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Jesus Asks Tim Tebow To Lay Off The Jesus Talk A Bit On SNL

Well, we were promised a Tim Tebow sketch on Saturday Night Live tonight, and finally, during the last sketch of the night, we got it. And those of you who guessed Taran Killam would play the cultural phenomenon/Broncos quarterback: you nailed it. And while Jason Sudeikis, whom SportsGrid senior editor Dan Fogarty guessed might play Tebow, didn’t land that role, he did manage to star in the sketch…as Jesus.

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And Sudeikis’ Jesus taught us some interesting things about this year’s Broncos team – namely, that the son of God is helping the Broncos win, but as those who’ve watched the Broncos lately might guess, He’s only doing it during the fourth quarter. Additionally, He’s a really big fan of the Broncos’ terrific kicker, Matt Prater, and expressed his admiration via something disturbingly similar to a Rick Reilly joke. What Jesus doesn’t like quite as much, though: Tebow talking about Him all the time. It remains to be seen if that will make Tebow hold off on the public faith displays.

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We were a bit worried at first that the sketch might get left on the cutting room floor since it came so late, so we were relieved it popped up at all – and as a bonus, we actually enjoyed it. On a night the show was, as a whole, a little too reliant on the nostalgia factor due to host/former cast member Jimmy Fallon (though there was something to be said for seeing all those familiar faces, to an extent), here was a sketch straight from the headlines, and not a bad one at that. Video below (by CJ Fogler), via NBC.

  • greg

    i was under the impression tebow was jesus  

  • Anonymous

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  • cloey

    It was stupid, insulting and not funny.

  • Ph8805

    Youre an idiot

  • Davidnorrie6

    Leave it to the liberal/non believers at SNL to go overboard and mock Tebow to the point where it became in bad taste. 

    SNL hasnt been funny for years and this was right in line with their trend of poor, tasteless humor that isnt worth cracking a single giggle

  • WalkinOnSunshine


  • http://twitter.com/LAWLandMine LAWLandMine

    What does this have to do with being a liberal? Why do you automatically assume that all liberals are “non-believers”? I’m sure there were a handful of people involved in that sketch that are Christians. You really need to lighten up and learn to laugh at life or can you not make a decision for your self unless Saint Tebow makes it for you first?

  • http://twitter.com/ApexToApex Derek Wilson

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! It’s ok for SNL to mock the President, for example, but not an athlete that is holier than thou? BAHAHAHAHAHA! You are very ignorant if you find that offensive. 

  • Anonymous

    what I find ignorant is your post.  you obviously take offense to SNL when it mocks the president.
    Your post shows hypocrisy

  • Rmill2332

    This funny because the Broncos fans are saying when Tebow wins that it is proof god exists, It is finely a skit on SNL that doest suck.

  • guest

    no reason to find it offensive even if you are a christian. you have to be able to laugh at jokes or you look like a fool

  • http://www.facebook.com/1vivivi Victor Agostinho

    Its obvious you did not see last nights episode. Lighten up!!

  • Sd

    Looks more like kyle orton

  • Agaga

    I’m worry but but get the bible out of your ass people. Nobody cares about your faith, Muslim, Christian, Jew. you can all worship the same deity in any language you choose, just get it out of my face. your a speck in a cloud of dust in a tiny universe inside a beam of light. There is much more to life than the bible and the mythical Jesus. By the way if bible thumpers were educated people they would realize that Jesus and 90% of the stories in the bible were based off every religious belief the Egyptians had so call yourself and Egyptian not a Christian.  The bible is a continuous on beliefs created by man before the supposed birth of christ that speak of ways to live your life and be happy.  Don’t take it so literally, don’t attack, everyone that couldn’t give two shits about the religion. Nobody cares, I just need to say this once because I don’t really care but my blood does rise when hick thumpers take so much offense to something like a comedy skit.  You don’t like, don’t watch it, you take offense to this post then pray for my soul. 

  • Zdgaga

    by the way, this skit was funny. sorry for the spelling errors.

  • teblow

    Funniest thing i’ve seen in years

  • beazulbub69

    dissapointing.  didnt even talk like the homeschooled simpleton that is tim tebow

  • Chuckles the Clown

    And you’re a hater.

  • Anonymous

    Wait…Funny or Die is coming on the teevee machine?  Now that’s good information I can use.  Oh, the skit…ok.

  • Jadez

    Calm down! Nobody cares what you think dude, you’re just a spec remember…

  • Cu

    I was waiting for the laughs but it was not funny at all!  just boring…

  • JeenyS

    Have some damn respect. 

  • Mr. X

    This was Hysterical!! I’m a Broncos fan and loved it! If Tebow fans hate this they need to take a step back and relax. it’s all in good fun

  • Greg

    SNL mocking Tebow’s public displays of faith on their Christmas show, w/ Christmas songs, Christmas decor, 80 foot Christmas tree. More ironic than funny

  • Scathey

    Yea but if it was making fun of a muslim the president wouldve made a tv debut. ONE day every knee will bow tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Go ahead and keep making fun of him, he will get the last word in.

  • Just me

    You have a very distorted mind calling a young man who probably would make you look like a first grader in school.  He is WELL EDUCATED,  Be careful what you call people when you DO NOT KNOW them.

  • http://www.madcharles.com/ MadCharles

    Creativity is so gone in the entertainment world..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PVZLQKT64HSAEYDPMTAK42QAKM Swagger Smurf

    Im a Bronco Fan and your a lie.  Tebow is proof of anything outside of the fact that running the option beat seven overpaid coaches in the NFL.

  • Oyd21

    dumbass, he’s implying that they should be able to mock whoever they want to. It’s a comedy show, nobody should be safe. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charles-Hubbard/1276400123 Charles Hubbard

    Maybe the next skit will feature the Most High God against the pagan goddess NIKE to prove once and for all who is the God if victory! Christians in sports promote the name of the pagan goddess NIKE like they are proud of it! GOD hates NIKE!

  • Rayroth

    make fun of me too!  just pay me!

  • JR

    It always amazes me when an athlete prays or makes the signs of the cross after they have scored or made a good play.  In a way, they are saying that God and Jesus wanted the player, who didn’t make the play, to fail.   I doubt very, very seriously that God has selected one or the other to be successful.   

  • Anonymous

    They wouldn’t DARE do this if Tebow were a Muslim… LOL.

    And THAT folks, is why Christianity is more civilized on every level, than Islam.

  • Anonymous

    Margaret, don’t feed the troll. He wishes he had a 1% of the talent or 10% of the brains.

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