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Shannon Sharpe Has A Loud, Angry Message For Richie Incognito And The Dolphins Locker Room: Shut Up

Welcome to an early edition of SportsGrid’s Tuesday feature, “Shut Up,” (pronounced: “shut up… comma”) where we add a name after the comma, telling that person to stop saying words, because they’re being stupid. This week, that person is Richie Incognito, because, duh.

There are only so many takes worth hearing on the whole racism and bullying situation between Richie Incognito, Jonathan Martin and the Miami Dolphins. Jay Glazer’s interview may or may not have been one of them.

But Shannon Sharpe went OFF on Incognito and the Dolphins locker room on “NFL Today” on CBS, and, well, you have to hear it. He has a succinct, loud and angry message for them: Shut up.

We usually like to shut people up ourselves for the sake of originality, but there’s no words we can say that will do the shutting up more effectively than these. Well done, Shannon.

“It’s alleged that some black players said that Richie Incognito is an honorary black. There’s no such thing. This tells me everything I need to know about the Miami Dolphins locker room.”

Good luck on Monday Night Football, Miami.

  • Anonymous

    About time someone said this.

  • mlester101

    The smartest thing SS’s ever said.

  • Mike Thigpen

    BS…… It also unacceptable for Blacks to get away with using it everyday in their Music. It not OK to use the word plain an simple, but its also not going to go away if Blacks don’t stop using it as well.

  • truthteller

    it’s probably safe to say that with a comment like you just made that you might be white. Mike please cut the crap about black people not being able to use the word. That’s not for you to say. I’m tired of white people saying shit like that. Why do they want to say it in the first place? And chances are that they use it anyway just not in public.

  • Brandye Cole

    I agree totally with Shannon. Im black and I dont use the word at all. Ppl I surround myself with dont use it either unlrss its behind my back. I demand respect everywherere I go.

  • Mike Thigpen

    White and View every Skin Color the Same. Na I’m not cutting the Crap, Shannon Sharpe is on NFL Films using the Word, He is a Loud Mouth…. I’m tired of people getting offended by a word. Yes I believe it was horrible the way Blacks got treated. Bottom line is they are treated with the Same respect any other person is treated in Today’s World. I’m Sure Shannon just got off the Phone with one of his Bro’s and used the word more than Once. BOTTOM LINE IS IF YOU WANT THE WORD TO GO AWAY STOP USING IT URSELF……………………….

  • Armetra Littlejohn

    It’s not the word dumb ass, it’s the fact that the white man got a way with slavery and it was legal to be a racist in this country. Is there one thing a black man can do that a white man can’t cause of his past. Yes the one this is the word nigga. No white person gets to say it cause your your ancestors were devils to perpetrate these foul acts. why can’t you dumb asses understand that. When the last million of Europeans were in slaved in American and the Government condoned it. Whites hate to hear the word cause it reminds them of the past actions period. But the love to say it anyway.

  • Mike Thigpen

    Nice Name Calling Computer Tough Guy……

    New Flash!!!!!!!!!! Whites were not the only people to get away with Slavery. Europeans, Africans, Greeks, Romans, Celtic Tribes, Irish, British, Islam, Vikings, Spaniards, Mexicans, Brazilians, Frenchman, Christians, and the list goes on so don’t single out White People like they are the only ones that had a Hand with Slavery. Everyone’s Ancestors have been Slaves at one point in Life, its a part of life that Still Exist today. Know your History before you past Judgement on just White People…….. SMH

  • Armetra Littlejohn

    I said In America and the Government made it completely legal. Jim Crow laws. In America, Europeans enslaved and abused humans from Africa, the same government abuses blacks every day and still utilizes the benefits of Slavery. I hope that fool richie goes to jail and the coaching staffs go to jail, straight to jail. You can not say that word period. Well you do have the physical ability to say it, So go say that voice mail transcript to your friendly hood nigga and see what happens. That’s the video I want to see. White people going around saying “I’m kill you half nigga and I am going to slap your mamma, Go right a head,” Y’all best get your hard-on’s by sing some lyrics in the comfort of your car or home or apartment cause we know you just have to say it, It’s in your blood!!!!!!!!

    That word was a real physical abuse not just a word like you small dick cricker, Did that hurt, The truth hurts.

  • Armetra Littlejohn

    They did it. So why are we so bad.. Why can’t we say the word nigger. They say it, why can’t we say it. Mommy why aren’t we that cool. That’s you sound like you fool.

  • Mike Thigpen

    Na, nothing you said sounds like anything I would say because I view everyone equal……

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