Prediction: Tom Brady’s Pony Tail Will Cause A Media Firestorm (PHOTOS)

  • Brad Cohen

The never-sleeping machine that is sports media spent nearly all of 2010 talking about Tom Brady‘s hair—a ‘do that inspired Bill Simmons to write “A few weeks ago, all Patriots fans made a pact to pretend that Brady’s 2010 hairdo isn’t happening. We’re going to ignore it completely.”

Well, now it’s 2011, and… the exact same thing is probably going to happen. The Patriots quarterback was spotted in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday sporting a ponytail alongside Gisele, and the new style will surely make it onto the last few minutes of PTI today. From there, it will inevitably snowball, until it is a legitimate news story.

Yes, welcome to the 2011 offseason, where the biggest matter of debate besides the lockout is sure to be Brady’s hair. Although, to be honest, maybe Brady’s Samurai style will provide us a much-needed reprieve from all of this nasty lockout talk.

Here are some photos. Acquaint yourselves with these images now, for they will soon dominate the news cycle (that domination, thanks to takes like this one from SB Nation’s Spencer Hall, is already beginning).