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NFLWeird But True

Roy Williams Files Lawsuit To Regain Possession Of Engagement Ring… That He Sent In The Mail

It would appear that someone desperately needs to explain the rules of courtship to Roy Williams.

The Dallas Cowboys receiver has filed a lawsuit in an effort to regain possession of a $76,600 engagement ring he sent to former Miss Texas USA Brooke Daniels after she declined his proposal. A ring he sent to her in the mail.

In an affidavit signed by Williams, the former University of Texas star claims he sent Daniels $5,000 for school and dental bills, a baseball for her brother, the ring and a recorded marriage proposal through the mail just before Valentine’s Day.

Williams alleges that when he asked for the ring back, Daniels claimed she had lost it. After Williams reported it lost to his insurance agency it was discovered that her father had the ring.

Michael Daniels says that he will return it to avoid a lawsuit, but claimes he has documentation that Williams told his daughter to keep the ring.

According to the Odessa American:

Engagement rings fall under the conditional-gift rule. As applied by Texas courts, the conditional-gift rule contains an element of fault.  Texas courts have held that the conditional-gift rule operates to require that the engagement ring be returned to the donor upon termination of the engagement, if the donee is at fault in terminating the engagement. If the donor is at fault, the ring doesn’t have to be returned.

Williams may not technically be at fault in terminating the engagement, but he might as well be for proposing via the United States Postal Service. Worst proposal ever?

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  • UHalum

    I think its time to acknowledge that rich people operate on an entirely different than most regular folks. Yeah, we wouldn’t propose via mail, but we also don’t have Bentleys and get to pick which pageant winner we want to date. :shrugs: thats just the way it is.

  • mmetz

    If she turned down the engagement, she should give back the ring. No matter how badly he decided to ask her.

  • Guest

    Is this the same girlfriend of his who was a bartender at a well known Dallas strip club?  Hmm.

  • lol i lost the ring

    How do you lose a ring? Oh ya, you don’t — you lie.

  • JustMe

    She’s a loser. She should be earning her own money instead of trying to scam the man she doesn’t want to marry. 

  • DME

    Because she didn’t care about your millions of dollars when it came to
    marriage and actually becoming “family”. You were only supposed to be
    the fuck buck..nothing more. What? Because she was white you thought
    she’d be honest and give it back in a timely fashion? Serves you right.

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