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Dirty: Ndamukong Suh Ejected After Stomping Packers Lineman

According to his fellow players, Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is the dirtiest player in the NFL. Today against the Packers, Suh made his NFL counterparts look smart. In the third quarter of an eventual 27-15 loss, Suh pulled a series of moves against Packers offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith that not only earned him that “dirty” label, but an ejection from the game. And though Suh tried pleading his case, he didn’t have much of an argument:

Yeah, there’s no way to spin that. That just really, really doesn’t look too good. If Suh stopped at shoving Dietrich-Smith’s helmet into the turf (multiple times), then there’d still be some kind of debate – maybe Suh had a legitimate beef. But the stomp ended all that, and put Suh totally in the wrong. Really, it’s too bad most of the talk about him now is about how dirty he is or isn’t, rather than what he’s doing on the field.

But with incidents like today’s, we have no choice – and no choice but to conclude that everyone who calls Suh dirty is doing it for a reason. A while ago, Suh brushed off all the “dirty” talk by saying he’d consider himself a dirty player once his mom considered him a dirty player. It might be time for Mrs. Suh to stage an intervention.

UPDATE: Here’s Suh offering his side of the story after the game. Watching it and comparing what Suh said happened with the video of the play…we’re having a tough time reconciling the two.

Video by CJ Fogler.

  • Anonymous

    its okay if you’re a dirty player – just admit it.  and suh is a dirty player – always has been.  and he will once again be donating a large portion of his paycheck, and perhaps a few game checks, because of it.

  • Poe

    Roger Goodell needs to suspend him for the rest of the season.  What a punk bitch.

  • Blesselman

    That is so unprofessional behavior.  Takes away from his skill

  • Anonymous

    It’s typical of a high paid athlete that knows no other state of mind than violent  “everybody is my enemy” mentality.  He’s a NOBODY when you stand him up against a REAL human being and athlete like Reggie White who played ‘defense’ as opposed to back alley, inner city, rumble.

  • Anonymous

    This is just a very immature idiot who thinks he can do what he pleases because he is so big and bad.  A fine large enough to get his attention and suspension for a few games without pay will help him grow up.  When I played football, the entire team would take care of someone like him and it wouldn’t even be noticed.  Players know the ways to do it legally but people like Suh aren’t smart enough……..He’s a bitch!

  • kkmk

    They’re just making a big deal out of it for his money because he’s such a good player which makes him so damn rich. It’s bullshit.

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