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Goodbye, Tim Tebow. You Are No Longer A Jet, And Our Resident Jets Fan Hates You. But It’s Not Your Fault.

Goodbye, Tim Tebow, the New York Jets have released you. As a Jets fan, I will not mince words. I am thrilled. That’s because I hate you, Tim Tebow. But it’s not your fault. You seem like a great, kind person. I don’t hate you for your charity work or your faith, or even the fact that you couldn’t execute a simple block while playing your natural position, punt protector. I don’t hate you because you repeatedly couldn’t get a snap off within a generous 35 second play clock. Tom Brady can write three books and win two Super Bowls in that time. That stuff certainly doesn’t make me like you, but it doesn’t make me hate you. I don’t hate you because of you, and I don’t hate you as a person. In fact, I respect you. But I do hate you, and that’s because of Mike Tannenbaum. That’s because of Woody Johnson. That’s because of ESPN (I’m a Rex Ryan apologist, and I will leave him out of this, for now).

I’m not a racist. I’m not a football purist. I’m not an SEC-hater. I JUST LIKE MY QUARTERBACKS TO BE ABLE TO COMPLETE A JESUSFREAKING PASS (which is why I also hate Mark Sanchez).

You were legendary at Florida, and you deserved praise. But it was clear that you were an NFL project, at best. Then, Josh McDaniels, the inspiration for JoshMcDanielsSucks.com, decided to take a chance on you, in the first round. Nobody else appeared to desire such a strong investment in your questionable skills, yet this evil man did. The same, evil McDaniels that spawned from football’s beacon of evil, Bill Belichick. The same, evil McDaniels that ran Jay Cutler out of Denver and then drafted Knowshon Moreno with the No. 12 overall pick, despite everyone knowing you don’t pick a running back that high that isn’t Adrian Peterson, or even the homeless, paraplegic cousin of Adrian Peterson. The same, evil McDaniels that anointed Kyle Orton as starting quarterback, because he was a “winner,” ignoring his lack of talent. The same, evil McDaniels who replaced Orton with Tim Tebow, because he was a “winner,” ignoring his lack of talent. Tim Tebow would have been an overhyped media leviathan without Josh McDaniels, but with him, he became Tebow, the most annoying thing in every sports fan’s life, ever. Mainly because of Josh McDaniels, Tim Tebow was the most chafing figure in sports. He chafed you, and ESPN perpetuated the chafing, hoarding all of the Gold Bond.

Tim Tebow is the worst because of Josh McDaniels, and because people feel the need to call him “polarizing.” A unique, übertalented athlete that struggles to play quarterback is not “polarizing.” Denard Robinson is not “polarizing.” Brad Smith is not “polarizing.” Antwaan Randle El is not “polarizing.” Eric Crouch is not “polarizing.” I could go on for days, literally, because Tim Tebow’s situation is not unique. The only difference is his unabashed fans, that extend far beyond typical, rabid Gator fandom, to dumb, unconnected people, worldwide, that supported his abilities simply because of his faith or character. People liking Tim Tebow isn’t a problem, but people thinking he’s an NFL Hall-of-Famer just because they like him, and the sheer, inconceivable volume and fervor of these morons, is the problem. It’s not Tim Tebow’s fault, but, Tim Tebow the NFLer is such an awful thing. He inspires ridiculous claims of racism, anti-Christian sentiment, and even anti-bro sentiment. I know that many (hopefully most) of you reading are not Tebow buffs (pun intended). But, to the rest of you:


Tim Tebow is Eric Crouch; he’s Pat White. He’s a strange talent that has not yet found his place in the NFL. That’s all.

Tim Tebow 25 years old. It’s conceivable that he could improve and find his niche, whether it’s as a third-string quarterback, a starting tight end, or even a Pro Bowl quarterback. But, if he doesn’t get another chance, it’s because of his fans. His plentiful, senseless fans.

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  • Walt Creasy

    Tebow got the boot because he is an unashamed Christian. That is just NOT Rex ryan’s style. If Tebow were a Muslim, he would be touted an the next Joe Montana. The guy won the Heisman Trophy and led Florida to the national championnship, losing only two games in two full seasons. When given a chance to play in the NFL, he led the Broncos to a playoff berth and actually won a game with an inferior team. He deserves so much more than he has been given! Go Tim!!!

  • kevin rockster

    It is hoopla such as this garbage of an article that has perpetuated much of the hoopla around Tim Tebow. This article is extremely rude, and stupid. When did “journalists” become so rude, using their ‘platform’ to grossly offend & disparage others. Tim Tebow proved himself as an NFL quarterback & a winner. Because his few most recent coaches had it out for him (coaches whose asses he kicked the previous seasons) did not know how to use him, or simply refused, does not translate into Tebow not being able to play NFL quarterback football. How absurd. It is loosers such as the author of this article that could’ve, would’ve or never tried. And Elway? Elway never liked the spotlight on TT as it diverted it from himself, a known egomaniac (I know, I’m from Colorado). To blame Tebow’s lack of playing time on his fans is irrational & most absurd.

  • Kadagan

    The author is a joke. I hope nobody is actually paying this guy.

    Tebow has done quite well for himself especially considering Elway and others hate on him for his success (taking the spotlight) and faith. It’s vogue right now to hate Christians and by relationship it’s also vogue to hate on Tebow.

    Matt you’re an ignorant (of yourself) and arrogant ass who poorly disguises his own bitter spew.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cinderella5252 Debbie Buerry Klingensmith

    Careful Matt Rudnitsky. A fool should just keep their mouth shut. Then no one would know for a fact that you are one.

  • Eric Goldschein

    Ironically, he is paid exclusively in Gator Chomps.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mattrud Matt Rudnitsky

    I type with my mouth shut. It helps me concentrate.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mattrud Matt Rudnitsky

    I definitely don’t hate Christians, I definitely do hate Tebow, and I’m definitely not vogue. And John Elway doesn’t hate his team winning, I think. Also, how am I ignorant of myself? Now I’m legitimately curious.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mattrud Matt Rudnitsky
  • YikesCity

    I guess Matt Rudnitsky is the new Dan Levine. SportsGrid, where do you find these clowns? The few good writers keep me coming back but man, not for long with this garbage.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mattrud Matt Rudnitsky

    University of Michigan

  • http://www.facebook.com/mattrud Matt Rudnitsky

    Go Blue!

  • Josh

    Tim Tebow has accomplished more in his Young Life then Most will ever hope to .Try Not to hate Him Just because he is a man of God.The Further away we Move from God the Worst our Country has become.You should be Inspired by him Not Offended.Its Very hard to live by the way of God .Super Easy to do the opposite .I am sure he still Loves you and all that consider him Enemies.Thist is what we are all called to do .

    I am a Giants Fan i Pray that Tom coughlin Reaches out to him and Gives him a Job.Eli can make anyone Great ! Go Giants Superbowl Bound
    God Bless you Sir

  • http://www.facebook.com/mattrud Matt Rudnitsky

    Lolz. Tim Tebow has accomplished 100x more than me, but I still hate him. It’s certainly NOT because he’s “a man of god.” There is a negative 1500 million% chance the Giants sign him. America!

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