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Ignore Concussions, Says Hilarious Radio Caller Who Is Solving Terrorism By Banning Books And Requiring Kids To Play Football

This might be the greatest sports-radio caller of all time. Really. Jimmy from Elmwood Park, denier of all head trauma and concussions in football, bullying advocate, and brilliant mind who solved all bombings and terrorism by realizing they’re all caused by books. A damn genius and American hero.

You ever heard a better call than that? Please share, if so.


  • Ted Tidwell

    The caller is an idiot but the host is pulling anecdotal evidence out of his ass

    Hockey head trauma good, Football head trauma bad?

    Conclusion from a 2000 study from Washington University School of Medicine.

    “Peak accelerations as measured at the surface of the head were 160 to 180% greater from heading a soccer ball than from routine (noninjurious) impacts during hockey or football, respectively. The effect of cumulative impacts at this level may lead to neurologic sequelae”

    FYI the study also cited that hockey was also ranked above football, with regards to risking head injury from a peak impact head trauma.


    In all sports you risk injury.

  • Anonymous

    Jimmy is a complete moron and possible closet poof. He was never able to play football because he was too small, weak or girly so he’s living vicariously through his kid, possibly bullying the kid and encouraging the kid to bully others.

  • jennywelfare

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  • Anonymous

    the hockey comment was certainly ridiculous, but the rest of his discourse was pretty good

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