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The Chargers Made The Playoffs Over The Steelers Because Of This Horrible Missed Call

The San Diego Chargers barely sneaked into the NFL playoffs… but they don’t necessarily deserve to be in. They eked out an overtime win over a team of scrubs wearing Kansas City Chiefs jerseys, but they should have been called for a penalty when Chiefs Ryan Succop missed a field goal to win it at the end of regulation.

Nice job, referees.

So, sorry Pittsburgh Steelers fans, you should probably be in the playoffs. He probably wouldn’t have missed twice.

(At least Mike Tomlin isn’t getting fired. These guys are.)

UPDATE: A reader, Zack, pointed out that the Chargers may have been screwed out of a win back in Week 1, and you know what, his argument is pretty good.

Exhibit A: week 1, MNF, Chargers v Texans. SD defensive tackle Cam Thomas was penalized for unnecessary roughness on a field-goal attempt in a loss. The call eventually led to four extra points for Houston yet was deemed incorrect by the NFL.
Because of the missed called, the Texans got a fresh set, scored a TD and would eventually go on to win by three points…huh…sound familiar?!
A blown call on a field goal resulting in a win for the other team by only three points?!?

So, if you are arguing that the Chiefs should have been able to get another kick and it would have gone through (because of course kickers can’t miss twice), then you must ALSO argue that the Texans blown call should not have been and that the Chargers had just as much of a chance to go on an win that game as the Chiefs should have been able to go on and win there game.

AAANNNNDDDD….if that is true, then in fact the Chargers would have walked into week 17 v the Chiefs at 9-6, not 8-7, and would have in fact been playing for 10-6 rather than 9-7. If this is the case then the whole “the Steelers should be in right now” argument is even more screwed because even with a Chargers loss, they end at 9-7 and STILL beat all three of the other teams sitting at 8-8.

He is right that this happened. The NFL admitted it was a bad call. However, there was still almost a full quarter left in the game, so the Texans could have still won. But they would have been down 11 instead of 7, and they would have had a significantly smaller chance of winning. They pulled off a pretty crazy comeback, even when given that bad call.

So, pretty good argument, I must say.

Conclusion: NFL refs suck.

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