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Here’s A Pie Chart Of How Little Actual Football There Is In A Televised NFL Game

You’ve probably heard some stats about how little football you get to watch in an NFL game… but you probably haven’t seen it in pie-chart form, and pie charts tell all. Pie charts are like pizzas you can’t eat.

Even pastors think NFL > church.

Damn. So, basically, you’ve got a combined ~5 slices of standing around and commercials, a slice and a half of crowd/coach/cheerleader shots, less than a slice of replays… and then there is literally not even half of a slice of game play.

Apparently football is not like pizza, because if someone brought you a tasty pie every Sunday but you couldn’t even eat half a slice, I think you’d tell that person to fuck off.

(Fuck off, Roger Goodell.)


  • me3forlife

    This doesn’t make any sense. Obviously there is more than 11 minutes of gameplay shown in a game because even with everything else there is still 60 minutes of gameplay and every down is shown on TV.

  • Ryan

    do this for baseball

  • Ben

    Not true. If a run play lasts 3 seconds, then there could be an additional 40 seconds that runs off the clock before the ball is snapped again.

  • BuddyLuv

    He’s talking about when the ball is snapped, until the whistle blows to end the play. Game time continues to count down once the ball is spotted and the teams are still huddling up.

  • Peter

    That’s what I thought too, but you have to remember that between plays (or downs), the clock is still ticking. The pie-chart makes up for the other 49 minutes by explaining that the camera is showing crowd, cheerleaders, and replays WHILE game time is still ongoing.

  • Joe

    Bro, the clock doesn’t stop after every play.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Yup, you got it.

  • Anonymous


  • Andy Freed

    That seems about right, based on averages… I watched a Eagles game earlier in the year with a stopwatch and got a total of 18 min 39 sec of ball time…

  • Anonymous

    There is still an hour of football played every game, plus halftime, plus all time-outs (including allowed per half, 2 minute warning, and automatic review of every TD/interception). The commercial time is exaggerated, and it is actually more balanced toward the regulation 15-20 minutes of commercials per hour of tv that occurs with pretty much every basic cable show. There are more commercial breaks, but they last half as long as regular commercial breaks in a show.

    So, it’s all much ado about nothing but people trying to pick on American culture.

  • Beverly Hughes Savage

    Wow! You reduce anything you don’t want to hear to an attack on American culture. It’s real simple: the ball is in play for only about 11 minutes, which is worse than studies done years ago when it was 13 minutes (thanks to 40 sec. clock). The rest of the 60 minutes the clock is running without play. But since the clock is stopped most of the time a game is stretched out to well over 3 hours. And you state that commercial time is exaggerated (without evidence) but state that there are 15-20 minutes of commercials per hour. Well, 20min/hr for a 3hr 11min game is about 63 minutes!!! Now, no one is going to stop watching, and it is not an attack on America, just simple facts.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a bold statement to gather from reading a simple post. It’s quite ridiculous to get all riled up about an opinion, too.

    Simply stated, a game is an hour long, with no time outs, no kick-offs, and no halftime. This chart is incorrect, and yes it is an attempt to pick on American culture.

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