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Steven Tyler Sings/Screeches/Murders The National Anthem

You have to believe that Steven Tyler wants a mulligan on his performance of the National Anthem just prior to the start of the AFC Championship matchup between the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens. To say that he was awful would be an understatement.

The Aerosmith frontman, who also twilights as a judge on the hit show American Idol, has certainly seen better days. You have to believe that if “judge” Steven Tyler saw “singer” Steven Tyler perform this poorly he probably wouldn’t put him through to “Hollywood week.” I mean, how is this guy supposed to pass as a judge on a singing competition when he does… this? Check out the video:

Next up, at the NFC Championship game later today, is Kristin Chenoweth. My money is on Ms. Chenoweth at least being able to sing in key.

Video via CJ Fogler

  • Craig Callan

    My thoughts exactly.  Great musician had a horrible day with a song he cannot mess up.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4IWNIG3FD7QUY4EV2IZSA4MRQM Mr. Schmitt.

    Ive heard worse

  • Jhrbanker

    That was an absolute disgrace, and the NFL should apologize for their bad judgement. As for Mr Tyler, he should be ashamed of his performance. I don’t believe it was a “bad day” for him. I think he just didn’t bother to sober up for the occasion.

  • 4taters

    It sounded like Steven Tyler to me. What did they expect, he is a Rock-N-Roll Master!~

  • http://twitter.com/1WaySTweet Ron Simpson

    Next time get an American Idol. They can sing.

  • http://twitter.com/1WaySTweet Ron Simpson

    Next time get an American Idol. They can sing.

  • Anonymous

    The look of confusion on John Harbaugh’s face at the 28 second mark: priceless.

  • Bugsy853

    He is rock&roll what u expect!

  • Daeagle07

    This is how he sings it every time. It his “style” go listen to it on YT with Perry by his side and a full orchestra and it’ll give you goosebumps. The man isn’t known for his a cappella, rather his screams. At least the man had enough gusto to hit the high note. I applaud him for at least remembering the words.

  • Robert Miles144

    What are you talking about? That was a proper Rock and Roll national anthem. Good on Steve for doing it.

  • guest

    This IS who he is and to expect differently is…crazy.

  • Steve

    I thought it was good. N’uff said.

  • http://twitter.com/studioincavo Michael Incavo

    @RobertMiles144:disqus - I agree. I found nothing wrong with this- I thought it was well done.

  • rsc

    loved it

  • Blazes Boylan

    Nothing wrong with that performance . . . hit all the notes.  Who is Tom Lorenzo?

  • Jaymz

    Is Steven Tyler the moderator for this???!!!  Whoever thinks ST did a good job perpetuate the terrible music that makes everyone I know turn their radios off.

  • Luannefv

    Thought it was great

  • Tom Lorenzo

    I guess I expected him to sing in key. That’s all.

  • Tom Lorenzo

    I’m not saying I could do any better, but to say he “hit all the notes…” I’m just not hearing it.

  • Jaymz

    Yeah… he hit all the notes alright… just nowhere near the right timing.  Bobcat Goldthwait might have done better.

  • Lovely

    If that act had a smell, it would be hot garbage!

  • Guest

    There was absolutely nothing wrong with the way he sings this. You call Steven Tyler, you get Steven Tyler. And he was as awesome as he always is.

    Stop listening to autotuned crap and listen to some old school aerosmith and you’ll know what good music actually is.


    It was awful….He was messed up on something in my eyes. Such a sad thing for a fan of his to see.

  • Blazes Boylan


  • Jinx

    Did he mess up any of the lyrics?

  • Lazer

    Maybe it is time for some NEW speakers for alot of you. It was a train wreck!!! Plain and simple. “Thought it was great” Are you kidding me. The NFL owes us for this one.

  • Diva013

    steven Rocks ALWAYS!!!! He sang it the same way at the Red Sox game… No surprises just Rock and Roll ROYALTY!!!

  • http://twitter.com/VivaLaBama Derek Losey

    Exactly how I was expecting he’d do it.  It was awesome. Has this guy Tom Lorenzo ever even heard Steven Tyler before?
    SportsGrid editor probably wants a mulligan for approving this write-up.

  • Lovely

    Yes… I stopped listening at “As bomb bursting in air”.  It was minor, but still unacceptable.

  • Xesecre

    I thought he did a great job!  I think these writers, like Tom, need to get a clue!!!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FX5QGAP5WS7OADBM2YTIPMWR5A Bryan

    Crack heads have no idea how terrible they are!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=542275535 Ryan Boisvert

    tom lorenzo is a fool. who the heck are you to judge ST? your an idiot sir.

  • Sgtproductions

    See, the problem is this…you get someone who’s NOT a professional musician critiquing a performance, and they think that they are terrible. I am a professional musician, and I wouldn’t have necessarily had Steven Tyler perform the National Anthem…but the beauty of music is it is a very broad spectrum. Steven Tyler is a Rock and Roll Artist. He is going to give you Rock and Roll, not opera, Pop, or the like. Steven Tyler is his own person, therefore, he will give you what he feels is his own rendition…was it good? To some people, absolutely not. To someone who understands Tyler’s background and who he is as a musician, probably they would think it was incredible. I thought it was okay and shouldn’t be represented, but it’s the NFL, a big game, and they hired a big act. It is what it is. :)

  • Houndfan

    Sounded fine to me, but  I’m not expecting Celine Dion when I see Steven Tyler. That’s his 
    singing style and he did the best with the voice he had.

  • http://www.facebook.com/patty.wilson Patty Wilson

    LOVED IT ……..LOVE STEVEN TYLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mallen2_9

    Didnt sound that bad..people need to worry about other more important thangs

  • Doresa dixon

    I think it was great…and i agree to “Sgtproductions”, small minds say it wasnt good but good and great musicians will understand the way it was rendered! GO STEVEN…..YOU STILL ROCK AND I LOVE YOU!!!

  • Kelly Z

    That is a 62 year old ROCKER and can still belt it out!!! He did exactly what he has been doing for years!!! All of you haters that think he was bad need ot go figure out what BAD is!! Steven is an American and he loves this Country.. that is more than I can say for all of you bashing him for doing this!!!

  • Stevenkramer619

    He is a PERFORMER, he’s never been known to be the best singer, but one of the best performers ever.

  • Bhoderl

    It was fine. Who do you expect fatass dyke Rosanne Barr.

  • Uyeywe

    The man was off key, he had pitch problems and his range was inadequate for this song. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Karen-Nelson/1339729501 Karen Nelson

    EXCUSS    ME      Apparently you are either  death or young   Stevenb Tyler is Steven Tyler and can not be beat.    If you cannot handle it to bad

  • The11the11

    Hey, I’m a Steve Tyler fan, so I tried to like it…..I really tried….hard….but no way.  It was one of the worst performances of the National Anthem I have ever heard!  Really?  Folks are posting that it was good?  I can only imagine that these are BS, posted only to elicit a response.  Tyler messed up the words, pitch and timing.  Hey, nobody’s perfect….it’s a tough song….but at least get the words right.  Hell, performing is this guy’s job and f’ing up the National Anthem is inexcusable…..at least for an American.  Perhaps it was just too cold for the old guy.

  • Ttcpowell

    I expected Steve Tyler to sound like Steve Tyler and he did, every singer sings this song with their own slant…and if you though he was going to sound like Elvis Pressley…….Drean on!

  • Ttcpowell

    I meant “thought”

  • Gordon Johnson

    All anyone can ask is that people chosen to render our National Anthem is that they do better than one’s father.  Steven Tyler was never dulcet but my aged pappy who never has been trained or paid for his voice had to mute the TV when the “can you” was uttered.  There are voices ill suited to this song and those in charge should know, listen, and refrain from embarrassing themselves, the singer, the stadium crowd, and the broadcaster.

  • Baby Ice Dog

    It sounded like Steven Tyler singing the National Anthem..AWESOME!!!  Like Steven Tyler cares what a bunch of over weight couch potatoes who don’t know a thing about rock n roll think. You guys would say the same thing about Janis Joplin singing the National Anthem. Go get another beer and a bag of chips.

  • Speichera

    Not as bad as that odious Rosie  O’whatshername but pretty bad. Not a good song for a geriatric rock star.

  • Amy

    Loved it!

  • KJ

    He started off one octave too high, that was his mistake.

  • KJ


  • Nice

    Im from New Zealand and it was great, Ive heard worst (Christine Ag) but I would be interested in whether Tom Lorenzo could sing the well respected American National anthem as well

  • Mobius613

    But…Ray Lewis NOT removing his beanie is NOT a disgrace???

  • Skittles58

    I was in the kitchen when the anthem started, and did not know who was singing.  I heard an off key/pitch and peeked into the living room to see the TV, and was shocked to see who was singing.  I’m a Steven tyler/Aeorsmith fan, but that was not good.

  • Dorine

    Great Job Steven……!   

  • Heather

    He started … that was his mistake.

  • Heather

    It wasn’t the “style” that was bad.  It’s terrific to have different styles.  The problem was he was flat!  Or as Randy Jackson would say, he was “pitchy, Dog”!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GADJBI5TDUDOT2M7SL3W6Q6KY4 Trip

    he was great; if you don’t want the lead singer of Aerosmith to sing it like Aerosmith, then don’t hire Steven Freaking Tyler. so sorry there were no tits or auto-tuned hip-hop for you brain dead sports writers to cue on.

  • Heather

    The only thing more upsetting than listening to Steven Tyler screech the National Anthem is learning how many people here are tone deaf.

    This was beyond painful.  I like Steven Tyler; loved his music once.  But this was not music.

  • Peacheslily

    People…people…it is Steven Tyler.  You asked Steven Tyler to sing the National Anthem.  And you got Steven Tyler.  What is the problem.  Next time ask the Evancho girl to sing it.

  • Steve Stein

    I liked it.  Heartfelt.  It’s the style I expect from Tyler.  It’s the Boston sound – you got a problem with that?

  • Jschuhmann

    Gimme a break people,  if you even are familiar with Steven Tyler you would know that is his style. HELLO!! Hes a rock singer and a great one at that.  I think he did good and the best he could being a rock singer.  He rocks!!  Im proud to have him sing it.  Hes an american rock star of all time!!
    They got what they hired him for.

  • Jschuhmann

    Well said.

  • Jschuhmann

    Every one seems to forget THEY asked him to do it.  It is exactly what we would expect from Steven Tyler , if you listened to his music you would know this.  Thats his whole identity, that scream/ rock style singing. 

  • Jschuhmann

    No, you just dont know who he is or his style of singing apparantly.  No apologies necessary. People love Steven Tylers style of singing.  Hes laughing at all the negative comments … all the way to the bank. Sounds pretty smart to me!!

  • Marygerl

    I don’t think he knows the words. Last year he sang it at the Bruins opener…they put the words on the jumbotron (I’ve NEVER seen that before).

    Can’t be worse than spelling Canada wrong at the winter classic at Fenway a couple of years ago. They spelled it Cananda.

  • SF fans suck

    The worst, most disgraceful thing about the National Anthem was the reaction from the fans when they were booing anytime a NY Giant was shown on the big screen!  Regardless of how someone sings the song, EVERYONE needs to show respect for what the song represents.  The fans booing at the game showed what scum they are!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GADJBI5TDUDOT2M7SL3W6Q6KY4 Trip

    if there are no tits or auto-tuned hip hop for sports writers to take their cue from, they’re lost.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GADJBI5TDUDOT2M7SL3W6Q6KY4 Trip

    when there are no tits or auto-tuned hip hop, sports writers have no idea what’s going on.

  • Demillo69

    You probally think long hair is a discrace too.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GADJBI5TDUDOT2M7SL3W6Q6KY4 Trip

    typical response from a banker

  • giovanni

    He stunk!  My 5 year old could have done a better job….and he is a judge on American Idol??? Please spare us the defense of his performance.  It just reinforces my opinion that there are a bunch of no-talent people out there earning millions.  But, hey, that’s the American way.  Appeal to the masses and make it.

  • R65321

    sports grid, go to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jon

    He’s called THE DEMON OF SCREAMIN’. What did people expect? Him to go out there and sing it like Justin Bieber????

  • kingdavidsings@gmail.com

    I like Steven Tyler and I like Aerosmith, however his rendition of the National Anthem was horrific. I am a singerg and I started out in rock, and heavy metal…so I understand the “rock” style. However, Tyler’s rendition was just plain BAD!! He was not on key, his pitch was off, he clearly did not know the words, and started the song in a key that was to high for him!! He was an embassment to all musicians who sing rock and do it correctly….on key on pitch with the right lyrics. He was grossly un-professional, and if he appeared in front of himself on the American Idol panel, he would throw himself off the show, with extremely unflattering comments! Let me say again that I am a fan of Tyler’s and his body of work with Aerosmith. People and “schooled” musicians are always stating that rock musicians have very little talent, and are overated…tonight Tyler provided evidence of this fact…unfortunately!!

  • Mocatman69

    Tyler is a screamer not a singer. Not surprising that he can’t sing the National Anthem.

  • Bulldozer

    Where I would expect knee jerk or emotional comments to come from individuals, but like many others have pointed out this is Steve Tyler. It looked like Steven Tyler, it sounded like Steven Tyler, Oh it must be Steven Tyler. And he nailed the Anthem as I would expect Steven Tyler to do, once more even at the age of 63. What shocks me more is that a supposedly professional media reporting agency would want to jump on the band wagon and chime in with similar comments. Is this Sports Grid or the National Inquirer? If the Sports Grid did consider themselves as a knowledgable media in the world of sports, they migh want to consider the next time Tom Lorenzo sends them his next article to publish. Either way I have given Sports Grid more time then deserved. 1st and last time I will burn O2 for the Sports Grid.

  • Randy

    Now, I like Steven, but that was just not good at all, even for a rocker style.   He was so flat, and way off in parts.    Think they went for  a big star instead of a really good singer.  He’s no Clay Aiken or Celine Dion, but he puts on a good stage show.

  • Toolgirl621

    They asked a rocker to sing the anthem and they got “a rocker singing the anthem”. I for one loved it.

  • Anonymous

     Tom L#$%zo you are nobody. steven  can do whatever the hell he wants. You never heard of aerosmith really? dumb f#%K those records were made long before autotune  fu#^!!! who is hiring these wank a#s supposed writers?

  • Laurence Smith

    Women with girlish sounding voices and metrosexuals like Steven Tyler should not be allowed to even verbalize the National Anthem. Tyler, who forced a 16-year old groupie to have an abortion 30 years ago looks more like a woman or a transgender freak now. Kristen Chenoweth, who sang the national anthem at the Giants/Frisco game has a girlish voice but she sang it with dignity and obvious pride, making Tyler’s version look like something from some amateur hour or some singer in a karaoke bar. Steven, if you are now more homosexual then at least fake being hetero and cut your hair and stop dressing like a drag queen.     

  • http://twitter.com/sandilynn1975 sandilynn1975

    It seems the national anthem and the happy birthday song are two songs that people most frequently sound off key on. Why can no group of people sing happy birthday on key? I don’t get it. haha Besides the point, yes this is Steven Tyler’s style of singing which works more for his type of music. Was it his best? Probably not, but it’s Steven Tyler. He sings Love in An Elevator, Cryin, etc. He has a scream, screech, yell sort of thing going on all the time and people love it. I don’t know how they didn’t predict he would sing in that same rock n roll style for the national anthem.

  • Psykobarbi

     Ya asked for Steven Tyler, Ya got Steven Tyler. He is a rock singer & in his 60s for the record! I Was more pissed off by players & fans of both teams not removing their hats, during the National Anthem!! Tom Lorenzo should hav a mulligan for his article for not complaining about the total lack of respect that was sooo apparent!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RLMJC6SOOUURAEERYL7SHDLLAM never will

    It was a great performance, just like any aerosmith tune. Tom Lorenzo is a hater

  • Michaelnolan10

    I didn’t actually see this on TV but just seen it now online and I definitely have no problem with what so ever.  It actually brought me back to the golden age of music.  This is Steven Tyler people. For the people who said they didn’t like it well I’m sorry that it wasn’t one of the fake pop singers to wouldn’t know how to sing passionately if it bit them on their a#$. In my opinion this is what patriotism is all about singing with passion even if you can’t hit all the notes. At least he knew all the words. I think what we should be talking about is some of the players having total disrespect to their country by not putting a hand over their heart.

  • Lone Wolf

    Really? Are  you kidding me? The guy is a ROCKER.  So what did you expect?  Bocelli? He sounded GREAT as his Rock Star self.  As for you and Tommy Lorenzo, you should be ashamed of YOURSELVES.  Judgmental, uninformed little twirps.

  • Frank

    You said it clear a hundred percent. He just gave what he got.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=583250723 Reddog Redmond

    He sang the song acapella. It certainly did not sound flat. Besides He’s done better than a lot of celebrities who have sang the National Anthem. Does anybody remember Roseanne Barr?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=583250723 Reddog Redmond


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=583250723 Reddog Redmond

    The truth of the matter is that of all of us who heard Steven Tyler sing the anthem, I guarantee the most of us would not sound any better in front of thousands of live people looking at us and millions on television. I have performed in front of hundreds of people. No matter how much I have practiced singing or an acting performance, there is a distinct difference between practice and live performance. Things happen. Tyler has a rocker voice and has been rocking for over three decades. At 62, the man still can hold his own, but let’s not forget that plenty of layman don’t even know the anthem at all and now we have people correcting one minor error where “the bombs bust in air”? We also have many people coming out of the woodwork critiquing his pitch. First and foremost, how many on here are actually performers? Out of those, how many have actually performed in front of this many people? Those of you who have should understand that not all of these performances are perfect. Secondly, of those of us who have no actual training in performing arts, it’s ok to have an opinion, but recognize that you are no expert in this field and move on. Tyler did not display disrespect while singing the anthem and did not appear high or drunk while singing it. As such this line of criticism is just lame at best. Leave the man alone.

  • Anonymous

    It was a fine performance. 

  • lemac

    its steven its what he does and he does it good. its his style i thought it was great in steven style!!!!

  • None

    What a bunch of dummies…. you dont get it. either you dont like or never listened to Aerosmith…or you are not from New England. That is steven tyler. It was great. Did you not hear the ovation he got?? F Whitney Houstons rendition lol…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brandy-Nettle/1205645868 Brandy Nettle

    I agree with this statement also. Steven Tyler isn’t know for being a smooth, melodic crooner. What made people think that he would sing out national anthem in a manner other than his own and I’ve definitely heard worse too.

  • Toni2ME

    That’s a great point!!  Whoever didn’t like his performance (well that’s your right to have an opinion).  But I LOVE Steven Tyler and I loved his version of the national anthem!!!!!  ROCK ON!!!!!

  • Heather

    I know a lot of Rock singers who can actually sing.  This proved that at least late in his career, Steven can’t anymore.  He WAS a great Rock singer … I guess we give him a pass because of it?   

  • Heather

    The fact that someone has sung the Anthem worse does not take away from the fact that this was bad.  He was definitely flat, off key.  Painful to hear by anyone with a good ear.

  • Mandylayfield

    Exactly, He did not do any worse than any of the others thats been in the spotlight before him.Atleast he didn’t leave out words and add words that don’t belong! Steven Tyler is a Rock n Roll super star! Like they said,You asked for Steven Tyler and you got Steven Tyler. I think he did great for the fact that he’s STEVEN TYLER!!! LOL! If he would not have screamed it out at the end, it would not have been Steven Tyler.

  • Dfaust

    Wasn’t there just a big flap over the proposed legislation that the singer of the national anthem be punished should they not sing it “correctly”? (I believe in was defeated) . Perhaps this was Tyler’s way of showing that art can affect politics. While he did a plausible job of hitting the notes, used the correct words, & was not compleatly out of tune he did manage to create a version that made many people shudder.

  • NickyT333

    When Steven hit that final note all I could do was smile…Bravo! Now if only he had a monitor to help him hear…and Joe Perry playing guitar next to him…it would have been perfect. Absolutely no disrespect there…it’s the only way that “bad boy from Boston” could have (and should have) done it!

  • Roxanna19

    They asked for Steven Tyler, they got Steven Tyler. I doubt that anyone really expected him to come out singing like a classical singer, if they wanted classical I think they would have found someone who sings that style of music.  Steven Tyler’s vocal style is no secret, did you expect him to sound like Josh Groban or something?  Steven has never been one to compromise on who he is…for anyone!   He did just fine, and pretty much what anyone should expect Steven Tyler to sound like singing the anthem.  This article is horrible and just meant to get attention and clicks to read on-line.  

  • edh

    Hey, that’s Enrico Palazzo!


  • Keitlu

    I would like to know who is responsible for picking this nut to sing our National Anthem?

  • Frankiev

    Turn their radios off?  Aerosmith and Tyler have been around for over 40 years – and I’ve been listening to them the whole time.  Great rock band, great rock singer.  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NS24QLGXQ452QGV3G447Q7ZUHA mmgkl

    It was one of the best, heartfelt renditions I’ve
    heard. He knew all the words and he sang it in his signature style. I’m
    not a big Tyler fan, but I thought he did a GREAT job. Not sure what the
    critique is, seems forced and a bit smarty-pants.

  • SouthFlScott

    His rendition was pretty close to unmodified, except with his added “accents” towards the end. He did miss 3 words which I think is a bit unfortunate. While I enjoyed his performance, this is a song that all the words have to be correct. So, my take is well done but a bit dissapointed on the mistaken 3 words.

  • Elvisingb

    It was REAL and from his little leathery HEART ! Would much rather hear Steven Tyler than then a sliding cowpoke twangy rendition or airy falsetto blonde bimbo interpretation ANYDAY !! 


    the nfl did not select tyler, the patriots did…


    chenowith had one of her groupies castrated…

  • Carol

    How in the world can you call this a “disgrace”?? Did you not hear Christina Aguilera, or Cyndi Lauper, or the COUNTLESS number of singers before Tyler that didn’t know the words but sang it anyways?? Not knowing all the words to our National Anthem at their ages, nowTHAT’S what I call a disgrace! And obviously you don’t even know Steven Tyler or you’d know that he’s been clean and sober for years.   Get real, buddy, and pick on somebody else you don’t like.


    blame the patriots, it was their call…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JAQEDUYR5FXKXOEMJVVAWQ44N4 Tim B

    Questioning the ability of Steven Tyler (possibly THE best rock singer of all time) to judge singing might be the douchiest thing I’ve ever seen a sports writer do.  Possibly worse than any Chris Chase article, and that’s a statement!  Tyler has had throat surgery, and is on the wrong side of 60, what did you expect?   The author probably couldn’t hit a single note to save his life!   What a clown!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JAQEDUYR5FXKXOEMJVVAWQ44N4 Tim B

    That’s like watching Clapton fumble a few notes at 80, then questioning his ability to judge a guitar competition.   Plain stupid.


    i wonder if lorenzo wrote his own headline…  he sounds as if he’s never heard an aerosmith record…  because if he had and still called it butchering then he has some pretty tough standards…  the patriots knew what they were getting when they signed tyler for the gig…

  • Anonymous

    He is 63 year old, what do you expect?

  • bill

    Is this a sports site, or a singing competition site? This man has more talent in his little pinky than your entire staff has in their tiny little minds. Report on the game, not the singing. That is what is wrong with this world, people point their little fingers at others to try to make up for their miserable lives. I mean, it is the National Anthem, not a contest. If you want to examine something, examine how we have thrown the author of our countries freedom, God out of our schools. 

  • bill

    Were you there? Is this God ir someone that is called to judge? You sound like you have a few sexual identity problems.  Your opinion is your opinion but don’t make a report about something that happened and act like you were there. Obviously you have a tiny mind that only has a few brain cells left.

  • Brant Soles

    I loved it, Steven Tyler was amazing at the National Anthem. I especially loved when he hit the line that goes like “ore the land of the free.” Great job steven keep it up!

  • bill

    Randy, what can I say, the name says it all. It was a football game and the National Anthem. It is funny how people want to stick up for the National Anthem and then vote against God in our schools. Your a hipocrite, at the very least. Lighten up a little and quit beating everyone to death.

  • bill

    neither can you sing, so comment on something you know about.

  • bill

    Your opinion means nothing. Are you famous? Did someone ask you to judge? If you are a singer have you never made a mistake? Lighten up, it was a football game!

  • bill

    That smell could have been your 5 year olds dirty underwear, or your breath blowing back in your face. Are you actually saying that your five year old has more talent than Steven Tyler? Parental proudness, which just reenforces my opinion that you suck.

  • Brant Soles

    I for one loved it and I’ve been listening to it all day long so, SHh. thank you. :-)

  • Cindy

    I saw Aerosmith perform for FREE before they were known.  Let me tell you, Steven is one of the greatest rock ‘n roll signers of all time.  He sang our anthem beautifully.  He wasn’t trying to make it all polished and boring sounding like soooo many I have heard and fast forwarded through.  I could hear through Steven’s voice, the emotion our anthem is meant to evoke.  I hope it’s available on i-tunes so I can download it and listen to it over and over.  By the way… How perfect they had Steven (a true fellow New Englander) to start a great Patriots game.  BEAUTIFUL!

  • bill

    I’ll bet you don’t know the words either. Stick with something you know something about, like pointing out famous people’s flaws.

  • Brant Soles

    You need to not dis my man.

  • Dan9274

    Sounded like Steven Tyler singing the national anthem to me. He’s not gonna sound like Mariah.

  • bill

    Don’t watch then, nobody made you did they? Find your center and comment on things you know something about, like how many chucks can a woodchuck chuck? The only thing upsetting is your opinion, which nobody cares about.

  • bill

    But you lived through it? Amazing

  • bill

    You’ll be old someday too, their sparky.

  • bill

    Then you ain’t no fan of his. Can you do better? You are a legend in your own mind.

  • bill

    Oh, well thank you God for sending your devine words to us mere mortals. You worry about how the National Anthem was sung but didn’t utter a word when they took God out of the schools, you are a hypocrite.

  • bill

    If you are so worried about the National Anthem, why didn’t you say something when they took God out of the schools? Who are you to judge anyone? Can you sing, hum, do you even know the words? The only thing plain and simple is that you don’t have a clue!

  • bill

    You are unacceptable, at least that is what I heard. I have seen you on Facebook. Unacceptable! The only thing that is unacceptable is the way you drive. My point exactly, comment on something you know about.

  • bill

    You ain’t no fan, then. Are you a bandwagoner, that is a fan when everyone likes soemthing?

  • bill

    Were you sitting down? Maybe the smell was coming from between your legs.

  • bill

    What I think is that you are sticking up for the National Anthem and you didn’t say anything when they were taking the National Anthem out of schools because it has God on it. Whomever thinks that your opinion about music should matter……

  • bill

    So you have a good ear? Or is someone trying to make you feel good to get what they want? The point here is that you don’t have a clue about singing. Wannabe

  • bill

    The bad pitch was coming from your opinion, that is not what anyone cares to hear.

  • bill

    Boy aren’t you all high and mighty? Did someone put you in charge of judging everyone?

  • bill

    Next time save your opinion because you know nothing about what you are talking about. Did you tune in to watch the game or him sing?

  • Murphy’s

    Loved it, Love Steven Tyler-and like another said-if you wanted it different-should have asked a different singer.  He is who he is!

  • bill

    So it was a disgrace? So you want to stick up for the National Anthem yet didn’t say a word when they were taking it out of the schools. You are a hypocrite.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VHCDPXXACOHQ5OUJORG2V7EYUM Bill

    HORRIBLE~!   He should be deported.  He’s UGLY and his mother dresses him funny.

  • Brant Soles

    You bet BILL.

  • Brant Soles

    You know I was was just talking to her and one your thinking of when she did it in 1990 and she redid it in 2011 and it was amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Why is this a story? That wasn’t that bad. It sounded like he was on key for the most part (with old pipes).

  • Jeremy

    my thoughts exactly.  I called my wife because I thought it was one of the BEST renditions I had ever heard.  It was inspired.  I have never heard that much of the  crowd singing along more to the national Anthem than I did at this performance.

  • Thersch000

    Bill, chill out man. People have a right to their opinion, as well as a right to voice it. That’s the beauty of this country for which The Star Spangled Banner is the national anthem. There’s no need to attack everyone who disagrees with you, but of course nobody can stop you from doing so (except the website manager I suppose). Peace bro. –1Lt Hersch, USAF.

  • Howard

    Your evaluation is painful.

  • Fivsonsmom

    As long as he didn’t spit and grab his crotch, (like Roseanne did singing the National Anthem some years back) he’s doing great in my opinion lol A melodic performance I wouldn’t have expected from him. He’s not exactly Josh Groban ya know lol.

  • Robinm1701

    I totally agree with you 100%. This is the way Steven Tyler sings. If you didn’t want him to sound like Steven Tyler they should’ve asked someone else. I think it’s insulting to him with all this negative feedback. Go Steven Go!

  • DV

    I thought he totally rocked it.  Get with it, people.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DZKQT3TVBIMHIJOGOKJCTY2UBY Kaleigh

    As a long time Aerosmith fan from the early days on, it was just what I expected.  Enjoyed it.  That voice has been his trademark in a much beloved band.  He gave a heartfelt rendition with the unique style he is known and famous for… and unlike many others before him he knew the correct words to our National Anthem.  Bravo Steven…. rock on!

  • what thu?

    sounds just like steve tyler! what the hell are these people talking about??!!  Try lettying JLo sing accapella, it would be the most embarrassing thing you ever saw!!

  • Ned

    Are you people all nuts!!!! The guy sounded like a crap! If this was some other 60 plus year old male, that looked like a  woman and sounded like that you would agree. Steven Tyler had his day, but he is old and washed up….. With all of the facelifts and make up he makes me think of Michael Jackson, only Michael Jackson could still dance and sing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Occupy-CrackheadJesus/100003167450746 Occupy CrackheadJesus

    WWCHJD? What Would Crackhead Jesus Do? Relish Rosanne Barr’s version of the Star Spangled Banner.

  • Mutaman

    “Steven Tyler is a Rock n Roll super star!”
    Yeah, becoming a judge on American Idol is so “Rock n Role”.  

  • Yellowrosenannie


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CZ7D7VUKXMAOX5SM4CVXCB4ZOA Mike

    ur an ass, tyler’s been clean & sober for years

  • Shred6505

    all about money

  • T.dimaggio

    Great Job Steven Tyler!!!!!!! That was  song that very well. If people thought Steveie  was off the wall singing the Nationl Anthem this time did any body  go back and listen to when he  sang it at the Indiannoplis  500.

    He was younger and he really threw his happy, crazy  voice  out there. It was great then and it was even better this time.

     This is his way of  singing and they got what they ask for. STEVEN TYLER!!!!!!

    I think we have all heard it sang in so many ways and with so many off key/pitches etc. that the only thing we need to focus on is to continue to stand up, salute the flat and never let the way the song is sang interfear with us honoring the flag,our country and our MILITARY who fighths for our freedom to sing that song how the singer can best sings it.

     They just have  to remember if they want  tear jerking when the National Anthem is sung then you hire someone  who sings that type of music.

  • Loresadawn

    Steven Tyler is 64 years old and HE ROCKS!!!!!

  • Uber_lame

    Sounded like Steven Tyler to me. I’ll take that any day over plastic Black Eyed Peas-type (who were almost cool early on) nonsense.

  • Joycemcovington

    he  was there like he said, he isn’t like he once was but he have it his all.  thanks you steven, ilove you.  my age is 77. keep on doing your best we love you.  joyce

  • Marty Strohman

    Great performance.  On key, sung from the heart, I can’t think of a more American performance of the national anthem.  Yea, I’m a 50+ year old classical loving musician too.

  • Gary

    Whoever hired this guy who cant sing his way out of a paper bag should be fired.
    Yeah he sounds great to all you tone deaf people.

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