorn would have hit the guy
    B) a LOT more popcorn would have been thrown.

    Now as a guy who really doesn’t care about sports in general, I would really love to see the actual footage of “fans” “throwing” food at the guy. Cause that was just a badly timed spill.

  • hotshotgg

    I know it’s completely disrespectful to throw any sort of food at ANY player, especially one that’s just probably one of the worst injuries I’ve ever seen LIVE, but come on…seriously guys, it’s POPCORN. Not a Hot Dog or a pretzel, or even Nacho’s.

    If you’ve ever been to a football game, popcorn gets THROWN everywhere…on people, on midgets, and even on the field at times. YES, it’s a douchebag thing to do, but seriously…ITS LIKE 7 PIECES OF POPCORN. Calm down.

    Also, watch the NBA. Half time players at an opposing court get popcorn thrown at them ALL THE TIME, Especially if its a rival team. I don’t see articles about that shit.


  • The_Irish_Samurai

    Stupid. You see in that video popcorn from one person being spilled, either on purpose or accident, and like everything else SF whines about turn it in to something SEATTLE FANS did. Hows THIS video, chumley? How THIS for classless and cheap?
    Yeah, now STFU, we have a Super Bowl to go to.

  • Zolag

    Are you telling us a bunch of fans in unison threw popcorn?
    Gee isn’t this likely to be just 1 drunk asshole? How hard is it to go to any
    football stadium on any game day and find 1 drunk asshole? If this person kills
    someone is everyone in Seattle guilty of murder too?

  • Zolag

    Fans? How do you know it was more than one? You see popcorn landing, no video of anyone throwing anything. You know for a fact it wasn’t spilled?

  • Zolag

    Aren’t you an idiot for condemning an entire group of people for the actions of what appears to be one person? Or did all these fans throw a single kernel of popcorn at the same time? Are you this judge-mental for people of race too. One person of a race does something so they must all be the same way?

  • Zolag

    Exactly how many dickhead fans threw a single popcorn kernel each at this player? There was a couple dozen popcorn kernel that came down so obviously it must have been every Seahawks fan in the building. They all synced up to throw 1 kernel each.

  • hotshotgg

    A couple things.
    1). There’s no evidence that “food” was actually “throw”. It doesn’t show where it came from (the person)

    2) It’s POPCORN. Like 10 pieces of popcorn at the MOST. If you consider 10 pieces of popcorn actual food, you seriously need to rethink life. They’re snacks at the most.

    3). I’m pretty sure those 10 pieces of popcorn originated from 1 person, not a crowd full of fans. Unless the fans decided to draw have a raffle after he was injured and picked 10 people to throw 1 KERNEL EACH at him.

    After a loss people just want something to complain about for the next week or so. The 49er’s played well as did the Seahawks, you guy’s just lost a good player and unfortunately it cost you the game. Non intentional injury aswell. Just don’t get thirsty for things to blame on some random pieces of popcorn falling at that moment in time…OR else we could say those kaepernick throws we’re thrown directly into the hands of the Seahawks players.

    People just want shit to cry about.
    Get over it, it happens at pretty much every sporting event. But those teams fans just don’t bitch and cry about it because their team isn’t going to the superbowl.

    CRY MUCH!?!?

  • Zolag

    True, the Seahawks have some disrespectful pieces of shit for fans, just like every single other team in the NFL. One person throws popcorn, now everyone in Seattle worships Satan, is that correct?

  • Daryl

    That guy in your video was not a fan in attendance from the public. You’re comparing apples to oranges. This topic pertains to how FANS acted.

  • Kim Murphy

    “Seahawks’ Fans Throw Food At Him” vs “Someone spills popcorn above him – which may or may not have been intentional” – were the Seattle FANS booing him? No.

  • thatguyfromthesouthside

    I realize a few 49er fans are butt hurt but a few dumb fans DO NOT represent the thousands of fans in the stadium.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmmm, well, looks like it was about 5 pieces of popcorn. Not classy, but probably one drunken idiot, which can be found at any NFL stadium.

  • Bowman Supporter

    What you proved is that your players (Sjerman especially) and fans have absolutely NO CLASS

  • sadak

    I saw the video and it looked like one guy threw his popcorn at him. Now I’m not defending that guy he’s an asshole and should be banned from sporting events but I don’t understand why one fan should represent millions. That’s like grabbing a stupid racist and saying he represents all of America.

  • sadak

    Yes there was one drunk asshole who threw popcorn… I wanna explain your logic. If there was a racist asshole who yelled racist slurs using your logic everyone in New York is a racist.

  • Guest

    You just generalized a whole group of people base don a few?

  • 12

    funny that none of that was seen at the game live nor on live tv as they did follow his exit. but whatever if you cant beat em photoshop their fans later right!!! lose with pride,we prayed for him and will continue to do so.

  • Tom Logue

    Nice . . . taunt an injured guy on a cart. Good work Seattle

  • Keepingitreal

    Throwing food is tasteless (pun intended), but to refer to Bowman as “possibly the best linebacker in the NFL is just silly. He’s not even in the top five. Maybe top ten or fifteen.


    #25 sure has a mouth on him. That is one weird guy. The lady broadcaster from Fox just listened for a minute-backed away and said “have a nice day”. It did not shut him up but they turned him off. Thank god. Well I hate to say it but I guess the 12th Man were the officials I this game. Go Broncos.


    Nope but would love officials that are straight.


    My favorite time of the same was when Wilson missed a play & heard him say it was because “he could not hear”. Go figure. Now that was funny.

  • justbeclassy

    It wasn’t long ago that the Niner Empire did the wave to celebrate a serious neck injury. Don’t be so quick to be the judge of classiness.

  • Helen

    Critical analysis. A few popcorn kernels, does not make a whole fan base jerks. It makes those who were involved jerks…Or just very drunk and stupid, either way, jerks.

  • bayouranch

    food in Seattle does suck, but throwing it is all wrong.

  • cella

    Seattle fans don’t know what it’s like to be champions! My Steelers sent them home without a trophy in 2005, and Manning will do it this year.

  • Helen
  • PFields

    I hope after this incident Texas A&M gets an injunction against the NFL and Seahawks’ fans to stop using “the 12th man”.

  • Hotel23

    One moron threw some popcorn…bet he got arrested. You are a moron. You blame an entire city for one persons actions. So Rick Chandler, by that logic everyone named Rick Chandler is a hack journalist who should be working for TMZ.

  • Anonymous

    Same thing happens in Philly, has been for years. Couple drunk morons do something stupid and EVERY Philly fan is a moron? Nope, that doesn’t fly.

  • Jody Suiter

    I am a life long Seahawk fan. That said I am disgusted at what happened to Bowman as he was being carted off. There is no excuse for what those fans did. It does not matter what team he plays for. He is a human being that was hurt and in extreme pain. When that happened I explained to my kids that you NEVER cheer when someone gets hurt. No matter what team they play for. Its about respect and good sportsmanship. What those few fans did makes us all look bad. I am ashamed of what they did. I do not blame the 49er fans for being angry. Those fans would be angry if that had happened to a Seahawk. I am sorry he was treated so badly. I do hope and pray he recovers quickly from his injury. I am not trying to be snotty. But with the 49er season over hopefully he can heal in time for next season. I am a proud 12th man fan. But I am not proud of what those fans did. The majority of Seahawk fans are not like that. So please do not put us all in that category.

  • football fan

    I’m not a Seahawks fan or a 49er fan. But I am a big fan of the game. We teach a children to take a knee, or to rise your helmet when anyone (your or their teammates) is injured on the field and pay respect to the injured. It looks like some adults need to learn the same. It looks like to me that someone needs to man up and give their apologies to the player just as publicly as they disrespected the player. I don’t think it will happen but that person and that person only have no class or respect.

  • Shooter

    I love how Sherman is so uneducated, he told national tv the only plays he can make are against “sorry a$$” receivers. It reminded me of Happy Gilmore and how Shooter ate pieces of $hit for breakfast. Way to bring down your own skills Mr Sherman, LOL.

  • Gohawks

    Maybe 5 pieces of popcorn hit this guy. Am I saying that it’s cool to throw food at a injured player? of course not. I don’t know anyone in Seattle that would but obviously there is one guy in Seattle that has no class and threw a handful of popcorn. One guy out of the 72,000 that were there. I’ll take that ratio any day

  • Conrad Diaz Sr.

    by the sound of Sherman after the game, he sounded like a sore winner? he should of been happy the 49ers gave him the game. I can deal with the loss easy we have been at many SB’s and Championship games, this one we gave to you Douchebagus Americanuses,

  • Ana

    Ok heres the deal. It looked like one fan not like 20 we cant contol what one fan does. U cant say seattle fans when it was just one or two fans. They were probably drunk and being abnoxious. U cant call us classless unless it was like 20 people doing it. We maybe routy and loud at times but we respect others. Im sure this is blown way out of porpotion because its the niners they like to whine. But unless you can prove it was alot of people dont call it seattle fans.

  • Disgusted_fan

    Normally as the fan of an NFC team I root for them no matter who in the Super Bowl. However with Sherman’s classless rant and the disrespect of an injured player I can not do it this year. This team is taking on the personality of the coach and becoming what the NFL wants. A bunch of thugs on the field and in the stands. I will be canceling my season tickets going forward. The new NFL needs a moral compass.

  • Ana

    It was like one person not very much food was thrown. Dont blame it on seattle cause one fans an idiot.

  • Ana

    How is it that we have no class on a bases of one f****** person. One drunk asshole does not make us a classless bunch. The guy was an idiot dont get me wrong but really he speaks for al of us? U would say the same thing if ur team won and it was one of our team members in ur stadium. U guys try to find the slightest things wrong about us and blow it up. Its ridiculous.

  • Ana

    Richard sherman had a right to say what he did. Crabtree is an asshole when u go to shake someones hand u dont push him in the face like a douche or ignore him. We won fair and square and ur gonna be a douche like that? Nobodys going to apologize for what sherman has to say. If ur a douche hes gonna call u out on it. Its the way it is. Im sure crabtree would act just the same if he won. This is just fans who are butthurt about it so they got to bash players who are only stating the obvious!

  • JC

    I didn’t see any dirty playing there. In case you didn’t notice that big ass orange flag there, that he slipped on. I watched the GIF 20 times, nobody touched him.

  • Kari E.

    Come on people, it was a few pieces of popcorn that one person threw. Can you really call Seattle classless for one person’s stupid actions? Come on. Quit turning this into a big thing. Quit being sore losers and making mountains out of mole hills.

  • Kristen Jane

    Let me guess: you’re a Seattle fan.

  • Rleni59

    First off it WAS ONE fan so you cannot blame the whole Seattle fan base for that. I do agree that person was a jerk and has no class for doing that. But I can guarantee you that no one wants anyone hurt. I am not even a Seattle fan and I think it is wrong to group every fan into one person being a jerk.

  • http://tattooed4eternity.wordpress.com Eternity Juggalo

    Dude. It was popcorn. Get over it. I was about to be pissed off, but come on… I was at the game and got hit with a flying bottle of pennies. THAT fuckin hurt. Bowman can handle a lil popcorn – but with his knee, I doubt he realized much.

  • Dirk Diggler

    with the name “Eternity Juggalo”, I will have to skip your comment and move on to the ones who actually know what they are talking about.

  • Tyler Durden

    No, fuck you. Remember how the 49ers behaved toward the Panthers. Like a pack of wild niggers.

  • Dirk Diggler

    Seahawks showed they are undeserving of a championship. Broncos will bring them down to earth. Bye bye Seattle

  • Tyler Durden

    This fucking nigger deserves worse. The way he and his team behaved (like gangster faggot nigger children from a place far away from civilization) toward the Panthers, he had that shit coming. I hope it happens again.

  • Ex-hawk

    Been a lifelong 49ers fan even during the lowly 70′s and Seattle has been my #2 team for more than a couple of decades. But with the kind of crap that Sherman spouted and classless Seahawk fans dumping food on Bowman while getting carted off I’m definitely going to have to cheer on the Broncos for the Superbowl win and consider adopting a new #2 team. For now my #2 team will be anyone that beats Seattle. Good-bye Seattle!

  • Dirk Diggler

    I am a football coach for elementary aged children and it is very hard to teach them about sportsmanship when their idols act like that

  • Tyler Durden

    You sound like a real faggot, dude. The “kind of crap” Sherman spouted was because of Crabtree being a sore loser. In fact, I wish more players would rant during interviews and stop being politically correct and staying on script.

  • Dirk Diggler

    doesnt everyone generalize the fanbase based on a few people’s actions??? This is universal…why are you acting like this is a newly acquired fallacy?

  • Dirk Diggler

    lol you’re going to tell me, by looking at his numbers the last 3 seasons, that he is not in top 5, 10 or 15? Lets hear your list

  • Dirk Diggler

    PHOTOSHOP!!! HAHAHAAHAH okay you Seattle doosher

  • Dirk Diggler

    or a perfectly timed spill?

  • Dirk Diggler

    or a perfectly timed spill?

  • Thomas J. Moran

    Did you just write that. You are a fucking racist pig…..you just proved my point, thanks you idiot…

  • Thomas J. Moran

    Did you just write that. You are a fucking racist pig…..you just proved my point, thanks you idiot…

  • Tyler Durden

    What the fuck are you going to do about it, faggot? Go cry in your shithole.

  • Thomas J. Moran

    You are a dirt bag.

  • Jody Suiter

    Ok wait a minute. I have been reading all the comments from 49er fans preaching how classless Seahawk fans were to throw popcorn on their hurt player. Yet I just read a story how a few weeks ago when a Cardinal player injured his NECK 49er fans started doing the wave. Now only a few people were involved in the popcorn incident. How many THOUSANDS participated in doing the wave. Which I must say was created in Seattle. So if we shojld not use the phrase 12th man. Then you should not do the wave. But that is off the subject. Even the 49er players said how disrespectful it was to do the wave when a player was down on the field. So whi exactly is classless???? One who lives in a glass house should not throw stones.
    Also as far as Shermans comments. Crabtree had a bunch to say himself. Facts are facts.

  • Jody Suiter

    So lets see if I have this correct. Thousands doing the wave while an Arizona Cardinal player is down with a neck injury is perfectly fine. Yet a few toss popcorn on a 49er player with a knee injury is a crime against humanity. Sounds to me that you are a fool who needs to get their facts straight.

  • Tyler Durden

    Whaaaaaaaa!! Mommy! He called me names! Whaaaaaa!!!!

  • Thomas J. Moran

    Typical Anal racist dumbshit asshole………….Cheers DICKHEAD!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    That’s nice. How very ‘Seattle” of them. Classless team, classless fans. Perfect.

  • hotshotgg

    Actually, he graduated High School with a 4.2 GPA, and Graduated college from Stanford. That’s definitely uneducated.

  • Fred West

    Really classy fans, those Seattle fans. They extent Richard Sherman’s douchiness.

  • Cam the Man.

    Wow. What an idiot.

  • Downright Dyruis

    Well played, sir. Well played.

  • GoDenver

    I hate the 49ers! And was rooting for Seattle! I’m disgusted with myself for doing so. Seattle is completely classless, including that tool cornerback and I hope Denver tears them apart! I don’t like Denver either and was hoping Seattle would take it all. That’s all changed.

  • Uh oh Dinger

    Coming from the Niners perspective whose fans do the wave when someone gets a rather serious neck injury. Riiiiiiiight.
    I’m sorry but this is just a sad attempt at trying to downplay a loss into something less embarrassing for the losing team. It happens all the time, they lose, gotta find something that MIGHT have happened to shift the attention to, “oh look! A drunk guy spilled his popcorn at the wrong time! Call the whole team and fanbase on it!”

  • Edwin Hutchins

    Where is the video or photo evidence of food being thrown at Bowman as he is carted off. Just sayin, cause sure as all of you are breathing ‘IF’ it had actually happened one of the broadcast cameras would have caught it and for sure Joe Buck and Aikman would have said something.


    I am going to say something about this, please someone tell me who saw a Seahawks fan throw popcorn at Bowman, because I have seen so many videos and not once does it prove Seattle fans did it. Why does everyone pass the blame just to talk bad about someone else. it could have been a niners fan or even a hawks fan maybe not to be mean just to get his attention. Nobody talked about anyone booing him at this time so what makes you think the popcorn was to be mean if there was no yelling or taunting going on???? I do agree not the best way to get someone’s attention but maybe its not what people are blowing it up to be.

  • Anonymous

    Really because you saw the picture of the Hawks fan throwing popcorn at him right? or maybe thats just you assuming it was a hawks fan. If it was a hawks fan and their intentions were to be disrespectful than thats bullshit, AND if it was a niners fan trying to be funny or get his attention than guess what I guess thats bullshit too. He looked up who knows what those fans said to him afterwards, maybe they said get better soon dude. Not the best way to get someones attention especially with that injury but there are some people out there without common sense unfortunately.

  • GoBroncos

    It literally took about 10 seconds to find the footage of fans dumping popcorn on him on his way out. Anyone claiming they can’t find anything clearly hasn’t looked.

  • Tyler Durden

    How was I racist, stupid? Thinking I was being racist says a lot about you, you insipid cunt.

  • Thomas J. Moran

    You said this. “No, fuck you. Remember how the 49ers behaved toward the Panthers. Like a pack of wild niggers.” What the fuck was that you idiot. I hope to meet you some day…your a real prize of a human being.

  • Anonymous

    There is still absolutely ZERO proof anybody THREW anything. For all any of us know a fan could have been leaning over the railing trying to see what was going on, had a bag of popcorn in their hand and got bumped. I’m not saying it DIDN’T get thrown intentionally, just that none of you know unless you were there.

    This is just media hype and another excuse for sore losers to complain. I know if I had seen that happen I would have called out whoever did it, so why hasn’t anybody called the person out if they did it on purpose?

    And while deplorable if true, it is still nowhere as bad as dude on the 49er sideline trying to kill Jeremy Lane on kick coverage. Lowlife cretins in the fan base is one thing- you’ll find that everywhere. Lowlife cretins on the sideline is something completely different. I’m sure that guy will get fined, but he SHOULD be arrested.

  • Anonymous

    still no throwing motion of any kind to be seen.

  • Tyler Durden

    Listen to yourself. A grown man getting mad at someone saying mere words. What you should be even more worried about is you can’t even distinguish the difference between “your” and “you’re” in your own head. Words aren’t tangible, but your brain is. Food for thought.

  • Fuck you Tyler Turden

    Tyler’s a pussy with a two-inch dick. Correction….a vagina with a penis receptacle for a mouth.

  • Gen13Gent

    Shame on the obnoxious, crazy Seahawks, their histrionic fans and the intimidated officials. They are poor imitations of the Oakland Raiders of old. Can’t there be any sportsmanship in NFL football. We’ll see how Seattle without their home field advantage. Go Broncos! (or any team that plays the Blackhawks)!

  • Anonymous

    Pretty much the way liberals paint conservatives as racists, huh? (I’m agreeing with your point btw)

  • Patrick

    You want to talk class… Wasn’t Jeremy Lane closelined on the 49ners sideline during a special teams play? But keep 40-whining. I love it.


  • 49er671

    Don’t worry. next season at our NEW Stadium!! 49er fans will have grapes and wine bottles from the vineyard to throw.

  • JohnPaul Sein

    NOT AT ALL BACKING UP WHAT HAPPENED But is there proof of the incident? like seeing the hawks fans throwing it? it could have possibly fell out at the wrong time… clumsy hands? i know media LOVES blowing everything out of proportion. But if it was a fan.. Classless …

  • JohnPaul Sein
  • Tyler Durden

    Oh, you sure got me! First grade insults are the new thing, man! Congrats!

  • Cho Graph

    Real Pathetic, I am ashamed to call myself a 49ers fan because of assholes like you. Besides, it looks more like someone accidentally spilled, rather than “people throwing it.” I am sorry but if the 49ers fans are this butt hurt about a loss maybe I should go turncoat. I mean that punch, the kick-trip, and the butt-hurt, is ridiculous. Not to mention the wave when that one guy suffered that neck injury.

  • sadak

    You get the point it’s that same a racist Tea Party Member yells racist slurs then everyone decides to call all
    Conservatives racist which is simply not true.

  • Tyson Litz

    Nah, you’re right. Bowman probably brought some snacks with him. That’s got to be it

  • Tyson Litz

    He doesn’t need to see roof it can from a Seattle bandwagonner. CLEARLY Bowman just brought his own snacks for the ride. From what I’ve heard, Bowman was pissed because he forgot the Twizzlers, a road trip staple

  • Tyson Litz

    49ers fans have earned the right to be sore losers. They have been fans of their team for more than 1 season, unlike Seattle bandwagoneers.

  • Tyson Litz

    First things first. Sober up toots. Eat some fish tacos, drink some shitty Starbucks milkshake masquerading as real coffee…
    “U guys try to find the slightest things wrong about us and blow it up.”
    This is ‘sportsgrid.com’ Not the SF Gate or the SF Chronicle. Don’t blame San Francisco because the rest of the world got to finally see how you bandwagon fans in Seattle act.

  • Fuck you Tyler Turden

    Sure thing douchebag! I’ll be happy to insult you any day of the week and twice on Sunday!

  • Tyson Litz

    Talk about verbal gymnastics (I’m going with Verbal over Mental Gymnastics because you show low mental capacity)… You’re jumping through a lot of hoops trying to excuse your fellow bandwagoners.
    You implying that it could have been a 49ers fan just trying to get his attention to wish him well strains credulity.
    Perhaps if you guys can manage to be lauded for stadium noise when your team goes 4-12 you might earn league respect

  • Tyson Litz

    You may actually be one of those rare examples of someone who IS as dumb as you LOOK

  • SeagullskLover

    Looks like Seattle had to import raiders fans to fill the seats…

  • Leon Foonman

    Just because all bigots are republicons, doesn’t mean all republicons are bigots.

  • MeanAssJim

    Only upset that they only have Five Lombardi trophies….and the Seahawks have , uh, how many is that ?

  • RealisticActuality

    what? youre fucking retarded tyson. You ignorant fuck. Have some respect for an injury. Seattle has worse fans than Oakland!

  • gee cee

    Lol just goes to show that people anywhere and everywhere are so JUDGEMENTAL. …. no one speaks for me…. i love both teams!!! Good job to all the players…. good game…. To Mr. Bowman get well soon….

  • Ryan

    1st off…seattle fans did not throw skittles or food at bowman. 1 fan threw popcorn at him. watch the video…it was about 10 pieces of popcorn…that would not be FANS…but a FAN. 1 idiot out of 60k

  • ryan

    Take your butt woopin’ like a man Daryl…and don’t come down on the 12th man!!!

  • Carol is a cheater

    Classless glad the Sonics moved away your town doesn’t deserve shit

  • mario

    Yeah fuck seattle. Sherman made the whole team look like ignorant fucks. And all your fans are terrible. You guys are going to get rocked by denver. Annihilated. Go Manning.

  • Morgan Robinson

    This is why seahawks fans have a horrid wrap. And to defend it those fans treatment?! Those jackasses were doing nothing but disrespecting the injured player. Watch the video, a d you will clearly see it, AND, will clearly hear a Seattle accounter saying, “fans throwing food on NaVarro, hey, stay classy Seattle”!! Obviously repremanding them. And it was a bull shit call, to award it to the seahawks.

  • janne

    I love how the video of him just prior to the same game starting of him ripping up a LITTLE girls poster doesn’t make it, but throwing popcorn does… hhhhmmmm

  • carrie honey

    haha someone definitely could have fallen over..

  • yeah okay

    You people obviously havent been to a 49er vs Seahawks game @SAN FRANCISCO. So the way they act to visitor teams is okay there?! Jump back on the 49ers bandwagon and go home people.


    WTF!?! Who gives a fuck? So are you suppose to be representing that 90%. If so are are not doing well at all. You are making that 90% look just as bad.
    What does money have to do with it? He is injuried and because he makes money it’s oh well.. You are doing a awful job representing.

  • Abe Assad

    They won’t, I remember when the Seahawks were the pity story of the nfl. All of a sudden they have a stadium that looks like a turquoise and green circus, and a mob of fans in other cities who somehow all were born there but must have hidden in caves until 2005. This is either evidence of mass bandwagon, or a mass exodus from the city around 2004 for some reason.

  • Abe Assad

    you forgot the leagues of people who have never watched football, and have no idea who mike holmgren is

  • Sharyn ‘Jinx’ Arthur

    Seriously??????? I was a total ‘rock the house Seahawk fan’ until I saw this horrible display by the Seahawks and the fans. I’m embarrassed to say I was hoping they would win. Now I’m hoping Peyton shows them what ‘true’ class is. Richard Sherman is a total ass.

  • Mpeccs

    Disgusting, all of them. The fans, the players, all of it.

    The coach and beastmode Lynch are the only 2 people I can come close to respecting.

  • Curt

    It is VERY clear that one a-hole dumped his bucket of popcorn over the rail at Bowman. What’s almost as bad as this is the author of this article created a headline in an attempt to mischaracterize our fans. This is not journalism it is manipultation in an attempt to advance a personal agenda.
    Shame on the author of this article, Rick Chandler, for taking advantage of the actions of a drunken pathetic loser. The headline should have been “fan dumps popcorn on injured 49er”, but accurate representation does not sell advertising does it Rick? You lack professional integrity even as you call into question the integrity of football fans. Kind of pathetic I think.

  • Red and Gold 4life

    Oh my god you’re so stupid. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised by someone who picked The Irish Samurai as their username…..Fucking idiot

  • Dallas


  • Albert Cruz

    Lowest form of dog shit is what Seahawks fans are

  • Mark Metzger

    They probably just thought Bowman was hungry.

  • seahawks12man08

    Bowman shouldnt have ripped a fans 12thman sign that he probably worked all night on to bring to the game. If you ask me them throwing food at him sounds like karma to me…

  • jeff jones

    how quickly we forget this…stay classy Bowman… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWz9YZZS7qs

  • kingraven24

    Wait – where is the footage of a fan THROWING it at Bowman? Couldn’t it just as easily been a rush to the edges to see Bowman being carted off and someone knocked a guys popcorn around? The live video of the game didn’t show it and neither does this clip. Just wanting to be sure about this. Also – Bowman is notorious for stealing Seahawks flags and signs and ripping them up and throwing them to the ground because he’s a bit of an asshole. Just sayin’…

  • dasitmane13

    You win everything. Nicely done.

  • dasitmane13

    They are all Pete Carroll’s evil minions.

  • dasitmane13

    Imagine someone throwing food at Richard Sherman, being carted off of Candlestick Field… would you not be trolling every sports blog in the nation to throw in your two cents about the “whining Niner fans”? Please, strap in, and shut up.

  • dasitmane13

    This made my entire week.

  • dasitmane13

    Your comments have all delighted me this eve. Well done, sir!

  • dasitmane13

    Your name is Ana. I question your knowledge of sports as a WHOLE.

  • StayClassySanFran

    Stay classy San Fran…


    There many, many, many more. One Seattle fan (whom rightfully should be banned from attending any future games) tosses popcorn and suddenly all of Seattle is classless. However, aftrr multiple reported attacks at Candlestick from 49er fans attacking and stabbing the opponents fans, THEY have more class?


  • JLS

    I’m from Seattle and that is as classless as it comes… Karma is a MF’r…

  • Chris

    Seahawks are disgusting in general. How about everything they’ve done. Banning California and other states with most 49ers fans from buying tickets to the game. Turning it hostile to anyone supporting the team. This whole game seemed funny to me. From the obvious calls the ref’s should’ve made to the treatment of the fans and players. 49ers were ripped off. I hope the niners put most of their team on the disabled list when the rematch happens next year.

  • Dis heartened Fan

    “Have some respect for an injury. Seattle has worse fans than Oakland!”
    My thoughts exactly…. For those Seattle fans, who are not as rowdy as the
    Rest, accept your fellow fans, and apologize for thier ignorance and
    stupidity. As my father does EVERY time the raiders’ fans do ignorant things….
    If food was thrown at an injured ANIMAL, we would ALL BE DISGUSTED WITHOUT QUESTION.

    But this happens to a human being and he just needs to suck it up, because he
    makes plenty of money….. ? Where is human compassion/decency???

    So disapointing

  • Seattlefan are a.bit sensitive

    Wow!!! 49ers will let you go to your Super Bowl, since they’ve been to sooooo many already!!!!

  • RJ

    I was there and saw several people throw food. It matters because you are a fan, you ARE NOT a football player. Meanwhile the players you cheer for are telling you “hey that’s not cool”, even Richard Shermon!!

    Even if your a loud fan, you can not perform at the athletic ability of even the worst rated Seahawks player.

    Treating people with respect is what your mommy should have taught you around the age of eight. Kicking a man when he’s down is the sign of a coward and no man or woman of any integrity would try to justify something so shameful.

  • RJ

    Traditional passive aggressive Seattle statement.

    Here have an aggressive one you lack any human decency! See know its clear that I don’t like what you said….

  • RJ

    In your case, your just dumb.

    Wow why did I spend the time and energy to do that, did I really convince you of being dumb????

  • RJ

    Wishes is recorded it bit I saw dans in unison throw Popcorn and trash over the side… I was standing right there!!!!

  • RJ

    Wow, no spelling on an iPhone. I was trying to say I wish I’d recorded it because I was standing there as popcorn and trash were thrown… Also the cheers for injury was sick…

  • Anonymous

    so true………..LOL

  • Anonymous

    irish, you’re stupid

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