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Should The Stop That Won The Ravens The Super Bowl Have Been Defensive Holding?

The Baltimore Ravens are Super Bowl XLVII champions, prevailing 34-31 over the 49ers after a furious San Francisco rally ultimately fell short. And it fell short thanks to a Ravens stop on 4th and goal with less than two minutes left. Big play, clutch defense… or cheating? While of course just about any penalty is less likely to be called at so pivotal a moment… well, there was plenty of contact. See for yourself:

Jim Harbaugh certainly thought a call should have been made… then again, on the Jim Harbaugh reaction scale, this one hardly rates. If that’s all he can muster, maybe it really was a good no-call. Then again… there was a lot of contact there. Let us know: should that have been defensive holding? (And while you’re at it, let us know if you’re a 49ers or Ravens fan, so we can properly contextualize your opinion.) And either way, congrats to the Ravens.

  • Tom

    You could argue the ball was uncatchable, but I thought he was being held.I had money on the Ravens so it was good for me, but I think it was a hold.

  • Tone Ranger

    Uncatchable doesn’t matter for defensive holding, just PI

  • Mike

    If he hadn’t of been held the ball would have been catchable.

  • Carl

    Crabtree was also pushing off so I think the refs made the right “non-call”

  • Hank

    Seriously, how can you not see the hold the entire time. Receiver runs up to defensive back, receiver wants to move away but CANNOT BECAUSE HE’S BEING HELD. Is it that hard to realize? Just like the two point conversion. No off sides. How the hell can those line backers get to the QB that fast without being off sides. I’m done watching the Super Bowl because of stupid refs.

  • http://twitter.com/bulldogmi DaveWatson-bulldogmi

    It was a hold. They called a very similar foul again Culliver earlier in the game.

  • Geodude29907

    Uncatchable was never mentioned, Dolphins fan here and I think it was a good no call. Both players were hand slapping and fighting for position.

  • http://www.facebook.com/josh.gantt1 Josh Badger Gantt

    CRABTREE PUSHED OFF SMITHS HELMET AFTER THE 5 yard mark. had crabtree not pushed off it would have been called but both players fouled it was an uncatchable ball and a good no call, and you know how they got that sack well the 49ers only had 5 blocking and everyone spread out, Baltimore blitzed 7 do the math 7-5 equal s two uncovered players coming at the quarterback

  • http://www.facebook.com/josh.gantt1 Josh Badger Gantt


  • http://www.facebook.com/josh.gantt1 Josh Badger Gantt

    it dosent matter yes but it sure as h ell plays a pivitoal role

  • http://twitter.com/Gary333 Gary Lee

    It was uncatchable because he was held and had no chance to get to the corner.

  • http://twitter.com/Gary333 Gary Lee

    But only one was grabbing on to Crabs jersey…

  • Renegade_CDR

    “uncatchable” DOES NOT matter in defensive holding.. that only comes into play with defensive pass interference. learn the rules before you guys post ignorant comments. If it’s a penalty for the first 58 minutes it should be called within the last 2 min. NFL needs to fix their “officiating philosophy”

  • Brian Robertson

    So, you’re saying a receiver is unable to catch a ball only slightly out of bounds while keeping his feet in bounds? I was unaware Crabtree was the first paraplegic receiver.

  • niners-fan-since-birth

    so only call holding on a pivotal play? They weren’t calling that type of contact the entire game. Torrey smith was getting mugged. Anquan Boldin was clearly mugged. Dennis pitta was hit before the ball arrived that he couldn’t catch. The Niner’s offensive line was tackling the rushers. and it was not a hold for the first 5 yards- as that is allowed- but once they crossed the goal line the defender had to begin to break off and appears to have started to when crabtree began pushing him off- also a penalty. it could have been a penalty on both players. good thing you clown’s aren’t referees. I am a Niners fan but even I don’t like whiny babies crying after their team loses.

    I think hackers in silicon valley shut down the power after the touchdown kickoff runback. The power outage absolutely changed the momentum of the game and gave San Francisco and additional 34 minuets of halftime to game plan.If the power hadn’t have gone out the momentum of the Ravens would have made it 45 – 13.

  • RocknRolla

    You can’t use both hands wrapped around a receiver and grab a fistful of jersey impeding his progress. That’s just common sense. There would be no outrage if the call was made, there is tons as a result of the no call. Niners got jacked, refs blew it, it’s a real black eye for officiating.

  • Dennis

    While this is true, you misinterpret the rule. Defensive Holding is not an eligible penalty if the ball is in the air and the offensive player in question is an eligible receiver. The only eligible penalties are DPI (under which any of the actions that would constitute defensive holding would also constitute PI) and OPI. Thus, if the ball is uncatchable, it is no flag.

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