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Pushgate? The Patriots Got Screwed On Their Game-Ending Penalty Yesterday Because Bill Belichick Was Trying To Cheat (Again)

I assume you saw the finish of the New York Jets overtime win over the New England Patriots. In case you missed it, Jets kicker Nick Folk missed a field goal that would’ve given the Pats the ball in excellent field position in OT, but an obscure, new penalty was called on the Patriots. The Jets got 15 yards and a first down, and soon won the game.

Patriots defensive tackle Chris Jones was flagged for pushing a teammate into the offensive formation during the attempt. The unsportsmanlike conduct foul — put into effect this season — was accurately enforced, but will draw heavy scrutiny in the hours and days to come.

That’s what happened. A weird, new penalty was called correctly, and the Patriots got screwed. End of story.

Except that it’s not. Via NFL.com reporter Albert Breer and “his buddies :@GreshandZo and @scottzolak“:

There ya go. The puppeteer of Spygate tried to skirt the rules, again. Pushgate, we’ll call it.

And believe it or not, there’s a conspiracy theory out there that the NFL changed the rule after calling it on the Patriots. That the NFL is rigged, just like the NBA. This explains:

So, there’s no conspiracy. That article points to an NFL.com story, not the NFL rulebook, which correctly had the rule as intended, after the pre-season modification. Simple.

But there is another little conspiracy here, Belichick trying to skirt the rules, and Rex Ryan and the NFL calling him out on it. And screwing him in the end. It’s not completely verified, but it appears logical.

It’s wonderful karma, and as a Jets fan, I will add another asterisk to the imaginary Bill Belichick plaque in the imaginary Football Hall-of-Fame located in my imaginary mansion because I’m just a poor sports blogger who cannot afford such luxuries.

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  • chris

    If its true that the jets tipped the refs off about the potential flag then thats a brilliant move by them. While I personally didnt know the new rule (neither did 99% of the country) players and especially coaches in the nfl sure as hell should have, its their job

  • Deano

    Burt breer is a dink. So annoying.

  • Anonymous

    The game was fixed so the AFC east wouldn’t become irrelevant with 10 weeks left in the season.
    Just look at the Jets pushing on the Pats field goal that tied the game.
    The Jets player even ran in from the second level and the DL he pushed went flying into the Pats Long snapper.
    Two officials were looking directly at the play and didn’t even flinch.

  • Anonymous

    It must be so frustrating to pats fans that no one counts any of their 3 superbowls anymore. The superbowls will forever have an asterisk next to them and there isn’t anything the pats fans can do about it. This just shows that even 5 years after spygate the patriots are still trying to cheat. How low does your self esteem have to be to resort to cheating to win? Sad.

    In 50 years people won’t be talking about any kind of patriots dynasty, but they’ll be arguing over the cheating scandal and whether the superbowls really count. The titles will never be legitimate.

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