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Did Rob Gronkowski Hook Up With A 16-Year-Old Girl In Aruba?

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski recently took a trip to Aruba, a trip that has been filled with sunny days taking pictures with Spring Breakers and boozy nights at Señor Frog’s… also taking pictures with Spring Breakers.

This makes sense, because Rob Gronkowski a) is known for being a bit of a party boy, b) is coming off an insanely successful year professionally, and c) is 22 years old. So if you put Gronk, right at this moment in his life, in Aruba, during Spring Break, around a lot of young women, you will get plenty of photos like the one you see on the left.

There’s a potential problem with that photo, though. According to Busted Coverage, one of the girls in it might be only 16 years old. She also, according to a friend, “hooked up” with the Patriots tight end.

When Busted Coverage first reported on the photo above, it seemed like just another “Gronk is Kissed By Girls” photo. It was tweeted out by a young woman from Scituate, Massachusetts, who also tweeted the following:

I just hooked up with gronks brother and [my friend] hookedup with gronk ….. life complete

When someone replied, “no fucking way,” she said this:

yuppppppp we got proof

After the claims of hooking up with Gronk were made, a friend of the young woman’s (who we’re guessing is now a former friend of the young woman’s) posted a photo, allegedly of a photo ID belonging to the girl on the left. According to that photo ID, she’s 16.

Now, it’s entirely possible that Rob Gronkowski’s interaction with this 16-year-old started and ended with a photograph of him pantomiming cunnilingus — younger folks have been known to exaggerate things when they’re passing Spring Break stories back to their classmates electronically. Also, what exactly constitues a “hook up” changes from teenage cluster to teenage cluster, and what might mean “making out” to a group of kids in Des Moines might mean something entirely different to a group of kids in Brooklyn. It’s also entirely possible that Gronkowski simply assumed that the young girls that he was taking a photo with were 18, since they were in a bar with him at the time.

One final note, which makes me queasy to even write: the age of consent in Aruba is 16. Even if something did happen, it wouldn’t be illegal. Again: a shitty, shitty thing to have to note, and something that wouldn’t come close to making that okay.

The tweets have since been deleted. And if Rob Gronkowski really did hook up with a 16-year-old, in any capacity, this won’t be the last time we hear about this story.

[Busted Coverage]

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BOVGSJTBPYXEE5CBYYD2OJS6FI Jon

    Let’s hope that Gronk doesn’t vacation in Mexico anytime soon. 

  • Joe

    16 years old is also the age of consent in most of the United States and it should be. Why can’t 16 year old decide whether or not they want to have sex? Don’t get it. Stop repressing sex, U.S.

  • Blondepatsfan87

    Jesus, Rob, don’t blow a Hall of Fame career for a cheap piece of tail.  BE CAREFUL!  And Gordie, Dude, you are seriously old enough to know better!

  • Joe

    I read a story last week about him being with a man now this what is wrong with this guy

  • http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/tips/rip-dvd-to-mkv.html Jason Howard

    he is crazy, wow, I admire him very much. 

  • Innerturmoil1

    Cut the sh*t! If you meet a girl at a bar, and it turns out she is 16… how is that your fault? Obviously the girls must have fake I.D.s to get in there or they are not doing their job carding under age minors. Either way I would say that they should be held liable if anyone. If you go to a This is such B.S.  Whats to say she didn’t tell him she was older and provide fake I.D. to him?  What was the little tramp doing in a bar at 16 anyway? What kind of parent lets their 16 year old run around unattended at spring break? Perhaps they should be held liable as well. She is not a local people… “Mom, Dad, could I like, have like $50 so i could go to ugh… the Library to study? Who can concentrate with all this sex ugh… partying.. ugh I mean noise going on… Aruba is just so noisy!” “Sure sweety.. here ya go!” Get real! Parents be responsible for your kids and make them accountable for their actions. Gronkinator was duped… this is no more his fault than it is the fault of the guy who chose Pepsi over Coke in a blind taste test… someone tells you that something and it turns out to be something else, how is it your fault? This isn’t jsut the Hall of Fame.. This is serious criminal charges! Sex Ofender status becuase he was misled… To be in a bar you must be (not sure of the laws in Aruba but would assume at least 18) Its not his fault she is a lieing little tramp, running around tossing her a$$ out like candy at a parade… Donkey Punch Gronk?

  • Immortalsanchez

    yes the age of consent being 16 in such third world countries as aruba, and great britain is”disgusting” oh and lets not forget such 3rd world countries as brazil, most of australia, and MOST of the US… idiot

  • Adrian Khan

    What happens in your trailer is your business.But it was Aruba dummy,not America.

  • Davidlynch1983

    heck massachusetts the legal age is 16 which is where the girls are from

  • NC

    My issue is entirely different than everybody else’s….He probably thought that they were over 18 since they were there on spring break at a bar…. 

    Here is my issue – Have these girls’ parents not heard of Natalee Holloway?  Why on earth would you let your 16 year old daughters go to Aruba for spring break?  For that matter, why would any parent let any 16 year old kid go someplace by themselves for spring break?  That is just asking for problems.

  • Guest

    So stupid. 
    I love that they’re focusing on her being 16, and not the fact that she
    was 16 and in ARUBA with no parental guidance… clearly getting hammered… this
    is no “16 year old” by  my book.   If you’re assumed old enough to be at a bar
    drinking and partying, you’re probably assumed old enough to willingly choose
    to “hook up” with anyone partying there.. whatever that means.  So what that it was Rob G, anyone who has been
    to spring break before knows this stuff happens all the time.  In your single days, did you ID everyone you
    met at a bar?  Probably not.  You just assumed the bouncer at the door did
    their job.

  • Guest

    Clearly most of you have not been anywhere on Spring Break. Most of these places; Mexico, Caribbean, etc., especially during spring break are lax about ID checking and age-enforcement. Some of the hotels issue wristbands which are used to identify over 18, which then clubs in the resort or within the local area check just like ID. It’s very easy to snag one from an older friend and wear it on your own wrist. Plus, most of you are way to upset about HOW IS A 16 YEAR OLD IN A BAR! THIS IS CLEARLY NOT HIS FAULT CAUSE SOMEONE ELSE SHOULD BE CHECKING IDS!

    Personal responsibility man. Which should go doubly for someone in the public eye who is a role model.

    All that being said, I’d bang a 16 year old if it was legal.

  • Djkolbe

    And like in many United States, that age of consent in Aruba is 16, making this a non store.  Fuck-tard

  • Anonymous

    God, I hope so. So Bro-Worthy.

  • justsayin’

    No one gonna comment on the fact that this “hook up”, assuming that means sex for the time being, was more than likely under the effects of alcohol. If she is drunk she cannot give consent. If she cannot give consent, she was raped. 

    The rape culture is alive and well…

  • Pswic71667

    Nice job mom and dad. Raising a real wh0re there.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VYUZ2TYPYHYG5HR74GN6Z5KXBQ Ann

    No age gap is too wide if you both feel so right.We don’t care

    about the social “norm” but chemistry. Many couples with age

    gap work out fine and get alone splendidly. We celebrate the

    ~~Agelessmeet .COM ~~

    which achieved tremendous success bringing couples together!

  • what are you smokin?

     rapped?  and then bragged about it on twitter?  then said, “life complete.”  what’s wrong with this girl?

  • bonzi66

    I guess Gronk is as good at catching STD’s as he is at catching TD’s.

  • http://twitter.com/MisterImmortal James Baxter

    Would that be ‘Ron Mexico’?

  • Chrisjenkins

    I went to elementary school with that girl that does not seem at all like the kid I knew

  • Guest

    Dude I’m in high school and when high school kids say hooking up it just means making out

  • http://twitter.com/Hersheysquirtle Hugh G. Dick

    She looks like a total slutbag, if she wants to grab the gronk-a-donk more power to her. You people sound like a bunch of catholic priests who frown upon sex with willing females but love nothing more than telling a small boy you can forgive his sins if he tastes the “juice of the lord”.

  • jack sprat

     My, those are lovely Birkenstocks you’re wearing, dear.

    In any case, (1) the age of consent in Aruba is 15, not 16; (2) which makes no never mind, because American citizens abroad can be prosecuted in the U.S. for having sex with anyone under the age of 16, anywhere, under Federal law; (3) I very much doubt that Aruba has the gynocentric laws which have become all the rage in many of our States. (People get drunk IN ORDER TO GET THEMSELVES LAID.)

  • jack sprat

     Yo, ECHELON!! Check “Ann” out for “her” NAMBLA card.

  • jack sprat

     I went to HS with Madonna. No kidding. (I would have slept with her then, before she gave her soul to Satan.)

  • jack sprat

     That picture…that screen name.

    Overcompensating any?

  • Quaqmire

    your a loser

  • Quagmire


  • Chrisjenkins832

    If that’s true, great story. If its not, no need to be sarcastic I really do know the girl

  • giant rule

    all of you must be rapatriots fans cause sounds to me like he should know better role model not jackass yes

  • carlos

    much ado about nothing, age of consent in most of USA is 16, and a  6 yr age gap is not so bad. the formula is the mans age divided by two, and add seven

  • YorickHawkZucker

    Who f**king cares?  Gronk is a Bro King anyway you slice it.  Take your brocism elsewhere and stop hating on the guy who is perhaps the most prolific slam piece slayer of our generation.

  • crymore

    Good for him….enjoy it while it lasts young man!

  • Ryan

    HA! Reply fail!

  • Joe

    Hate to be the one to point this out but 16 is the age of consent in most states in the US. Look it up. 

  • John

    plz read up on your facts. 16 to drink in aruba and 16 to have sex. The way it should be all over the place if you ask me. They didnt need a fake id….

  • John

    3rd world country??? Have you ever been to Aruba? 

  • Johndoe

    It is ok! 16 to drink and to have sex. 

  • Johndoe

    Adrian, you seem to not get it….

  • Johndoe


  • Johndoe

    pretty much the rest of the wordl 16 is the age of consent….

  • Johndoe

    age of consent 16 (30): Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, Washington, West Virginiaage of consent 17 (9): Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Texas, Wyomingage of consent 18 (12): Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, North Dakota, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania

  • Johndoe

    30 states in the us the age of consent is 16yrs old. 9= 17yrs old and 12= 18yrs old…

  • 3iLL

    I guess a trip to Aruba is in your near future.

  • 3iLL

    Gronk knows her better dude.

  • 3iLL

    OMG  If he ever vacation with Big Ben Raplisburger the cops will come knocking…


    great britfhsadfjhsdfJK

  • Jon

    Age of consent in Aruba is actually 15. So he’s fine.

  • Pimp-total90

    you all making Aruba look like the worst place to be, we all know what happens in the States.So stop doing like the States is a place of saints..And he came to Aruba cause he felt his business was going to be kept secret which one of his own country men leaked out.So stop making Aruba look wrong.

  • Pimp-total90

    Say it like it is.

  • Pimp-total90

    Like a said earlier stop making the States look like Saint,cause u and i know it isn’t so and you all know why u are overreacting like that,so don’t even go there.The things that happens in the States everyday is nothing comparing to Aruba and face it.The guy may or may have not know but this happens all over the world so everyone stop this stop the saint playing.

  • AUA

    I like that answer cause i knew he was getting there.1 thing happens in Aruba n Aruba is small you want to condem.I dont say i am for it ,but give Aruba a break ok .When you want ot talk about Aruba people you should look into your own BACK YARD where the killing,raping kidnapping etc happens every day ,look it up and compare to Aruba and see which one stands out more,but you know people are so accustomed of these things happening in the States,it like an every day thing,thats the difference between Aruba and the States,but these things happen everywhere

  • Pimp-total90

    look into your own and you will find a line up and you know it so stop the hating.maybe you yourself is one of them

  • Pimp-total90

    say it like it is ,that’s right.

  • Pimptotal90

    Some people sure hate Aruba ,cause the comment they are making about Aruba may have left a bad taste in their mouth,but they all know they want to put the blame somewhere so what they do blame small Aruba cause it’s convenient.Waw

  • Pulverizer333

    Nothing wrong with getting a little putang.  Every guy loves pussy.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/53VRP2ECIW2DGLYYPCG5Z6AYHQ robert a

    Dan, you are an idiot.  If it were not for the implication of underage sex, which is your only interest in this item, you wold have nothing to write your trite little gossip about. But the fact is that 16 is the age of consent in that jurisdiction, and that is what makes this a non-story.

  • Anonymous

    partying will be this guys downfall

  • Mass1960

    I am actually in Aruba right now and there are many American youngsters in my hotel partying every day and all week since I have been here. Bouncers are not a common thing in Aruba and most places including the hotels don’t ask for an ID unless someone “looks” like they’re ten. No matter where “kids” are, they are usually not capable of making “right” desicions. Knowing how the world is today, letting your “kid” go on a vacation anywhere can result in some kind of problem. Why blame Aruba, Mexico or any country for that matter? In my neighborhood in Mass., kids drink evey weekend and run away when the cops show up. Who do we blame for that? You have kids, its your responsability to raise them as best as you can and this includes giving them realistic advise about drugs, drinking, sex and live. It’s about using common sense when raising your kids. Children dissappear in the US every day because of weirdos, phychos and all the sick minds out there.
    Can you party in Aruba? Yes, but the drinking and stupidity is just the same in my neck of the woods. Does it make the US better or more acceptable because it happens on the “home court”?
    If you never been to these countries, don’t just shoot your mouth off without knowing something. In the US many like to think that they are better than the rest of the world and that the US is the promised land and paradise. Wake up and look around. The US has some real serious problems with this generation and they reflect their parents and upbringing. So next time another opportunity like this presents itself, before you speak or write, find out what your kids are up to.  

  • The Truth

    Lucky guy!  Any straight guy would love to hook up with a hot teenage girl – most just won’t admit it due to social stigma.

  • http://twitter.com/LaurieLacey LaurieLacey

    Way to go…. Hope they both had a great time together!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/REBSJK3QR7PUOYEGGI5N55DNSI BarryH

    This would have been legal even in Mass…what’s the big deal?

  • Bill StJay

    A 16 year old girl from Massachusetts in Aruba at a bar (late at night?)…where is Mom and Dad?

  • lillie.

    Any man who want to have sex that is 16 is disgusting and a child molester. I just turned 16 and get fucking grossed out when 20+ year olds hit on me. It’s gross and they are just trying to get their rocks off and go m.i.a.  More girls would have a better mentality when it comes to sex if their parents would talk to them more like mine did. S/O to my mom for educating me. Smh and it’s always the losers who don’t have shit going for them or guys with a lot of money and think they can do whatever.

  • Nood1

    sick of this asshole gronk already

  • Jasonkone3689

     aruba is a 3rd world hell-hole, and the united states is a world super power – sure they both have bad areas but per capita aruba is MUCH more dangerous

  • Jasonkone3689

     and just in case your wondering, I’m not from either (from Ireland) but have spent alot of time (years) in both – Aruba is way worse and kind of a sketchy place outside the resorts if you ask me!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AZZ46FEJWTMGIAERGFH7LBIHIY Ryan M

    “life complete” after hooking up with a football player?  Those girls are going far in life…

  • http://rt-now.com/ RT

    Man Gronks a Playa

  • Rilawman

    Do  you speak english, you retard!!

  • LeaveHimAlone

    OMG! i wasnt going to say anything.But most of you all are 1) Idiots 2) looking at the wrong picture 3) most likely dont know any of the Gronks.

    1) Those of you saying it would be “awesome” to hook up with a 16yr old,and your OVER 21,esp. the way you all are saying it,is gross. and Pathetic.
    2) Gronk hasn’t done anything wrong. In the aspect that he is a 23 yr old man,with 4 brothers (around the same age),a fun group of great friends,and $$… Im sorry,but if you were in the same senerio, would you be sitting home by yourself every night? Especially on Spring break?? NO
       Yes, He is a role model,and he should start to settle down a little bit. But the Patriots have told him to cool it down. Im quite sure he’s learned his lesson,and will redirct his priorities.
    I personally know one of his brothers. And they are a very close and talented family. If anything,Im quite sure Papa Gronk has had his words with Rob by now.

    As for the girl. If shes 16,and from Boston,then It doesnt really matter where they were. She shoudnt have been out drinking like that. And when your drunk,partying…and a girl approaches you, your first thought is NOT..oh,is this girl under 18? I need to ID her.. In America, you must be 18 to get into Bars,and 21 to drink. That is what Rob is used to. I highly doubt he was thinking a bunch of 16yr olds were going to be down in Aruba for Spring Break,at bars drinking. If he would have known that these girls were underage,He wouldnt have done anything.
    He wouldnt risk his career over a girl like that. He doesnt have issues getting girls,so he’d find one closer to his age,if anything.

    Whoever brought up rape?! Do not start talking about that! That girl knew what she was doing. Shes from Boston,She knows who Gronk is. She was probably more excited then anything else. Then went and bragged about it on twitter. So do NOT start something to stir up gossip that could ruin his career. Because that was clearly not the case.

    To those from Aruba,thinking we were bashing Aruba,and thinking that the US is the best place ever… You need to re read before you write.
    They were simply stating where he was,on spring break. And what many tropical places are like during spring break. No one said anything about America being the perfect place,where nothing goes wrong. And that wasnt the point of the story.

    I am a female. and I have partied with the Gronks. And 1) I can tell you one thing, they were probably more hammered then the girls were,so lack of judgement would be on them. They enjoy having fun. They are also NOT disrespectful towards women,and wouldnt make girls do anything they wouldnt want them to do.

    And last. Im so sick of people bashing on Rob for partying. HES 23! SINGLE! On top of his career! And was celebrating! Yes, he has some growing up to do, along with many guys his age.
    Dont forget all the Good he’s done for the community,and helping others. Out of all the Pats players, Gronk is the only one I hear about,who does as much charity work as he does. And I follow the Patriots.
    So cut the man a break. He has been spoken too, recently.
    If he doesnt change at all..then ok, there is some concern. People learn from their mistakes.

  • Rentab111

    You say, “those of you saying it would be awesome to hook up with a 16 year are gross and pathetic.” next sentence, “rob is 23 and did nothing wrong.” What a dumb chick. She probably just wants rob’s dick

  • Jdubs21

    I’m so confused what the big deal is here? He’s 22 years old and she is 16..it’s not like he’s 50..girls are having sex a lot younger than that now a days..and oh yeah, she was in a bar!!!

  • Anonymous

    This guy is a total a$$ clown and should be cut by the Pats for all of the distractions he creates. The way Gronkowski carries on, you’d have thought the Pats won last year’s Super Bowl and not gotten slapped by the G-Men again.

  • Anonymous

    What kind of “man” hooks up with 16 year old high school sleaze bags??? That’s the question we need to ask, not whether this is even relevant or not.

  • Anonymous

    Rob Gronkowski = 2012 Version of Mark Chmura

  • Wendy

    His tongue has green crust on it. Yuck!!!!!!! He needs to brush it before showing that long disgusting tongue of his.

  • Galantrogue

    What a bullshit story! Busted should be busted for typical “manufactured sensationalist journalism” (if you could even it call it journalism). Once a again the press is trying to make a big story out of nothing with no real facts about the truth of the matter. A 16 year old has the capacity to decide who she wants to fuck so let it go.

  • Galantrogue

    I thought this site was supposed to be about sports. When did nailing horny babes in Aruba become a sport?

  • ?????

    Clearly no one here actually knows the law! If a girl/boy is under 18 and the person they have sex with is more than 2 years older than them it is statutory rape. I have to take mandated court reporter training every year and whether or not this situation happened you should know the laws before posting comments. The age 16 consent is if they are having sex with someone their own age.

  • bj

    No, age of consent means you can have sex with someone of any age. Kind of funny how you call other people ignorant when you yourself don’t know the laws. He wasn’t commiting a crime. Period.

  • jessica oxendine

    He is a douche.

  • Mikesommers14

    “One final note, which makes me queasy to even write: the age of consent in Aruba is 16. Even if something did
    happen, it wouldn’t be illegal. Again: a shitty, shitty thing to have
    to note, and something that wouldn’t come close to making that okay.” LMAO!!! At 16, believe me, she knows what she’s doing.

  • http://twitter.com/Cornerss william

     i think the point is gronk could be with older girls that are probably older than sophomores in highschool.

    Not sure anyone here would think its alright for their 16 yo’s to be sleeping and partying with college grads when their little girls arent even half done hs yet?

  • Guest

    Good for him. If I was in his shoes I would have done the exact same thing. Bravo Gronkowski!!!!!! I think people and women in general are so opposed to young girls hooking up with older men because they themselves have gotten to ugly for the market. Youth is beautiful. Hell when I was younger I wanted my next door neighbors wife. She was hot and had a gorgeous rack. I saw it by chance once. Man I had nice dreams for many weeks lol.

  • DM6

    It’s biologically natural idiot.

  • http://twitter.com/ktwebb68 Kevin Webb

    Gronkowski has an IQ of around 80. Not that absolves him of anything but it’s not surprise. He’s likely the dumbest professional athlete alive. Well it’s a close race with Ryan Lochte. Couldn’t spell cat between the two of them.

  • Nick Tranghese

    stop repressing sex? youre an absolute baffoon “joe.” ever watch mtv? ever watch TV? you cant avoin sexual content even watching a friggin paper towel commercial you ASS! you are instantly a complete numb nut in my book dude and probably aaand im sure youre probably a yahoo liberal democrat. kill yourself you pos.

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