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Ron Jaworski Meant “Shoot,” We’re Sure

Monday Night Football analyst Ron Jaworski accidentally let a scatalogically-related minor profanity drop on Monday night’s Patriots-Dolphins game. It was so casual — you know, because that’s how most people swear — you might have missed it. We didn’t. (UPDATE: Jaworski apologized later in the broadcast, and ESPN said this negated the need to issue a further statement on the matter.)

[h/t Ross Bernhardt]

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  • Parker1369

    I caught it too. I bet he gets fined

  • Guest Again….

    HEY, this site looks eerily similar to some other sports blog site I’ve seen before… Swagger jacking Deadspin much? 

    I mean shit, don’t you just feel like a complete fraud? Do you have ANY ideas of your own? Or do you simply sit around gathering info from various sports news outlets to copy paste onto your copy pasted website design?

    On a side note… I could give a fuck what Jaws says on air. As long as they don’t show that ugly fucking mug of his, or that silly puppy dog looking mother-fucker Tirico. I’m convinced his neck is made out of one of those things my chair swivels on. But with those pouty puppy dog eyes…. don’t you just wanna break out that peanut butter??!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BZ4FDHNUPVK6ZHVFIWXMOONBYM OverYerShoulder

    Wow “Guest Again” – aren’t WE a ray of sunshine?  Maybe a nice relaxing hike near the Iran border would do you some good…  

  • GuestAGAIN

    Oh come on now Shoulder, I’m just playing around!! Besides, what’s this world without assholes who aren’t bright enough to think of their own ideas so they copy what works and make their entire existence a fraud. But who am I kidding, don’t we all? Well, besides those of us with a soul, at least….

  • Anonymous

    whoooaaa.. big whoop.

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