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The Saints Bounty Snitch Has Been Identified

The man you see posing next to Brad Pitt is named Mike Cerullo, a former Saints quality control coach who was let go after the 2010 season. According to author and filmmaker Alan Donnes, Cerullo is the man who blew the whistle on the Saints’ bounty system.

From 2007 through 2010, Cerullo worked as an offensive line assistant, a special teams assistant and as an assistant to defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. He also helped out with scout teams and breaking down film.

Cerullo was let go by the Saints in 2010, and reportedly had trouble finding work. According to Donnes, Cerullo believed that Williams, head coach Sean Payton, and others in the Saints organization made a concerted effort to block him from getting another job in the NFL. Eventually, he would find a gig as an offensive consultant to the University of Miami, a step down from performing quality control for a team that won the Super Bowl. (Cerullo currently works as a program aide for the UConn Huskies — here’s his bio on the UConn website.)

This is obviously a huge accusation, and has massive professional implications for Cerullo (as in, it would end any hope he has for coaching in the NFL again). So where’s it coming from?

Donnes is a local New Orleans author who occasionally writes for SportsNola.com and authored the book, “Patron Saints: How the Saints Gave New Orleans A Reason To Believe,” in 2007. He describes himself as having multiple sources in the Saints organization — one would assume you’d have to know a lot of Saints to write a book about them — and during his interview with America’s Radio News Network, he intimates that Cerullo being the whistleblower is a well-established theory in the New Orleans media. Looks like Jeremy Shockey might be off the hook.

Video via SB Nation.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WDF2XXJDAOQVOTMSSIXLL7O5AM Lyn

    If this is true then Cerullo has gotten revenge. He has destroyed the Saints and possibly the NFL. Have a nice life Cerullo after all of the pain and aggravation you have caused more people than you will ever know.  Karma is a B****!

  • Dawn Rochelle Taylor

    If you live in Louisiana I am sure you can’t even hold your head up people hate you. You must be the most despised person in the state of Louisiana. You had to go and tattle like a little sissy boy because they let you go.  While I don’t agree with taking someone out for their entire career it is football and it’s rough.  I also don’t believe you should have destroyed the team that brought life back to the city of New Orleans after Katrina. What a LOSER you are .

  • Stanstey1

    The Saints destroyed the Saints!!!!!!! This so called “SNITCH” has balls!!! This goes to show where the MORALS in this country have gone. We would have a safer country if we had more people like Mr. Cerullo.What the Saints did is no different than the mob running boxing in the past. Maybe Brett Favre should have played dirty and then the Saints would have just been the “AIN’TS”.!!!!!

  • Mel

    I hope they get rid of him in the college ranks also. Maybe he can go coach high school or peewee football. The NFL is for real men and not little girls like this snitch. The Saints hasn’t done anything different than any other team. Goodell just has a bad sense of humor. 

  • Cajunmr54

    Ha who cares the Saints will be super bowl champs at home this season I know every team is happy of whats going on with the Saints because they are scared of the Saints ha Brees will take care of buisness

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WCDASHTBXNFFVHSD3KM5GDIGAQ A.M.

    Doesn’t matter who snitched or not. The damage is done. But the Saints will weather this setback just like the city of New Orleans did after Katrina. WHO DAT!

  • Puhlease

    Balls? Really? While I’d say someone standing up for the safety of other players is honorable, why wouldn’t he do it while he was EMPLOYED by the Saints? This isn’t about having balls and doing what was right…it was about cold served dish of what he felt was justified revenge. 

  • Ajason

    I agree with Puhlease..  If this was about doing the right thing, this A**Hole would have come forward as soon as he knew about it.  That would have been the proper thing to do if he really cared about the sport, its players and his team.
    With him, it’s all very personal and selfish…He cares about no one but himself.  If he thought that others were black balling him, he should have gone to them and face them face to face, like anyone with courage intrigity would have done.

  • Obxbeaches

    My fellow Saint fans.  We need to look forward and support our team and stay focused on the game.  We are champions.  Yes we are facing some obstacles but we are surviors and won’t be beat.   Lets stand by Drew and the rest of team and we will overcome.   

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PU5SNJRMQGVVCRTLL3C2L7IW5Q Onimaya

    Everyone knows this has been going on in the NFL for years.  The Saints were just exposed because of Cerullo and his sour grapes. I wish Goodall would have seen through him instead of destroying the Saints and possibly the NFL with this scandal.

  • Shoppegirl408

    What Williams did was wrong but to punish The Saints and Peyton to these extremes is ridiculous. Goodell has way too  much power and this should have been voted on by one man.  It’s amazing that the NFL would allow one man to have so much power.  But – as someone has already mentioned – NOLA made it through Katrina – and we will make it through this .

  • Anonymous

    Hearsay…but good prose, for sure. Kinda makes ya go “Hmmm…”

  • Davida Fwler

    Another butt hurt fan of another team who we probably embarrassed.

  • Sue_eib

    i wonder if he knows how stupit he looks with that rug on his head!  I still love my saints they will come back strong after all this is over! WHO DAT!! WE DAT!!!

  • Kirkenstein

     yeah He’s a real hero.  After being terminated by the Saints  Cerullo realized that he could no longer bear the moral burden of the knowledge he possessed and so in good conscience decided that the right thing to do was crush his former employer. 

     And we can be assured that this maligned martyr came forward strictly in the interest of NFL player safety. 


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charles-McGowen/100001222731862 Charles McGowen

     I STILL think that regardless who was a tattle tail that people (ALL people) need to realize that everyone within earshot to Greg Williams was a college educated professional and knew that all he was doing was ONLY motivating them. After all, the rules stipulated it had to be a CLEAN hit. If it had everything to do about the money the Saints would have been the most heavily penalized team in football. See what I mean??  

  • Lyd9112000

    Morals? Really football is a sport that is played with gladiators not ballarinas and I guess you have a potty mouth to even allow yourself to say shit like that

  • Plankroad1

    mike better stay down south ,i speak for NEW ORLEANS PEOPLE your not welcome back

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1359993389 Donna Deleeryus Foster

    And what team might that be?!?  Or am I (truly!) misunderstanding you??

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PU5SNJRMQGVVCRTLL3C2L7IW5Q Onimaya

    More than the state of Louisiana. The Saints have fans all over the world!

  • kiss off goodell

    you are   ignorant to think all teams in the nfl are not doing what they are saying the saints have done

  • get goodell out the nfl

    seems to me every team and goodell are haters and jelose of the saints sucsess

  • http://www.schula.co.uk/handbags Hellen Bone

    he intimates that Cerullo being the whistleblower is a well-established theory in the New Orleans media.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3NTRYJNVHEUYZINMPZNS7RHF2Y jimbeaux61


  • Saintsfan

    I speak for all of LA. Don’t bring your buttocks any where close to a Real Saints fan. What a Loser!!!!!!!

  • queenie

    He gets what is has created   A MESS   Hope it was worth it

  • Leo_aug1962

    Before you lynch the man, can you get proof? Isnt this the same guy that said Shockey did it?

  • Jhamp1973

    Stanstey1….what a dumbass…its football idiot,my dad played pro ball in way back in late 70′s this was going on..its nothing new..your paid to win a d win you must and at whatever cost.its something thats unethical in words ,yet it may be the ugly truth about football..WIN 70′

  • Streetrodder

    Goodell only done this to the Saint’s because he knows we was gonna be the only team to play in the superbowl in our own home this year..

  • lilbigman41112

    That dude is a friken hater and so is all the rest of you Saints haters. Y’all just mad and scared of the Black and Gold’s sucess. See y’all haters in the Super Bowl!!!!!! WHO DAT FOR LYFE BABY that is all.

  • DOrr221

     This happens league wide, only the Saints were singled out due to the whistle blower inside.

  • DOrr221

    If gonna listen to the Youtube playback (no video) Skip to 3 minutes in so not to waste time.

  • DOrr221


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