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PETA To Redskins: Keep Name, Change Logo To A Potato

While the concept isn’t new, this is the first time we’ve seen a graphic of what the new logo might look like. Yep. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is proposing that the Washington Redskins keep their name, but change the logo to reflect the redskin potato as the team’s new mascot. Seems reasonable to me.

From PETA.org:

The redskin potato would be a noble mascot for a variety of reasons. Potatoes are also native Americans, having been cultivated in Peru for millennia. A tasty, versatile, animal- and environmentally friendly vegan staple, potatoes are now the most popular vegetable in the U.S. They are loaded with nutrients, including iron, potassium, vitamin C, fiber, and even protein, and red potatoes in particular are high in antioxidants. (Take that, Cheeseheads.)

Kudos, anyway, to PETA for recognizing that “America” also includes South and Central America. Many people forget that.

Meanwhile, political columnist Charles Krauthammer came out in favor of changing the name, offering one of the most clear-headed arguments on the subject I have seen. Exceprt:

“Words have histories of their own, and they evolve. The word Negro, 50 years ago, was the most respected word in referring to an African American. It was used 15 times by Martin Luther King in the I Have a Dream speech. Fifty years later, because of its own history, having to do with Black Power and a complicated history, it’s become a word that is patronizing. You would never say there are 30 Negroes in the U.S. House. You wouldn’t say that.

“In the same way, Redskins has evolved,” Krauthammer continued. “And despite its history, it is now considered a slur. Growing up, I used to use the word gyp. I never knew until I became an adult that it was a shortening of Gypsy. And I didn’t take a poll of Gypsies at that point to see how many are offended. I stopped using it. It’s very easy to do. It has nothing to do with the sensitivities of a mass of people. It has to do with simple, elementary respect. You don’t use that word if you can avoid it.”

He’s right. I myself am trying to stop using the word “douchebag” in place of “Donald Trump”. It’s not easy, but the fight continues.

  • bc puckett

    Tony Kornheiser suggested this exact thing on his radio show about ten years ago proving once again PETA is on the cutting edge of an issue.

  • Seahawk

    It’s funny as hell. And whether you agree with their methods or beliefs, they are on the cutting edge of many issues, issues no one else will address.

  • Bobby Bennett

    haha nice. I don’t agree PETA on just about anything but this a very witty answer to this question. I Don’t think they should change the name but im seriously getting tired of hearing about it.

  • johnkay

    that’s badass

  • alk

    Oh PETA …

  • tarantulady

    Does this mean PETA thinks native americans are animals?


    Real Brother here read my blog on the subject but I say keep the name lose the Racism. Cowboys scalped Indians gave them diseases later ushered in Slavery of six generations of Africans. Patriots just shutdown the Govt. are shooting up Batman movies & want to Impeach the President because he’s Black. Keep the name lose the Racist & Ethnic Racism.


  • Kisai

    This is actually silly enough to giggle at (I don’t expect it to be taken seriously,) usually I just frown when I see PETA things. I suppose a more logical change would to change it to a Red Apple, since those are actually grown in Washington State and is actually the 3rd link in Google when you type Washington Reds.

  • Anonymous

    Hate to break it to you but your apple idea won’t work since the Washington Redskins play in Washington DC not the state

  • Anonymous

    well then I guess they would have to move the team to Washington State then too. Lol..

  • Anonymous

    but seriously, since the Redskins are DC’s team, they should be more appropriately named something like the “Cornholes” or “Clusterf*cks”. Seems more fitting.

  • q q


  • q q

    You think potatoes are animals?

  • Niinana Kweku

    PETA makes me sick they seem to have lots of love for animals but no consideration for the human species. redskins is a negative term describing the native American people no matter how PETA dresses it up.

  • tarantulady

    I can’t tell if you’re serious or not.

  • Guest

    I thought PETA was actually being clever and snarky for once, but after reading the blog on their website, I’m not sure it’s a joke anymore…

  • Jeff

    That’s dumb. Would you cheer for the hometown Potatoes? That’s what I thought.

  • Rebel Resurrected

    LMAO Douchebag in place of Donald Trump … lol … nice :D

  • Doug V-t Weibvozz

    There is a team called the Nebraska Cornhuskers…

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