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NFL Ref Jeff Triplette Is Back, And Twitter Is Mocking Him Relentlessly

If you’re like me, you’re sort of surprised at how NFL ref Jeff Triplette has been assigned to work the playoffs, I mean, considering his two rather egregious boners earlier this season: one involving the Bengals. But here he is working the Cincinnati-San Diego AFC Wild Card game, and already he’s been under the hood three times for reviews.

In the incident last month involving Cincinnati, Triplette incorrectly overturned a call on the field after video review … even though the initial call was correct. The NFL later apologized for that one.

Now Triplette is back, a fact that has delighted Twitter no end.

When it gets to the point where assigning a referee to a particular playoff game is a distraction in itself, perhaps it’s time to stop being stubborn and move him somewhere else.

Or not. Because the tweets so far are more entertaining than the game.

  • Anonymous

    This guy is a bonehead and should be banned from the NFL. How his on-field calls during the regular season rates him to be one of the officials in a play-off game is beyond comprehension. Goodell sucks and this is his call. The fact that some very rich people had to buy up thousands of playoff tickets for all the games this weekend just to prevent black-outs is proof that this empty suit needs to find a new job. Goodell would rather fine players that he has personal issues with than to get his own house in order. This is truly the Not For Long league!

  • miller

    WAIT!!! BUt we needed these incredible professionals because those replacement refs were SO BAD no one could EVER do this job of being an NFL ref without 20 years of experience.

    gimme a break. That the NFL caved and brought the pros back was so stupid.

  • The Legend

    you’re still watching the games aren’t ya?

  • Daniel Landers

    Please remember how bad it really was under replacement refs.

  • miller

    yeah it wasn’t that bad (a) abnd (b) they only reffed like 4 games..and by game 4 they were getting very good. You give anyone 7 games or more as an NFL ref and i think they will be more than competent. Its football rules this isn’t rocket science.

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