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What It’s Like To Have The Most Unfortunate Name Ever

It’s tough when you share a name with the most hated person in the country. Just ask Gerry Sandusky, longtime radio announcer for the Ravens and one of Baltimore’s most popular local sportscasters, whose name sounds exactly like Jerry Sandusky’s, the former Penn State assistant coach who faces 40 counts of sexually abusing children.

In the past two weeks, Gerry estimates that he’s gotten “a thousand” new Twitter followers. As you would expect, most of those new followers assume he’s Jerry Sandusky, and have taken to shaking their heads at him in disgust, asking him if he’s the guy who sexually assaults kids in the shower, and making jokes about the rough time he’s going to have in jail. Not surprisingly, Gerry’s Twitter feed has essentially turned into him telling people he’s not that guy.

Somehow, being mistaken for Jerry Sandusky multiple times a day has not caused Gerry to lose his mind. And amazingly, it hasn’t stopped him from being a gentleman, either — he recently told Esquire he hopes to handle this as “elegantly” as he can, and that by showing humor in this tough situation, he can “be a light for someone with far more serious problems.”

Also, he’s thankful to his late mom for using a “G” to spell his first name.

Photo via Keith Allison, h/t Reddit

  • http://www.sportsreviews.com Brandon Williams

    That would definitely become a burden. Constantly having to correct people in order to prove you’re not ‘THAT’ guy? I feel bad for him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jj-Wisniewski/100002654075475 Jj Wisniewski

    I live North of Baltimore and met Gerry many times during sporting events in Baltimore. He’s WBAL TVs sports director, a nice guy with a family.  He recently had a local interview informing viewers that there is no relationship between the pedifile and himself. But, when he goes out on the road and interviews opposing teams, people look at him funny when he introduces himself and gets the cold shoulder.

  • http://mediamatters.org/ Leedog

    Gerry should consider using the first initial of his middle name to have it sound different than the pervert’s name!!

  • Anonymous

    tommy christopher should do the same

  • http://mediamatters.org/ Leedog

    Listen, if you really want to get back in the game… you need to come back!!

    It’s like all the action is on planet Earth and you’re on Pluto…. so, come back to Earth!!

    Stop worrying about your pride… no one will care!!

    People probably don’t even know your were banned… make knew account and use your old name again like “Michelle” does!!

  • Ftheaclu

    That’s nothing. What about all the poor people who are unfortunately named after the biggest war criminal in history, the man who started several illegal wars that led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of women, children, minorities, and gays, whic I am sure was a nice bonus to him in addition to sending people to die while killing innocent civilians in order to raise the Halliburton and Big Oil stock prices, while his party now tells everyone the blame the black President because those people are always at fault. Imagine if your name was George Bush.

  • Anonymous

    Its a shame President Obama can’t immediately end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and immediately close down Guantonimo Bay.  If only the President of the United States were in charge of the military, all of these horrible things started by President Bush could be ended with the snap of a finger.

    Its also a good thing that we don’t now have a president who unilatterally decides to enter a foreign conflict without the near unanimous consent of Congress, as was had in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    And its also a good thing that we don’t now have a President who is bombing US citizens from the air for alleged crimes without the headache of providing due process of law.  Now, THAT would be a crime.

  • Samiam

    It is a shame….but don’t blame Obama.  The Republicans like Peter King and others blocked attempts to close Guantanamo.  The Republican president ( yes the war monger ) lied to Congress which was the reason the Democrats went along with the war.  Funny how it’s okay with Republicans to kill foreign terrorists but not okay to kill a domestic terrorist.  gk123 you’re pitiful.

  • http://twitter.com/heinrich66 Anarias Mendt

    This reminds me of what happened in the ’70s to that Swiss Olympian, Hadoff Itler.

  • Anonymous

    I thought for sure his name was going to be Mike Hunt.

  • Jack Ripper

    I think this article is really insensitive.

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