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Rick Reilly Basically Calls His Father-In-Law A Liar, Then Says ‘Bob And I Are Good’

In other words: “Sorry dad, but you’ll have to go under this bus for awhile, until this thing blows over.”

Responding to the tumult over the he-said-he-said of his Washington “Redskins” column, Rick Reilly has responded to accusations by his Native American father-in-law that the latter was misquoted in the column. Here’s the backstory. Reilly just now on Twitter:

From Twitlonger:

While I stand by the reporting in my Sept. 18 column about the Washington Redskins nickname controversy, and felt I accurately quoted my father-in-law in the piece, clearly he feels differently. This is an incredibly sensitive issue, and Bob felt he had more to say on the subject after that column was posted on ESPN.com. We’ve spoken and cleared this up. I admire Bob and respect his opinions, and he’s welcome to express them. Bob and I are good and I’m looking forward to my next steak with him.

My guess on what actually happened:

REILLY: “Hey, you almost got me fired. And if that happens your wife has to give back her new car and a lot of the jewelry. So cool it. And in case ESPN calls, say it was all a misunderstanding.”

BURNS: “You’re a dick. But OK.”

Otherwise, it’s Reilly calling his father-in-law a liar … or indicating that the guy is too senile to remember what he said about a hot-button topic about his own people.

Also that he can be bought off with a steak dinner. And waiter, don’t forget the weak sauce with that steak. And bring a side of sad, everlasting regret.

  • CCBanks

    Like most racist scum O’Reilly, er…REILLY has no problem LYING HIS AZZ OFF to DISMISS the concerns of minorities. It’s like Sean Hannity/Limbaugh/Bill O’Reilly wondering why THEY can’t use the N-WORD, after all some rapper with a third grade education uses it so what’s the problem. Or in Limbaugh’s case he took his “oK” from Rachael Jenteal the unfortunately impaired witness in the Trayon Martin murder case!

    Even if Reilly didn’t understand all of the words that came out of his Father in law’s mouth, HAVE YOU READ BOB BURN’S REBUTTAL????? This is one of the most PASSIONATE, INFORMED understanding of history as it relates to the Blackfoot Indians THAT I’VE EVER READ. And there is NO F-ING WAY, that Reilly didn’t know that Bob Burns OPPOSED the use of the name “Redskins”. THAT is the most DISTURBING thing about this, the BLATANT LYING.

    I realize they’ll be Drudge Report/Limbaugh sc.um on here in a moment trying to defend the racism here, but sheesh. There is NO WAY to have mistaken the feelings of the man who wrote that editorial, (BOB BURNS).

    Reilly should be FIRED for LYING.

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