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Pacman Jones Slaps Girl, Is Still Pacman Jones (VIDEO)

Remember when Adam “Pacman” Jones, the Cincinnati Bengals cornerback, had turned a new leaf and left his criminal past behind him for a new, cleaner image? Neither do I.

Jones was charged with assault after slapping a woman on the evening of Wednesday, June 5th at a bar in downtown Cincinnati. As seen in the video below, there is some sort of verbal altercation that occurred before the incident.

Jones approached the girl and they spoke briefly before she held out what appears to be a bottle of beer and began pouring it on Pacman. He became enraged and hit the girl hard enough that she ended up on the ground.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported earlier that the woman and a friend had asked to take a picture with Jones, but he later said that he rejected the offer because he didn’t want his wife to see a picture of him with two women and get the wrong idea.

Jones tweeted this today, presumably in response to the incident:

Below is a video of the incident from a security camera:

[h/t to Dan Gialluca for sending us the video]

  • betty

    Once a thug and woman beater, always a thug and woman beater.

  • Patrick

    Sooo, she thought she was going to throw a beer at him and he wasn’t going to do anything ? She got what she deserved, I bet she won’t be throwing any beers any time soon.

  • betty

    She didnt ‘throw’ anything. She poured a beer on him. Huge difference. So you are saying if a woman pours a drink on you it is ok for you to punch her in the head? Doesn’t say much for you.

  • Gman

    Patrick; let me explain something to your pea brain in terms you can understand… I am sorry but this site does not have crayons for me to use for you… HE is a thug who happens to be an NFL player, regardless of what happened in those seconds as a MAN (and its clear this sorry excuse for a human being, clearly is not) YOU never put your hands on a woman….now please pull your dumb pants up and learn to be a man and stop imitating or defending thugs.

  • bryce

    Human being threatens you with perceived bodily harm… React accordingly!!!

  • jayson taylor

    betty, u r stupid! if u pour beer on me, i will slap u as well. stop being so ignorant. I do agree pacman has to learn to avoid these situations.

  • jayson taylor

    Gman, let me explain something to your little pea brain: if you are stupid enough to pour beer on a “thug,” then you deserve to have your face slapped. She is lucky that’s all she got. So stop being a little prick. It’s never good to hit a woman, but if you are gonna be a woman stupid enough to pour beer on a gangsta, then something is wrong your brain. Maybe you and the stupid broad share something in common. It seems like it. Probably should’ve been your face that got slapped.

  • jayson taylor

    lol. true. i’m not a pacman supporter. Tired of hearing his name. But after watching the video, I just thought it was stupid for someone to pour beer on someone with pacman’s temperament. Just foolish. But he probably should’ve restrained himself because his public image is already bad enough. But the woman got what she deserved.

  • betty

    This is why Football is littered with rapist and women beaters.

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