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Breaking: Guy Who Ripped Cam Newton’s “Fake Smile” Rips Other Black Quarterback With No Actual Evidence

You might remember that a a couple years ago, in advance of the 2011 NFL Draft, Nolan Nawrocki of Pro Football Weekly published a scouting report of Cam Newton that went beyond being critical and into the realm of the bizarre – specifically, the accusation that he has a “fake smile,” along with a whole host of other shots at Newton’s character. While it’s true that Newton still has some growing up to do, specifically with how he responds when things go wrong on the field, this was too much – and it had plenty of people pretty sure that Newton’s race was a factor in how harsh Nawrocki was.

Well, now Nawrocki’s back with a scouting report of Geno Smith, the former West Virginia QB generally thought to be the top signal-caller available this year – a scouting report seemingly written to assure us all, “Yeah, Cam Newton’s race was a factor, if not the factor, in how harsh Nawrocki was.” Let’s see what he has to say about Smith, shall we?

Not a student of the game…Not committed or focused — marginal work ethic.

Harsh. But not necessarily written because Smith is black, right? Maybe that assessment is right on. We’d better get a second opinion. A second opinion from someone who knows Smith inside and out, like, say, his quarterbacks coach at WVU, Jake Spavital:

Spavital said the thing sets Smith apart is obsessive film study and relentless work ethic…”Geno, football is all he cared about. He’d take the O-line out to eat and then come back to the office and we’d watch stuff on the iPad. He was always trying to improve. I’ve never seen anybody study harder with the tape than he does.”

Oh. Um. Well, then. So whose word are we taking: Nawrocki’s, or the guy who’s worked up close and personal with Smith these last couple years? I know who I’m taking, but maybe you think this is just a coach pumping up one of his guys. So how about we look at another Smith draft scouting report, this one from the National Football Post (which, by the way, isn’t exactly glowing – it doesn’t give Smith a first-round grade):

Similar to Andrew Luck and RGIII, Smith is exceptionally smart with great intangibles/character and work ethic.


Based on all the great things NFL scouts told me about Geno’s character, leadership, work ethic and intangibles, I was very excited to evaluate his play.

And how about the opinion of another draft scout?

Trollin’ Nawrocki is at it again – and, judging by the amount of reaction he’s stirred up – including, of course, the post you’re reading right this second – it’s some mighty effective trolling. So from that standpoint: good job, Trollin’. Joke’s on us, we guess. From the standpoint of actually providing worthwhile insight on a prospect, though: well, let’s just say we’re starting to think Nolan Nawrocki isn’t a student of the craft of evaluating quarterbacks.

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  • corri anderson

    Note to self: Don’t buy Pro Football Weekly or visit them online. I have read or heard about 50 evaluations of Geno Smith and not once did I hear he had any bad habits. He just wasn’t blue chip. And he’ll still go top ten.

  • corri anderson

    Note to self: Don’t buy Pro Football Weekly or visit them online. I have read or heard about 50 evaluations of Geno Smith and not once did I hear he had any bad habits. He just wasn’t blue chip. And he’ll still go top ten.

  • http://twitter.com/esoj1211 Jose Rodriguez

    Sadly enough, Genoa Smith comes off like the anti_black quarterback. Not an exceptionally mobile or strong armed, but he has smarts for the game. kind of like another gimp from the past that did win the Heisman.

  • http://twitter.com/esoj1211 Jose Rodriguez

    meant to say “Gino” from the past

  • http://www.facebook.com/jstephenholmes Steve Holmes

    Just heard McShay this morning on this and he stated he had some of the same comments from scouts but others that contrasted those comments. It is a shame everything is labeled racist when there is any kind of criticism given. His assessment of Cam Newton a couple of years ago was dead on and showed itself in Cam’s second year. By the way…he had glowing reports on Robert Griffin III. Ridiculous that now this is a racist bent. I guess it is the signs of the times though. Anytime Obama is criticized all of a sudden they are a racist.

  • Anonymous

    As for the Cam criticism being dead-on, there’s definitely valid criticism of him to be had, but not sure where him having a “fake smile” factors into it. Re: glowing words on RGIII – I looked for a Nawrocki scouting report on him but couldn’t find it. And re: the racist bent: sorry, when the guy goes farther than anyone else in ripping two black guys in three years – and ripping Smith for reasons that are *directly contradicted* by tons of other comments about him, including from his former QB coach – yeah, the race thing is valid to bring up. Especially since he also described Geno as a combination of Akili Smith and Aaron Brooks. Gee, wonder why THOSE were the two guys that came to mind.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jstephenholmes Steve Holmes

    Just go to Pro Football Weekly and you can see his assessments. The “fake” smile comment is has been echoed by some of his own teammates this year (black and white). You can select by position and go through the past and he has been consistent in his assessments (black and white). To say on two QB’s that he is racist but then speak glowingly about RG3, Russell Wilson is consistent with a racist.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cody.heath.902 Cody Heath

    THIS IS COMPLETE AND TOTAL BULL SHIT!!!!!! Honestly who the hell is this guy. As a fan of the mountaineers I have had the privilege of watching Geno start for 3 years. I have never seen a more dedicated player to his craft. He goes on to say he has horrible work ethic and yet all of his coaches have bragged on him over the years on how much he studies film. You say he’s not a leader and yet he’s best friends with two top receivers in the draft (Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey.) and has a good relationship with the oline. The most ridiculous comment which makes this guy irrelevant and should quit his job is that he goes on to say he’s not cut or muscular enough. WHO GIVES A DAMN IF HE’S MUSCULAR or not look at the best QB’s in the NFL their not big and muscular so what real scout cares about that when Geno can throw a 60+yd pass with ease. this guy is a joke and should quit his job because obviously he’s wrong when every other scout disagrees with him.

  • jOHN

    Geno Smith isnt any of those things Nolan your wrong and just a hater. But keep talking crap on WVU fball players b.c thats just motivation

  • http://www.facebook.com/charles.o.pulman Charles Oliver Pulman

    Nolan’s comments are completely unfounded. Geno is a very humble, focused individual. We were in the same English class; he never seemed like he was above anyone else, and he participated and worked hard. He has great character and I hope this doesn’t effect his draft status.

  • Chuck Williams

    And does this have to do with Obama, you right wing nut? You’re probably a racist because only a jackass would make a football conversation about the President.

  • Andre Alexis

    No, his comments on Cam Newton were not “dead on”. You need to look them up again. He said of Newton:

    “Inconsistent throwing mechanics with a flick delivery — generates all of his power from his upper-body strength and too often arms the ball.” Nothing wrong with his throwing mechanics. He threw for a record breaking rookie year. And had an underrated second year.

    “Streaky passer with spotty accuracy.” No, actually, Newton’s accuracy was very good, his first year. His passing percentage: 60% (it was 57.7, second year) Jake Locker first year? (51%) Christian Ponder? (54%), Andrew Luck’s first year? (54.1%)

    “Only a one-year producer.” No, actually, Newton’s second year was good and got better as the year went on. Other teams adjusted to him. He adjusted back. His final passing yards his second year? 3869, after a first year of 4051. His rushing yards his second year? 741, after a first year of 706. 14 touchdowns his first year, 8 his second. He has been very consistent and consistently good for two seasons.

    “Lacks accountability, focus and trustworthiness — is not punctual, seeks shortcuts and sets a bad example.” Not according to his coach he doesn’t. He’s been a diligent studier of game footage and works hard, according to his coach, not Nolan Narocki who knows nothing at all about him.

    “Immature and has had issues with authority. Not dependable.” Wow, a twenty year old who’s “immature”. Look up Terry Bradshaw. See what he was like his first years. Not dependable? That’s just flat out wrong. Carolina was a little unlucky last year. They lost a number of games by less than a touchdown. The
    y lost 7 games by less than a touchdown and looked stronger at the end of the season with Newton controlling the offence and Kuechly looking like a world beater on defence.

    “An overhyped, high-risk, high-reward selection with a glaring bust factor, Newton is sure to be drafted more highly than he should and could foreclose a risk-taking GM’s job and taint a locker room.” The Carolina Panthers made one of the best moves in their franchise history drafting him, despite naysayers like Narocki. Narocki’s personal attacks were over the top and basically idiotic. Newton will be in his third season, in a few months. He’ll be more mature. He’s got a better team behind him, a young team that’s gone through a tough season and will likely learn from it. Colin Kaepernick said he thought Newton was full of himself and cocky, when they met in pre-season their rookie years. Kaepernick was probably right, but Newton has got fantastic skills, he’s obviously smart and he’ll likely learn to keep his attitude in check. You want a quarterback who believes in himself, after all, don’t you? So long as it doesn’t hurt the team and, last year, I don’t think it did.

  • bbyab

    writer of this article is baitin ur dumb ass naworocki is the top talent evaluator in football n its his opinion against others he puts out a report every year on every prospect he’s blasted white players and qbs as well were is there defender do ur homework n here they facts quit fall in for anything people say

  • http://twitter.com/YngwieFM Yngwie F Malmsteen

    If you have to compare Newton to Christian Ponder to make him look good…..you’re in trouble.

  • http://twitter.com/ryanmandrew Ryan Andrew

    Really. Your “Draft Scout” quote is from a guy that writes for Bleacher Report. Anyone can write for BR.

  • Terrick Washington

    how is that “anti_black”?

  • http://www.facebook.com/ronald.bradley.5458 Ronald Bradley


  • Andre Alexis

    I was comparing him to quarterbacks available in his draft year. You get why one would do that, right? I also threw in Andrew Luck, just for the hell of it. What do you want me to do, compare Newton to every quarterback who’s ever played the game? If so, his first year matches up well with the first years of every single one. That’s the problem with you, Yngwie, you play a lot of notes, but you’ve got the sensitivity and taste of a goat stepping on a Les Paul.

  • gUiTo

    nnawrocki@pfwmedia.com <- hmmm whats this?

  • Brent Rice

    I would venture to say I am also the only guy that was stacking
    100-hour weeks to produce two draft publications from January-March, as
    have been doing the last 10 years. Believe what you want. He has been
    evaluated very thoroughly. Save this email and check back in three
    years. Have a great day!



    To: Nolan Nawrocki
    Subject: RE: Questioning some-ones work ethic

    not interested in PFW, I think you put too much into your borrowed
    word. You are the only person that has questioned Geno Smith’s Work
    Ethic. You need to evaluate people instead of going with I heard this I
    heard that.

    Best of luck!

    Granted I was not being nice I did call him a POS. He was being a-lot nicer than i was.

  • backrow

    he said the same type of things about Clausen and Bray, both are pretty white…

  • Eugene Johnson

    “It’s one thing to not like a prospect. It’s another to make things up about their character or work ethic. Looking at you, Nolan Nawrocki.”

    Don’t you think implicitly calling Nolan Nawrocki a racist with no evidence is doing the same thing?

  • Eugene Johnson

    I think you just proved Steve’s point genius.

  • Drazic

    Piece of shit journalist.

  • Bob Barnes

    As a WVU fan all I heard about Geno over the years was how hard he worked, how he was so close to his O line, etc. Where is this analyst getting his info? Perhaps he should question them a little more indepth! Geno, may or may not be a great NFL QB in the future, but his assesment of him is way off base. However he is entitled to his opinion, I’m sure both of our opinions of others are not always accurate. Nuf said!!!

  • Carley H. Young

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  • Jake

    This guys an idiot and deserves to be fired,

  • Anonymous

    Well I think it’s pathetic that this Nolan is posing as some kind of draft evaluator when in fact as the writer Davis points out. The guy is a troll. It’s sad that Pro Football Weekly is letting him put his name on there magazine. However honstly as a fantasy football player in psat. Pro Football Weekly is irrelevant today in my view. Just sad Nolan is throwing players under the bus to get his name in the news. In 2011 I heard him interviewed on a sports radio show defending his analysis on Newton. It’s sad people like Nolan exist in the world looking to drum up attention for themselves at the expense of others.

  • Anonymous

    Corri Pro Football Weekly has gone by the wayside. It is irrelevant. Which is likely why hey let Nolan do what he does. Pathetic. I gave Nolan the benefit of the doubt in 2011 on Newton. But he is doing it again.

  • Anonymous

    Steve I am white and I totally disagree with you. Newton went through some issues last year. But by the end of season was playing very well. Saying a orospect has a FAKE SMILE? What kinda comment is that. As far as Newton his problem was dealing with losing and not handling it well for a period last year. YES he needs to grow up but would you rather have a player that deals well with losing? Steve you are also wrong about Geno Smith and others comments. The main concern I have heard on Smith is his lack of accuracy. So what Nolan said doesn’t fly. The fact you brought Obama into this discussion signifys to me where you are at on this discussion. I don’t think Nolan is racist. I think Nolan is TROLLING for attention and he and the Pro Football Weekly editors are enjoying the attention.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn I agree but as I posted I don’t think it’s racism. I think it’s playing up to the idea it might be racist by Nolan. Nolan is getting his name in the media. Which my point is Pro Football Weekly has sunk this low for this attention? What happens if Smith turns out to be great. I’d be more than happy to have Cam Newton on my fav NFL team. bTW mine is the bengals and I’d take Newton over Dalton anyday. Not that Dalton sucks. I definitely take Newton in the top 10 of NFL QB’s. Steve calls his analysis spot on. F it. STEVE UR AN IDIOT AND A LIAR!

  • Anonymous

    Ur a liar Steve

  • Anonymous

    STEVE UR A LIAR. UR LYING!!!! You seem obsessed with replying to every comment. Oh and I voted for Obama so stick that up ur azz too Steve and suck on it!

  • http://twitter.com/bobbajek Bob Bajek

    Thank you for defending Nol. He’s not a racist. I worked with him personally at Pro Football Weekly and he didn’t say racist jokes or had racist attitudes. If you read his work, he covers everyone regardless of race and he’s a good scout.

    Bob Bajek

  • http://twitter.com/bobbajek Bob Bajek

    That’s right. He really likes Wilson and Kaepernick, and voted for Te’o to win Heisman and not the two white dudes. He’s not a racist.

  • Tom Cruise

    Why is that anti black? a black quarterback can be as poised and alert in the pocket as any white quarterback

  • Owned

    Geno Smith reportedly dropped over character, leadership concerns

  • fred
  • Jennifer

    Wow… as a woman who has some objectivity on sports (since I don’t care about football) you guys really go nuts and lose perspective. First of all, Nolan is merely writing summaries of his observations – his opinion is at least as valid as everybody else’s. And, having actually played the game, his opinion probably has a edge over many of you daily blog “commentators”. After researching and reading a bit on Geno Smith it is clear that some people share Nolan’s opinion and some people don’t. I’ve always been surprised how some otherwise interesting guys can appear as intelligent as apes when they are passionate about their sport. On a side, for those who are looking for more perspective on Nolan… I met Nolan and his wife this weekend and they are wonderful, kind people with friends of all races. Nolan is not self-promoting and listens a lot more than he talks (hmmm… tip for many of you.) Another check point… consider stats… if 69% of the NFL is black then we should expect a similar ratio of good/bad evaluations on black players. It’s not racism folks… time to jump off that band wagon and dig up better arguments. So go ahead and slam me now… if I have one person taking a step back and thinking twice then my post was worth the effort!

  • Darryl Hamlin

    He makes stuff up about Black quarterbacks that make them seem like terrible draft choices. Pretty sure he’s racist.

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