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Louisville’s Rick Pitino Urges “All You Atheists Out There” To Watch Tim Tebow

Everyone has an opinion on Tim Tebow. That’s what makes him so compelling (well, besides that every one of his team’s games comes down to the last possession). You ask someone about Tebow, you’re getting an impassioned response one way or the other – one that will either delight or enrage. The latest to weigh in with an interesting take on the divisive Broncos quarterback? Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino on his radio show, for some reason:

“All you atheists out there, watch Tim Tebow and you’ll believe. … You watch him out there, and he can’t complete a pass. Then, Jesus comes out of the sky, and he’s hitting everything.”

We couldn’t help but wonder: was it a joke? Eric Crawford of the Louisville Courier-Journal seemed to think so. And it seems so crazy that…what can it be but a joke? “Jesus comes out of the sky”? No. Pitino couldn’t mean it. As absolutely amazing as it would be if he really did think Tebow’s fourth-quarter magic could make Penn Jillette hit his knees every night, he couldn’t mean it.

But really, whether or not Pitino was joking doesn’t even matter. The big thing here: Tim Tebow is so big that Rick Pitino is getting asked about him. How did we even get to the point where Pitino’s opinion on Tebow is actually sought-after…and apparently, with good reason? It may be our favorite illustration yet of just what a phenomenon Tebow is. No one can escape him. Everyone, at all times, is at risk of being asked their opinion, even if you coach at the college level in a different sport in a different part of the country. For as long as the Broncos keep winning, Tebow transcends all.

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  • Anonymous

    Tim Tebow = Robert Johnson

  • Skeeve

    I’m sure all the starving children in Africa are happy that Jesus is helping Tebow.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LDO6LIQBI2JQ4Q5MWLWBKGKSJY bensanity

    What a pessimistic way to look at the world. Jesus helps everyone who truly believes in him! If you’re having trouble figuring out your life and why things are the way they are, you should give Christ a chance. 83% of Americans self identified as Christian in a recent Pew poll. But don’t do it because it’s “the cool thing to do” (even though the media & many liberal cities mock it incessantly). Do it for the sake of your soul brother.

  • mkporter

    how’s that persecution complex coming along?

  • Blucat

    We know the Bible tells us God loves us so much He sent His Son Jesus to die on a cross for our sins. Eternity is there for the asking. We cannot buy it, we cannot work to earn it, we cannot be good enough, we simply ask Jesus to forgive our sins and be Lord of our life and follow Him.

  • just a thought

    when will Christians accept the fact that the Earth is not flat, it’s not in the center of the universe (let alone the center of our galaxy), and that they have to share it with the rest of us?the answer: never.  Christians…and most extreme religious nuts…are weak, closed-minded, and inable to make decisions on their own.
    i’ll be very happy when Tebow is back to brain-washing children in the 3rd world with his Jesus-voodoo and not giving American Christians some pathetic propaganda that their god exists.  if god doesn’t exist…Christians have nothing to live for.  that’s a really sad way to go thru life.

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