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NFL Japan Brought Marshawn Lynch A Bunch Of Different Japanese Candy To Eat In This Amazing Interview

marshawn lynch candy interviewSeahawks running back Marshawn Lynch isn’t known for his loquaciousness. In fact, he didn’t speak to the media for the entire season, and when the NFL forced him to open up for questions, he was quite curt.

But Lynch must have a soft spot for NFL Japan, or for people who bring him different types of candy to try, because he seems way into this interview.

The man loves his Skittles, but will some Japanese marshmellows with an unidentifiable filling dethrone Beast Mode’s standby snack? Watch below for the results:

I don’t know why Marshawn doesn’t like talking to the media. He can be pretty charming.

[NFL Japan]

  • matthew

    He hit that.

  • Smakin Da Box

    Now Why Would He Punch Her? You’re So Mean!

  • Mike

    In the second paragraph, doesn’t the network sound pretty butt-hurt over this interview? American media is like that drama-queen girl you dated, that manipulated you and talked crap about you behind your back, then when you finally quit talking to her and dump her, she gets all jilted and crazy about it. I am a Beast Mode fan and supporter and I loved this interview. Did you notice how quiet and relaxed the atmosphere is in this interview? Maybe Lynch just feels at ease with the media in Japan and trust them more. I have a hunch that the media over their isn’t as pushy, demanding or vindictive as they are over here. I think that’s why he refers to our media as “boss”, because they kind of act like they are the boss at times. If a guy has trouble talking to you, over the stressful and pressurized atmosphere you create, due to legit medical limitations, then just leave him alone. He’s not trying to be difficult or childish, this is hard for him and I can relate.

  • Dan

    Imagine that… the Beast is relaxed when the atmosphere is relaxed.

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