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Richard Sherman Hit With $7,875 Fine For Taunting, Makes Close To $5 Million In Endorsements From Fallout

While everyone else zigs in post game interviews, Richard Sherman zags — and now he’s a household name and the biggest story leading into a Super Bowl game that could cement Peyton Manning’s legacy as the greatest quarterback of all time. It was a passionate moment of unparalleled social significance in the 2014 season. Passion he was fined $7,875 for, that will also net him an estimated $5 million in endorsement deals.

He’ll reap the rewards this offseason, when marketing execs are expected to harass him like the only girl at sleep away camp.

[CNN Money] Sherman’s agent, Jamie Fritz, told CNNMoney that interest in his clients has boomed since the remarks. While Sherman’s current endorsements amount to just a bit more than his $550,000 NFL salary, Fritz believes there are millions in deals that will be signed soon, — some before the Super Bowl is played Feb. 2.

“We have some new players who have come to the table who are starting the conversation,” Fritz said.
The remarks caused an immediate sensation — positive and negative — in social media and on sports talk radio, among fans accustomed to bland comments from winning players.

As a non-skill position player (at least that’s the popular conception of cornerbacks), it’s particularly difficult to gain any notoriety, seeing as a good CB never gets a chance to make plays because opposing quarterbacks avoid his side of the field. Sherman has broken the mold by not only being extremely good at his job, but rising to the occasion in the deciding moment of this year’s NFC Championship, making news headlines with his unorthodox swaggy outburst, then debunking peoples’ perceptions of what/who he is.

Plus he’s already under contract with Beats headphones, and shown he can act in the TV spot they ran during last weeks games (a commercial which we parodied on Monday).


  • msf

    Good for him. The reaction to his interview was insane. I could not believe it at all. I hope this man kills it with endorsement money. Most of these idiots freaking out about a football player raising his voice had never even heard of Richard Sherman. Good ole Roger pounced on it with a stupid ass fine. What a wonderful world it would be if the NFLPA could vote to fine Goodell. Instead, he’ll make his 20-some-odd million a year while pushing out dumb fines as he continues to ruin the NFL.

  • Tarik

    what happened to raw emotion? ITS okay for godaddy.com to have half naked chicks spray themselves with water hoses all the while soap suds are running down their scantly clad busty bodies, BUT the world goes into an uproar when a professional athlete in the heat of the moment speaks his damn mind!!?? A man whos been doubted and looked over since entering the league and has now taken the NFL by storm, made a game winning play then with raw emotions and adrenaline running through his veins makes a comment about how HE FEELS! Its funny how that nobody knew Richard Sherman before his so called “rant” This guys been the best CB in the league for the past 3 years!! He has 20 picks in his first THREE SEASONS!! But it takes him speaking his mind public after a big win for people to know him. America loves drama and controversy!! SMFH.. GODADDY.COM =)

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