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The San Francisco Chronicle Informs 49ers Fans That A Saints Fan Thinks They’re A Bunch Of “Hooligans”

The San Francisco Chronicle took an interesting approach today in trying to send along a message from one New Orleans Saints fan to its paper’s editor. The gist of the letter was essentially, “San Francisco 49ers fans are a bunch of hooligans.” Nice.

Don Moses, a Saints fan and Bay Area resident for the past 25 years, attended this weekend’s Saints-49ers playoff game along with his two teenage daughters. Apparently, the Moses family didn’t enjoy their experience, as they were screamed at, threatened and met with plenty of hostility by 49ers fans. And, according to Moses, the only thing they were guilty of was donning the colors of their beloved Saints. How dare they!

According to Moses in his letter to the editor:

Every other word from dozens of fans around us was an f-bomb shouted at the top of their lungs. There were seven or eight large 30- to 35-year-old guys directly behind us who cursed and threatened us the entire game. After one string of profanities I turned around to look at them and the most obnoxious and combative of the bunch yelled, “Do not turn around again! Do not ever turn around again” and punctuated it with a profanity. They used gay slurs repeatedly at the husband of a middle-aged couple in front of us, the only other Saints fan in our area, and called his wife a bitch.

Yeah, that seems a bit excessive. There’s really no need to “support” your team in that manner, right? A little old-fashioned ribbing is one thing, but dropping f-bombs on a dude and his two daughters? Really, 49ers fans?

Of course this is where we mention that one (or 10) bad apples shouldn’t ruin the reputation of the millions of 49ers fans across the country. But, on the flip-side, this is where we politely ask that 49ers fans, and all fans, for that matter, act like they’ve been there before.

Moses does go a little too far at the end, by casting blame on all 49ers fans, writing, “Every 49ers fan, the team and it’s owners should be ashamed and embarrassed to wear the red and gold today. They won the game but are losers in every other way.” Eh, it’s hard to cast said net over every 49ers fan, but it’s hard to blame Moses for feeling that way just two days out of what seemed to be a horrific experience.

[SF Gate, via Pro Football Talk]

  • clearance4flyby

    There is drunk assholes at every game. If you get stuck next to one and they wont leave you alone, go to the usher and let them know…

  • Da Bears

    We heard the exact same complaining from sAINTS fans about Bears fans when the Bears beat them in the NFC Championship game a few years ago…exact same…there’s no whining in football even in the stands.

  • Greenvega82

    didn’t a saints fan shoot two niners fans in georgia? who are the worse fans? if you go sporting the opposing teams colors, your going to be mocked and heckled, but he should’ve notified someone working at the stadium if the taunting was that bad. 

  • Gina Comeaux

    Mr. Lorenzo, I was also at this game and I had a similar horrible experience. I am a 49 year old woman who was there with my 24 year old daughter. We could not have been more friendly and more nonthreatening. We were taunted, harassed, called vulgar names and physically pushed. My daughter was rubbed on and groped while waiting to use the restroom.

    I have been to Candlestick numerous times and have both hosted customers there and attended on a personal level. Never have I been so fearful, so threatened and so harassed.

    You can call them any name you want but no one should ever be treated this way. No mother should have to watch her daughter accosted and called horrible names.

  • thechosenzef

    So you took your teenage daughters to the first 49ers playoff game in a decade, and you all wore the opposing team’s jerseys, and you didn’t expect there would be trouble? Hmm, pretty sure you should be ashamed of yourself for being a lousy dad.

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  • standupagainstidiots

    Why aren’t good fans standing up and telling the bad fans to knock it off or calling security?  Then they really would be good fans.

  • nola1

    I flew my wife and 2 teenage kids to SF to visit and see the game, we expected the heckling we got going in, it was mostly in fun….also the 49er fans around us were very hospitable and laughed with us….but as the game went on and leaving, we were threatened and harassed, I saw bottles thrown at guys near me. It was a horrible experience for us all. We have been to many games in the Dome and while there is always 1 or 2 idiots, I have never seen the scale like that. On the way out, an accident outside the lot caused us to sit in the car for about an hour, the kids were horrified whenever a 49er fan walked close. We liked SF but wont see another game there…

  • Jackknife

    Too many drunk Mexican wanna be gangsters. They can’t serve these morons enough $10 beers. Don’t worry, once the tickets are at $300 plus a game in the new stadium most of these fucken morons will be gone. 

  • Jim

    Of course you could be a Saints fan that shoots 49er fans.

  • Danny

    49ers fans curse a couple times. Saints fans shoot 49ers fans in Georgia, huh, maybe Saint fans should man up. 

  • Llstrosnider

    My friend and I attended the game and had the exact experience. Grown men in our face the whole day- shouting for us to go home, calling us names, throwing food at us. I have never seen such bevaviour. Mind you we were two females alone in a sea of 49ers fans, and we posed no threat. All we were doing was cheering for the Saints.

    We don’t treat our visitors to New Orleans this way!!! As the Detroit fans were leaving the Dome the week prior, people were hugging them and saying, hey sorry it had to happen, bu thanks for coming to New Orleans !!!

    Oh and did I mention, when we did lose, everyone around us whipped out their cameras and took pictures of us standing there in the moment of our defeat??? Classy bunch I will tell ya!!

    If you want I will never step foot in the city of San Francisco again.

  • Ahmeddsalem

    How about the shooting after the 49ers-Okland game back in August?? dtop being hypocrite

  • Ahmeddsalem

    How about the shooting after the 49ers-Oakland game back in August?? stop being hypocrite

  • Ahmeddsalem

    you should be a shame for being you!! what a garbage bag!!

  • Nolanjones77

    Fuck SanFran can’t wait til next year for you all to come
    Here you will not enjoy the stay ( your not going to the Super Bowl ) bums

  • Andrew

    It is not true that Moses goes a little too far at the end, by casting blame on all 49ers fans, writing, “Every 49ers fan, the team and it’s owners should be ashamed and embarrassed to wear the red and gold today. They won the game but are losers in every other way.”  First, he doesn’t cast blame. He doesn’t say all the fans were guilty of behaving the same way. He says they all should be ashamed that some of their fellow-fans acted that way. That’s not going too far at all.

  • Raustyn4

    Its sad that we have welcomed them with open arms. That includes every team that comes to New orleans to Play in the Dome.

  • Anonymous

    As Saints fans, my sister and I with our spouses love to travel to road games as it gives us the opportunity to visit the different cities . We enjoyed San Francisco. But we have to echo what other Saints fans experienced at the game.  The SF Fans sitting around us were actually pretty awesome, but whenever we left our seats, we never went alone. Other than getting snowballed at a Chicago game a few years ago, this game experience was by far the worst. We left at half-time and will doubtfully return to another game there. A special thanks to those 49ers fans who did welcome us. We had fun while it lasted.  This year I have to give a shout out to Packers fans in Green Bay. VERY hospitable when we went there for the first game of the year.  

  • Anonymous

    I’m a Saints fan from New Orleans and I had a great time in San Francisco, especially at the Black Magic Voodoo Lounge before and after the game.  Beautiful people.  Beautiful city. But I must agree that Candlestick Park was filled with far too many hostile jerks and thugs.  I’ve never before had people an inch from my face shouting obscenities simply because I represented a visiting team. I’ve been told this happens in Oakland, but not across the Bay.  Well…Niners, you have an image problem and it needs fixing.  Ushers stood by and watched people throw half-filled bottles of beer at me as I stood near the field in Section 19 after the game to congratulate and thank the Saints for their valiant effort.   Niners fans ask, “Who’s Got it Better Than Us?”  Judging from the angry crew at Candlestick Park last week, I’d say you need to ask a different question.  Perhaps, ”What the Heck is Wrong With Us?”   Good luck, Giants fans.  I’m with you guys.  Think about carrying pepper spray. 

  • Plumeria

    The truth is that that guy who did the shooting wasn´t a true Saints fan, he was an idiot with mental problems, i even heard he was a Raven fan btw. And no i`m not a Saints fan.

  • Michele78

    I`m not even from the US, i`m from France but i just want to say that we were planning to go to Cali this spring and visit SF as well but we have decided not to do it because we don´t want to visit a hostile city. We have been to New Orleans 3 times and never before have we been met with such hospitality and friendliness, great food, music and awesome people! SF sounds horrible if the people are that way. I`m not going to recommend anyone going there. 

  • HeatherNYC

    If they don`t know what hospitality is then i don´t wanna know what San Franscisco is. 

    Btw I visit New Orleans again and again, been doing that for 10 years and i ALWAYS feel welcome!

  • Championniners

    You saints fans are pussies. Fuck your team, dont come to our house thinking we give a shit just cause you’re a saints fan. We’ve been shitted on all year from every media outlet on earth and now u expect us to be nice to visitors? How about u eat shit and go home, this is OUR house! NINERS!!!!!

  • Championniners

    By the way the San Francisco Bay Area contributes more to this country then the entire state of Lousiana. So miss Frenchy lady, keep your ass in France and dont come to the bay area, no one cares one bit if u or your friends come here. So eat shit!

  • Jenngee04

    Michele, most niner fans are not even from SF. SF is a great place to visit. Btw, US football fans are less hostile than soccer, football fans in Europe and South America.

  • Jenngee04

    The true colors are finally coming out, in regards to niner fans. Lol, always claiming that your fan base is classy. Finally, the truth comes out. What trash!

  • davidm

     It’s interesting the Yahoo article quoted caring owner Jed York.

    Before the game at a pre game party area, he was taking pictures with some fans.  My wife walked up to him and asked for a picture with him. He noticed her Fleur-de-lis pendant around her neck and in a sharp tone said ” Tom Benson is here somewhere. Get a picture with him.” and then walked away. He set the tone for the fans. I am sure Tom Benson would have never treated your fans that way.
    It was downhill from there. We left before the first quarter ended. I figured I would either have to kill the guy standing in front of us that taunted us constantly with F Bombs, or he would kill me. (figured I would be the one to die)
    I have been to New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago where the fans reputations are not great, but this was far worse than anything I had ever seen. We will never return.
    New Orleans

  • Gggg

    At least you took your wife to the game, Moses left his at home. (That’s a joke)

    As far as blaming York, you’re taking good-hearted competition of an owner a little too far. Stretch it like you did and it’s hard to take your complaint seriously.

    Sorry your team was out played. The SF defense was just too much. One of the greatest games I’ve seen in a long time.

  • Gusto Jax

    Rather than hear about the game, the abusiveness of football crowds once again become the focus. I suppose that’s why my HS son’s football coach threatened to resign and end the season if the parent’s in the stands didn’t shape up and start acting like role models. He had enough.

    and, yet it still happens.

    Saints were certain they were Superbowl bound; the writing was on the wall. 49ers had to prove they could hold their own.

    The talk was big and Saints came in hot, and the fan base was certain they were going to the Superbowl. The coaching staff was aggressive and curt, and the Saints played aggressively, and they came ahead in the end, and SF countered –and won.

    I wish more fans like Moses would come forward after they feel harassed or kicked when down.

    I would think outside fans would note the fact his singular complaint resonated so deeply in San Francisco that it garnered EdOp space, national attention, and now, uncovered police are tasked to the watch over the activities.   That should speak volumes.

  • Riako

    I heard he was a Colts fan

  • Mcmahon_donna

    HaHAHAHAHA!!!! How does it feel San Fran fans! Geaux Giants! HAHAHA

  • http://twitter.com/KHWatson Katherine Watson

    While this is the only one I read published by a San Fran newspaper, there were a number of complaints on Saints blogs.  Worse was the behavior of some fans who chose to state that basically we deserved to be treated this way for even coming to Candle Stick.

    It is a sad state of affairs. 

  • http://twitter.com/KHWatson Katherine Watson

    Excuse me sir, but as he said, Tom Benson would not have “good-heartedly” dismissed someone interested in a photo, even if they were an opposing fan.

    See, good-hearted is when you appreciate that the opposing fan is actually a fan of yours as well.  Seems like you should be more tolerant of people who are actually being FRIENDLY.  Hope you feel as good hearted about the Giants, I doubt they are as friendly.

  • http://twitter.com/KHWatson Katherine Watson

    Yeah – you’re the morons they are talking about.  Thanks for stepping forward to identify yourself.

  • http://twitter.com/KHWatson Katherine Watson

    Love their language.  Bet it’s even better tonight – Geaux Giants!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/KHWatson Katherine Watson

    Please don’t sink to their level

  • http://twitter.com/KHWatson Katherine Watson

    He was a lunatic, no one of any team should be responsible for that malarky.  The issue isn’t whether one person is a jerk, its whether the atmosphere in a stadium of 80,000 is safe for all.  If a real scuffle broke out, could the security team handle it? How embarrassing could it be?

    I was in the Dome when Drew broke the record against Atlanta. A family of Falcons was ahead of me and everyone was having fun the whole night with their little girl about 6 years old.  The people in front let her ahead so she could see – these are our arch rivals.  At then end of the game some Falcon fan was thanking us for coming to the game – in our own Dome! For a moment in the game I thought a defender might go after Drew in a bad way, and I wondered if all hell would break lose if he did.  But he didn’t, which is good because fans would have no doubt been on the field.

    We can’t have mass hysteria in stadiums. People need to be fun loving or they need to get tossed, this isn’t war its football.

  • http://twitter.com/KHWatson Katherine Watson

    good point

  • http://twitter.com/KHWatson Katherine Watson

    You are exactly the type of person this post is referring to, moron.

  • http://twitter.com/KHWatson Katherine Watson

    um, sure, whatever. Football should be about criminally harassing patrons, and us feeble women folk are too stupid and weak to attend these games where manly men act like idiots.

    You’re the problem.

  • who dat

    I’ve been to plenty of Saints games and have never seen fans in opposing tem colors harrrassed. But then, we’re not jerks like you

  • who dat

    As I recall a  woman wearing saints garb was kn ocked down by Bears fans and had her face rubbed in the slush; as a result, her eyes were burned by the chemicals used to melt ice. And, how were y’all treated this year when we beat your team here? For a week befor the game the talk shows were loaded with people saying<"Let's not act like those morons from Chicago".

  • who dat

    You show your true colors with that post. BTW, what’s life  like  under that rock? Do you have friends down there? Does anyone make it past the 3rd grade or are they all like you?

  • Rich1267

    We are Saints fans that live in Central California, we both grew up on the Niners and Everything Montanna, Rice and Bill Walsh did in the 80′s. I was very excited to go and see the Saints in a playoff game, a once in a lifetime opportunity. The fans were just outright scarry not all of them but enough to make what should have been a magical day nothing but stress. You could not walk the concorse without getting told f this f that as you were run into while trying to hold a couple of beers. I was threantened in the bathroom that if I did not give up my terrble towel that I would not make it out. I had already given mine to a fan who politely asked for it. The staff at Candlestick was great and while I did think the amount of security was lacking they did seem to be doing thier best. When did a fun Saturday at a football game become a matter of life and death. It least Drew Brees and Coach Peyton had good things to say in the post game interview, this is good sportmanship and should be the norm. 

  • Onerockett88

    You should think again the next time you go to gas up your car

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rodney-Guidry/100002681142018 Rodney Guidry

    People like you will keep them away.

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