NFL Ref Jeff Triplette Is Back, And Twitter Is Mocking Him Relentlessly

  • Rick Chandler

If you’re like me, you’re sort of surprised at how NFL ref Jeff Triplette has been assigned to work the playoffs, I mean, considering his two rather egregious boners earlier this season: one involving the Bengals. But here he is working the Cincinnati-San Diego AFC Wild Card game, and already he’s been under the hood three times for reviews.

In the incident last month involving Cincinnati, Triplette incorrectly overturned a call on the field after video review … even though the initial call was correct. The NFL later apologized for that one.

Now Triplette is back, a fact that has delighted Twitter no end.

When it gets to the point where assigning a referee to a particular playoff game is a distraction in itself, perhaps it’s time to stop being stubborn and move him somewhere else.

Or not. Because the tweets so far are more entertaining than the game.

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