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So… There’s A Rumor That Aaron Rodgers Is Gay (UPDATE: Rodgers Says That He Is Not)

Aaron Rodgers GayThis comes from Perez Hilton. Please do not think we endorse the accuracy of this rumor. However, when I see the headline “Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers Allegedly Outed By Ex-Boyfriend,” I just can’t ignore it, especially on the heels of the NFL playoffs, which the Packers just made.

Let’s see if it’s completely ridiculous, or only mostly ridiculous.

Earlier this summer there were rumors swirling about a major NFL star (or more) getting ready to step out of the closet, but it didn’t really happen. Apparently a lot of people were thinking it was going to be Aaron, and it sounds like it was the alleged relationship he was in that has done it for him!

This is literally the first time I have ever heard a gay rumor about Rodgers. The only specific player I’ve seen rumored, that sounded legit, was Kerry Rhodes.

Perez Hilton says that the guy being referenced, Kevin Lanflisi, was Rodgers’ “personal assistant and roommate.” If true… interesting.

Hilton quoted an anonymous “insider,” so, of course, don’t put lots of stock in it.

“Aaron has attended numerous sports award shows with Kevin, always color coordinated and without any double female dates, including the ESPY’s. Kevin was also the first person Aaron embraced when the Packers won the Super-bowl in 2011. I just find it really strange that as of late there has been many bitter subliminal tweets on Kevin Lanflisi’s twitter alluding to a relationship much deeper than a friendship he had, with who I perceive to be Aaron Rodgers, because Kevin has NEVER once tweeted about having a girlfriend, just mainly about the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers, and Justin Bieber’s music and sitting front row at Bieber’s concert. There has been speculation for years here in Wisconsin that Aaron is gay.”

Interesting. Again, COMPLETELY unsubstantiated, but not COMPLETELY ridiculous.

There is not much more evidence, beyond the mention of a tweet where Kevin was wearing a Packers Super Bowl ring, with the caption “Silence always comes with an expiration date..” Mildly interesting, yes.

So, yeah, that’s it. Pretty weak argument.

The only other thing I noticed, which was mildly interesting, was this. Three of Lanflisi’s followers on Twitter are: Rodgers, Outsports.com, and Mike Freeman. Outsports is “the worldwide leader in gay sports news, commentary, photos and videos.” My guess would be they followed him upon hearing/reading about this rumor. Freeman’s presence is particularly interesting, because he’s the guy who VERY strongly suggested that he knew that Kerry Rhodes was gay.

If any national NFL reporter has inside info on this, it’s probably Freeman. But, of course, he could just be following along with the rumor like the rest of us.

In conclusion, so my words can’t be twisted: This rumor is by no means legitimate or close to confirmed. It is, however, interesting. And I must say… if it turned out to be true, and if Rodgers decided to come out… well, damn, that’d be huge. And incredibly helpful for the LGBT movement.

But for now, it’s completely unsubstantiated bullshit, like most rumors on the Internet.

UPDATE: Rodgers has addressed the rumors.

I’m just going to say I’m not gay. I really really like women.”

So, as I said earlier: There’s no reason to believe this rumor at the present moment.

[Perez Hilton]

  • Anonymous

    The only question here is whether Aaron admits it or “does a Kerry”.

  • John S.

    While I would never be so arrogant to say the Aaron is full on gay, we did mess around in his steam room at his house once after mutual friends introduced us. Again, it was only one time, but I do hope he finds the courage to come out sooner rather than later. By coming out he takes the power away from those who would use these rumors against him. Be proud Aaron, you’re a damn good player and who cares really what you do off the field!

  • Rick

    You’re the one who is total bullshit, Rudnitsky. If you REALLY didn’t think there was any credibility to this “rumor”, you would not have even posted anything about it.

  • Jeffrey Marks

    While calling it a rumor, the article and its sources name several events that could be substantiated if someone wished to do so. Did Rodgers go to the ESPYs with a color-coordinated Kevin? Did Rodgers embrace Kevin first after the win? Where is the tweet that was mentioned in the article? Rather than just rerun Perez Hilton rumors (which have been pretty spot on in terms of who is and isn’t gay), some investigation could have generated a more robust article.


    Who fucking cares?

  • Jake

    This writer obviously is not well connected because the Aaron Rodgers gay rumours have been around for YEARS. Rodgers has a peculiar relationship with Kevin Lanflisi he takes the guy to events they wear matching outfits lived together for fived years. Does the writer not read the news?Mike Freeman said MORE than one closeted NFL player planned to come out.

  • Jake

    The public cares and so does the media and the NFL. If the NFL was not so homophobic maybe these gay rumours would cease. It is silly to believe there are no gay men in the NFL.

  • _______

    He and Kevin make Christmas cards every year to send to their good friends. I think it’s adorable.

  • jaj

    This is b.s look at his girlfriend on Google

  • Eric Goldschein

    If I may: I don’t think Rodgers color-coordinating with and/or embracing this man first, or third, or last after the Super Bowl would make the rumor any more or less true. It’s all conjecture. Until we hear otherwise, we will treat this rumor with skepticism and nothing more.

  • Dale Chavez

    Why does it matter?

  • Kyle Wilson

    Even if these rumors would be true, Rodgers makes up for it by being one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

  • Craig

    Why does he have to make up for it?

  • Tarzan Moosefart

    He’s a faaaaaggggggg! (stern show reference anyone?)

  • TCorpses

    Oh come on. Haven’t you ever heard of a “beard”? It’s been used since Tab Hunter and Paul Winfield. The real Gay cats I respect are real and don’t bother with a fake ass “girlfriend”.

  • Jeffrey Marks

    I’ll take that as a confirmation :)

  • TCorpses

    Stop being so picky…he’s just saying…I hate when people are so PC that they make fights out of nothing.

  • Jeffrey Marks

    Considering that it’s unlikely that we’ll see “conclusive” proof of his gayness, all of these details could have been confirmed. I consider it with a bit more than skepticism. While I don’t agree with all that Perez Hilton has done, he’s usually spot on with his outings.

  • Dipak Gohil

    I could care less. he is a phenomenal football player and a credit to the game in every way. I really hope this isn’t a cheap way to upset him before he faces the 49ers..bowman and willis is enough of a headache

  • Dipak Gohil

    exactly..is his sexuality something that would determine how good a football player he is?

  • Chad

    He looks like a butt slammer with that gay looking village people mustache. I bet packers center would like to know if Rogers is gay or not. Rogers is a fudge packer who plays for the Packers.

  • Johann Haggard

    Exactly. Who cares? No one except Perez Hilton who is so damn ugly no gay man wants to sleep with him.

  • Johann Haggard

    Make up for it? Is being gay an issue?

  • Bill

    It may be cold here in Wisconsin but are brains aren’t completely frozen. We’ve known for years.

  • Aj

    It’s pretty easy. All the bullshit comes out of Hollywood, and is it just a coincidence that this rumor starts the week the packers play the 49ers? No, they are trying to get under his skin and disrupt him. Not gonna happen Perez, you schmuck

  • Anonymous

    Most suspicious: the fact that @Outsports has been following Kevin Lanflisi’s Twitter account since long before these rumors became public. Aaron Rogers’ father has reportedly begun emailing bloggers calling the rumors “disgusting,” and if that’s how Aaron’s dad feels about LGBT people, it might offer some insight into why he’d be hesitant to come out. Here’s hoping that if it’s true, Aaron can overcome whatever personal obstacles he’s facing to stand strong and be himself.

  • John

    Sorry, but it’s true. He may indeed like the ladies, but he likes the boys too.

  • Paul

    Kinda like when Tim Tebow was “dating” Tayor Swift, right? Or when Seth MacFarlane was “dating” Amanda Bynes? LOL!!

    The word is “beard.”

  • Durk

    I really hope he isn’t gay. If he is I may end up finding myself rooting for him

  • Paul

    I know, right?

    Speaking as a gay Bears fan, this news would SUCK.

  • Dale

    It may well be that Rodgers is straight in spite of the circumstantial evidence, but the evidence cited is accurate. Rodgers did live with his assistant / personal trainer Kevin for years and spoke openly in print (including a Milwaukee Magazine story) of their relationship as being deeper than mere friendship and football. Kevin did go to various places as Aaron’s companion including the ESPY’s, did wear Aaron’s super bowl ring, etc. Kevin did post some pretty bitter tweets this fall and early winter which sound rather break-up like, and he did move out. Among the most interesting is his tweet “silence has an expiration date”. There have been rumors and pictures on the internet for more than a year that Rodgers has been dating childhood close friend (they met a bible camp) Destiny Newton, including that she’s carrying his baby and that they got engaged. But there’s been no baby, no wedding, and no further proof of that. Somewhat damning to using that as evidence Rodgers is not gay is that both his parents threw cold water on the notion that he has a serious girlfriend in a printed article. All of this information is documented, and if you sift through enough of the recent “Is Aaron Rodgers Gay” stories on the internet you’ll find links to the cited print articles, to pictures, and to images of Kevin’s interesting tweets, including some which have since been deleted.
    All that having been said, this is only circumstantial evidence. We have no proof that Rodgers was going to come out with a few other NFL’ers this summer and that his backing out is what turned the Aaron / Kevin relationship sour. That’s certainly a plausible way to put the pieces together, but just creating this possible narrative proves nothing. Of course the notion of looking and quacking like a duck is a duck, and if indeed Rodgers is gay the provable facts and events do point that direction. But I don’t him being gay is the *only* possible way to put this together either. It’s funny (and predictable) that there are strong opinions from people who want him to be gay and from others who insist he couldn’t be gay, whatever the driving force behind either would be. There’s a pretty good circumstantial case here, but no real proof.

  • Hawkstrat

    Yes. Faggots are gross.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Well said. Personally, I could care less. I’d more interested in the media dynamics that come up as a result of it (Chris Broussard vs. LZ Granderson round 2!) but if he swings both ways then whatever.

  • zt

    Welp I won’t be drafted Rodgers on my fantasy football team next year if this turns out true

  • Adolph Hitler

    Fucking queer

  • The Glenn

    Don’t care if he’s gay….care if he’s lying about it.

    Although it *would* explain how the refs try and protect him more than most other QB’s. (That’s a joke kids…don’t send me angry letters.)

    But did this author really say he’s never heard this about Rodgers before? Really? Or that he’s never heard it about another player except one?

  • HAL 9000

    Aaron Rodgers must be in heaven playing in the NFC North, getting a chance twice a year to get gang tackled by a lot of Big Bears. Again and again. Hah.

  • Anonymous

    The rumors have been around for years. Rodgers, when he won NFL MVP, stood up and hugged Kevin, not his gf who he was with at the time. Then there were stories in legit sports blogs that said Aaron had impregnated the woman and planning a wedding. But that was more than a year ago and unless she’s an alien with the longest pregnancy in history, she’s not had a child. And, they didn’t get married.

  • Runaway Jim

    It doesn’t matter. Rodgers is a conceited douche bag whether he’s gay or not.

  • Anonymous

    The one with the stripper name and tramp stamp?

  • Anonymous

    I saw Aaron embrace Kevin at the NFL Awards show. Saw it. You can probably get a clip of it easily. It was when the camera cut to Aaron in the audience.

  • Haha

    A little bit frozen…are?

  • Cheesehead

    Cali geography lesson. Distance from San Fran to Hollywood: 375 miles.

    Aside from geography, the majority holder of hearts and minds in NFL fans in LA is the Raiders.

  • Anonymous

    “Where there is smoke there is fire”………..

  • Paul

    It’s not his Dad. It’s probably some deranged Cheesehead. His Dad MAY be a bigoted homophobe, but I think even he has the sense to not e-mail a random blogger from a cell phone.

  • Tim O’Donnell

    Does it matter?

  • Axle Bearings

    Is it the mustache?

  • adrian mendoza

    Where there is smoke there is fire.

  • adrian mendoza

    Has it been an open secret for a couple of years?

  • adrian mendoza

    of course it does.

  • Anonymous

    It matters to the gays, they’re inching to have a star athlete outed. A top 4 QB, they’d crap themselves with delight.

    I hope it’s true cause it will make a lot of Packer fans uncomfortable!

  • Jst

    That is actually a reference by the Stern show to The Sopranos……Just pointing that out.

  • yeah right

    Why would Aaron be with a gossip queen bigmouth like you? You would think downlow guys like Aaron would be with other downlow guys…

  • Your mama

    Fuck him go niners

  • Anonymous

    Go Niners!!

  • Jeffrey Marks

    Thanks, Tyler. That’s exactly the type of thing I suggested that the author could have confirmed prior to writing this. It would have been a more powerful article if he’d relied on more than Perez.

  • Ryan

    Aaron once mentioned that his favorite drink is a Cosmo. A cocktail made famous by Sex & the City. Gay.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares whether or not he’s gay? What does that have to do with his excellence or failure as a quarterback, or his professional performance in any way, more or less so than any other straight or gay professional in any job?

  • doc

    contact me – coyoteb1@aol.com

  • http://twitter.com/TyrannoThunder Tyrannosaurus Thunder

    it’s all a conspiracy brought upon the opposing team to distract the Pac from advancing to the next round……….GO PATRIOTS ALL THE WAY BABY

  • ExOnMS

    It doesn’t, and the writer didn’t suggest that. But it DOES have a huge positive impact on the LGBT community, which the writer did suggest. Stop automatically assuming negative things.

  • Vic Lagina

    So…he’s a fudge Packer? HA!

  • Brian Sprouse

    I was going to say who cares if he is gay or not, but then I got to thinking about his center when he isn’t running the shotgun formation lol.

  • DM

    I don’t know of anyone in Wisconsin that suspects that Aaron is gay, except for maybe Bears fans that just want to bring him down. Either way, Wisconsin loves Aaron and most will embrace him even more if he decides to let the public know (that is, if he is in fact gay.)

  • dasitmane13


    that page has the tweets from Kevin (which are now deleted).

  • dasitmane13

    Hahaha, touche

  • dasitmane13

    Jeez, don’t gotta be all gay about it.

  • dasitmane13

    Makes sense that he’s on the “Packers”.

  • Linda Hanson

    If he is ,cool if he isnt cool. Let the mans private life be just that, PRIVATE! SHAME ON YOU FOR gossiping. SHAME ON YOU FOR STEPPING INTO HIS BUSINESS.If Aaron is gay then let him come out when HE IS READY,It’s not your place to tell. geez

  • Jeffrey Marks

    Thanks.. It looks pretty obvious to me

  • Jeffrey Marks

    Thanks.. It looks pretty obvious to me

  • packer forever

    Wisconsin loves and will continue to love aaron probably till retirement and he always could be BI sexul he hs every womans body t the plm of his hands all he has to do is saysex please and they will come running and he mght be gay…he likes to touch the bears defenses ass… with his cleats :-)

  • Chelo

    Who gives a fuck if he’s is or isn’t?
    He’s a football player, a good one at that.
    That’s all I care about and so should everyone else.

  • Love everyone and let live.

    perez hilton is a douche!!! That is very substantiated. Who gives a screaming shit who is GAY and who isn’t. As long as there are assholes like Perez in the World there will be no tolerance for anyone. Perez is a hate mongering jerk off. Go back to the trud produced that plopped you out. loser.

  • Anonymous

    “I’ve got a roommate, a guy I met in town. He works for the Packers now as an athletic trainer, but he was interning when I met him and we just hit it off. He’s been great for me as far as great conversations outside of football.
    *Our friendship goes a lot deeper than what we do.”

    how does Rogers say something like this and deny he’s been in a relationship with Kevin?

    half of the NFL already just assumed anyway

  • Anonymous

    “I’ve got a roommate, a guy I met in town. He works for the Packers now as an athletic trainer, but he was interning when I met him and we just hit it off. He’s been great for me as far as great conversations outside of football.
    *Our friendship goes a lot deeper than what we do.”

    how does Rogers say something like this and deny he’s been in a relationship with Kevin?

    half of the NFL already just assumed anyway

  • Anonymous

    Ya gotta admit, if it turns out to be true, it’s awesome that he’s a Packer.

  • Squirming

    Yeah, who cares if you want to put the genitals of another hairy guy in your mouth. Ugh, I guess I do. That’s way creepy. I hope it ain’t true….

  • erica

    He does kind of look like Mr. Slave with that little mustache..i doubt hes gay..it would just be to perfect since he plays for the fudge packers.

  • erica

    you do know he can sue you for libel?

  • Anonymous

    Prez Hilton really? Shame! Shame! Shame! Gay or straight who cares? Why is the media picking up this mess?! If he were out and about making babies would they make him straight?

  • Anonymous

    Even if it’s true?


  • Greenlee

    So what if he’s gay and/or straight? Who really cares? Move on…

  • doesitmatter

    Who cares?

  • Medusa Media

    Something that is missing in this article that complicates things for Aaron: he plays for the Green Bay Packers. He might be scared to come out because he would not want people to make jokes about the Packers having a gay QB. People would make “fudge packers” jokes. If Aaron played for another NFL team — one that did not lend itself so easily to jokes — then he might come out. But no way he comes out because he would not want all Packers to be called “fudge packers” because he was on the team.

  • gump_

    I’m not speculating on whether or not he’s gay, but if he is then how dare anybody try to out him unless he specifically says something against the lgbt community, which he hasn’t. It’s his choice and his life and nobody should mess with that.

  • Cheese

    his photo bombing tradition is really gay as well. Shows his want for attention and acceptance.

  • toast

    Exactly. Why would a grown man wait around and try to join a photo that he was not invited to. He must feel scorned.

  • car

    yes, Cheese is right. Photobombing is sooo gay

  • butter

    photobombing is a very gay tendencing

  • Jenny Murphy

    Imagine all those people with Rodgers jersey’s in the stands,,,they are probably thinking uttt ohhhhhh,,,,,once he comes out there wont be one single Rodgers jersey within a 50 mile radius of Packers stadium..

    then your gonna have the jokes,,like “did you hear the Green bay packers changed their name?,,,,yea to the Green Bay fudge-packers”

    do the straight tough guy players on the team wanna be called fudge packers?

    its gonna be rough on the team,,im sure the team owner is doing everything in his power to hush it up $$$$…

  • Leon Shuttlesworth

    White men are homosexual naturally I dont see what the big deal is, White males in rome and greece loved pumping each other in that booty duty….

  • Anonymous

    Billkoz, are you gay, or are you going to pull a Kerry?

  • nyc

    in the end and in gods eyes it doesn’t really matter., just matters if you live a happy healthy life., I had a near death experience once. and I came out of it realizing that our our time here is so short. , Don’t waste it judging or sending negative vibes to others. Even though you may not share same sexual concept as a gay person just leave them be.My brother is gay. ya at first I was weirded out by it but you know what. hes happy and that’s all i really care about. … move along let people be….. the fact that this article is even written just shows how devolved we are as a culture at this point in time. Whoever is reading my post ask yourself this question, were you ever ridiculed, put down, or spit on in life? if you say no your lying to yourself. What did you learn from this? If anything love others,. live life with an open heart, try not to judge what we don’t understand or discriminate. were all gods children.

  • M2

    I wrote an article about my thoughts on this on my blog http://www.manningtomanning.wordpress.com It’s short and I think you should go check it out.

  • Tex

    With Aaron’s chiseled looks, some people probably wish he was gay. Most commenters here feel like I do: it’s his business, not yours.

  • C.L. Napolitano

    You know America is ‘Walking on the Dark Side’ when you have
    to Come out of the Closet and Tell the Media; “Guess What Guys – I’m NOT Gay”.

  • Tom Brady

    Now his teammates know why Aaron always has an erection every time they shower after a game……..

  • lordhelmet

    Well, his team IS called the “Packers”…… You’d think he’d be up under center more than in the shotgun though. Just sayin.

  • Proud Mac

    I understand exactly what Rodgers is dealing with. As a man in my 50′s who has never had a wife or girlfriend, people sometimes assume I am gay. This is so ridiculous. I would never look at another man in a sexual way. My husband would kill me!

  • JC Chavez

    If it smells like a rat…looks like a rat, then it must be a rate. -Terrell Owens

  • WTF

    What’s a “rate”?

  • Justice for ALL

    LOLOL That is too funny! Good one, Proud!

  • Roger Carter

    I never suspected Rodgers until now, and after looking at that gay hair on his lip, I’m thinking it may be true. Aaron, very disappointing.

  • TerraNu1

    Funny how this rumor is getting a lot of traction after shoving it up the a$$ of the Bears.

  • peteR

    Bisexual isn’t “gay”….

  • peteR

    No Packer fan would care as long as he is the QB/man he is…….and this is conservative GB!!! Somehow knowing negatives that exist, I am sure he will be dating girls for at least the next 10 years…

  • Notboutthat

    Aaron May be gay buy Perez Hilton is a faggot.

  • shinyorbs

    His ex boyfriend posted a picture of himself wearing AR superbowl ring…thats pretty in timate I think AR is gay too bad he has to hide it he should be getting married any day now to a female to make himself heterosexual

  • Barkz2much

    Sounds like Rock Hudson.

  • Tommy Udo

    Well, he did attend Cal-Berkeley. So the chance of him being a homosexual is much greater than that of the average person.

  • mattinacan

    his long time girlfriend is beautiful

  • smith

    When I heard that he went to Cal Berkeley I thought, that bolsters the argument that he is gay.

  • John Poon

    sounds like we got another one of Rodgers’ jilted ex lovers. tell us is he a top or bottom

  • Dan Abel

    Straight, bi or gay who cares.

  • Steve

    b.s.! lol i smell troll hardcore

  • Bob

    I’m gay and I’m gonna pull Kerry.

  • AdamfromAmesbury

    Who cares if AR is a pickle sniffer, this is 2014, not 1914. The guy is still human and is still the 2nd best QB in the NFL behind Tom Brady (No pun intended when I said “Behind Tom Brady”). I’d think it was awesome if the dude was gay, good for him. There’s too many ignorant asses in this world that make too much of a big deal just because a guy likes another guy or a chick likes another chick, grow the fuck up people…

  • zinn21 zinn21

    Aaron just stated publicly that he is not gay… In a time when homosexuality is no longer a big deal except for homophobes and religious fanatics there is no reason to lie. And I believe he is telling the truth. There is no reason to lie because no one cares anyway..

  • Sarah F

    He’s engaged to Destiny Newton


    F@CK this FAGGOT MUTHERF@CKER!! BAHAHAHAHAHA, WHAT IS YOUR NFL FANTASY? NFL sheep, pointless entertainment for the mindless sheep!!!

  • TruthBtold

    Well, it figures he’d play for a team named the Packers.

  • debi

    Nah, she’s real. Beards look like Michelle Obama.

  • TCorpses

    I dunno. Michelle Obama is pretty to me. Doesn’t mean Barack isn’t suspect though. I agree.

  • Kevweb

    All he had to do was shave that mustache and nobody would think he was. He looks like Mr. Slave from South Park.

  • mavrick

    Perez Hilton is the source ??What does he know about sports or footballs aside that he would like to think that there is a whole team of fudge packers

  • debi

    The mustache was grown for charity.

  • buccoman

    I’m gay and was an athlete when I was younger, There is nothing the least bit famous, or even notable in my “career,” but I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in the athletic world, in locker rooms, and hanging out with athletes. I was outed a few years ago at a party by a drunk friend (woman) who had asked my ex-wife if it was all right to date me. My wife told her I was gay. The woman blurted it out and I affirmed it. That was that. To the best of my knowledge,not one person has changed their opinion of me. My old friends are still my best pals and my life is hardly any different. I identify as gay, but the truth is that, like Rodgers, I really like women too, and sometimes get interested in them, and date them. For me, the truth of my sexual identity is not easily nailed down, and I think to a large extent it’s that way for most people. I’m not trying to suggest Ridgers is gay, or bisexual, but I do know that for those of us who are embedded in the macho-male world, it’s particularly hard to identify yourself on the sexual identity spectrum. You might clearly know you like to have sex with guys but you also are in this largely perceived- to- be- un-gay culture. It makes it extremely challenging. I wish people could understand all of this. In sum, I have to believe that Rodgers’ odd response indicates at the very least he has some confusion about sexual identity. The paradox is that Rodgers deserves his privacy, but that gay people deserve to know that there is no prejudice in sports. Someone has got to be the exemplar no matter how much he would like to keep his private life private. I understand just how much invasion of privacy there would be for someone as famous as Rodgers, but someone has to be heroic enough to do it. But at least the NFL should give some guidance to players on how to talk about it. The least we can ask of Rodgers is to give a thoughtful response, and until he does, I have the right to believe that he might be hiding something, even though it’s really none of my business.


    Can he play this weekend? I just read somewhere has a limp wrist.

  • Gay and Proud

    Even if Rodgers admitted he was gay, most gay men I know can’t imagine what he or any other gay man would find attractive physically or intellectually about that nauseating queen, Perez Hilton. We wouldn’t trust a word he says even if he was simply telling us what time it is.

  • Comprehension Editor

    Hilton isn’t saying that he himself is Rodgers’ boyfriend. He’s suggesting that Rodgers’ associate, Kerry Rhodes, is suspected of being regarded as more than just a friend. In any case the , the nauseating queen part of your comment is still true. LOL

  • Comprehension Editor

    Hilton isn’t saying that he himself is Rodgers’ boyfriend. He’s suggesting that Rodgers’ associate, Kerry Rhodes, is suspected of being regarded as more than just a friend. In any case the , the nauseating queen part of your comment is still true. LOL

  • SmokeThisPole

    get ready to get that shit pushed in niners!

  • Peter G

    Public figures can’t sue for libel unless there is malice. And no one can sue anonymous posters on the internet for obvious reasons.

  • John Smitty

    Cuz a man and a man or women and a women are not supposed to be together. sorry but that doesnt happen with any other species and we all know its not supposed to happen. If u choose that then great and best wishes to you. Just dont expect me to agree with it.

  • Anonymous

    aids research?

  • Rob Long

    you have the right to mind your business That is the only right you have when it comes to Rodgers.. I just thought you needed to be corrected, so i did it.

  • Rob Long

    Rodgers says he isnt gay, thats the end of the story.. Clearly he isnt genetically afflicted with the “gay” dna, so he is still playing for the right team i guess.

  • debi

    No no no it’s Kevin, not Kerry.

  • debi

    Gosh, I’ll say it again: LOTS of NFL players were growing ‘staches in November for some charity event. They all laughed about how “porn star” they looked.

  • John Wilson

    One GIGANTIC homo (Perez Hilton) outing another gay guy?? Whatever happened to the gay Bro code?? I guess Hilton is desperate get traffic to his site

  • Attlebro227

    What rock have you been living under man? There are over 1500 known species that engage in both heterosexual and homosexual behavior… Only 1 species exhibits homophobia… Nobody gives a shit what terds like you will agree with, so go back under that rock…

  • Anonymous

    Aaron, if you are gay, it’s only the queens and their political agenda that want you to come out.

    I am a gay man, and trust me, these folks do not watch football, you should be certain that this is what you want to do, and not be coerced into doing it.

    If you are gay, you have my support and admiration, and I hope you play a long time. Do not come out. It will end your career and many football fans will be afraid for your safety if you do manage to continue.

    God bless you Aaron. You seem to be a great guy. Stay true to who you are to those who love you but stay in the closet-if you are gay- to those whose only reason to have you come out is to further their own sick agenda.

    God Bless and go Packers !! (the queens are all laughing at this sentence because they are all bottoms that want a hot top. If i had to date a queen Id date a woman)


    It’s bullcrap. And I’m gay. Sorry but a “Bro Hug” does not constitute some romantic attachment to me. In fact, that’s just taking it to a whole new low. Obviously what happened was Aaron got word of the rumors, told his bestfriend it’s time for him to go and his bestie got hurt by it. And maybe even felt the need to send out cryptic tweets to substantiate those said rumors as a way of getting back. Sorry but this is all BS. I am NOT convinced.


    Another thing that really irritates me about this.. Is I know who Aaron Rodgers and Kevin Lanflisi are now and wish I still never heard of either of them. What a crappy way to get your names out there. One some athlete in a game I could care less about much less interested in watching. And another some spoken word poet who preaches The Word. How I wish I could erase both from my mind and sorry I actually took the time to look into this crappy story.

  • kbk7000

    FLASHERFAVRE wouldn’t associate w/Aaron maybe QBs better if avoid women

  • kbk7000

    Aaron might b bottomer pretty mustachioed mouth big lips

  • Anthony Jones

    This all happen because his female GF was plain looking and everybody started screaming “GAY”……Why is Football so gossipy and bitchy?

  • John Smitty

    Obviously you do care thats why all this crying happens when people on duck dynasty and others give opinions. Tired of hearing about it. Reproduction is impossible with same sex partners so think that answers who were supposed to be with.

  • yum

    satire, sweet sweet satire

  • Romeo Cisneros

    I wasn’t going to do this, but i had no choice; has to be said. Does anyone else think it is quite ironic that Aaron Rodgers is gay and he is a “Packer?” LMAO.

  • Romeo Cisneros

    Oh Aaron, you dumb son of a bitch. Thanks John, he isn’t full on gay, he just sucked you off…GB fans feel a LOT better! LOL.

  • MRASoldier

    time for a Slander Law suit from Rodgers

  • MRASoldier

    time for a Slander Law suit from Rodgers

  • Dersour

    I think most Bears fans have suspected this for a while now. Especially bc most Packer fans blow him all over these threads…

  • JackBootedThug

    Perez Hilton is an a$$wipe that needs a good a$$ whoopin’.

  • JackBootedThug

    Keep telling yourself that…

  • Judd

    Nobody gives a fu@k.

  • dasitmane13

    Yeah, same here. Still … kinda crazy! I am not judging, it would just be HUGE if he came out.

  • Tim O’Donnell

    Why? The only person it should matter to is the person he’s involved with. I don’t see why it should matter to anyone else.

  • Nancy Groll

    Rodgers’ word is good enough for me. He doesn’t have to prove anything. I think the real truth is that a lot of men WISH he was gay and let their imaginations run away with them.

  • smhgays

    Hmmh. I wonder why men weren’t born with vaginas for sex and they have just their poop terminus. a nigerian gay actor just died from anal pain from infections.
    Gays always talk about sex and are always horny. It’s a sex thing. It’s not normal. Watching porn, being alone with guys at an experimenta age and trying it once when you’re horny and there’s no girl around and that’s how it starts. Most guys did it once in their youth and got over it. The rest, became P**** lovers.
    At a time when young boys become sexually curious, if gayness or sleeping with men isencouraged or anything related to gayness is exposed to tem, it triggers homosexuality. A gay person has a sexual problem. He is not made that way.

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