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Tim Tebow Inspires Dumbest Fad Ever

It’s called “Tebowing,” and it’s sweeping the nation. Nation: you are easily swept.

In order to “Tebow,” one must “get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.” It’s a perfect marriage between two things: the extremely Christian Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, who prays a lot, and the extremely dumb internet fad “planking,“ which is pointless.

You can Tebow anywhere, really. But the more formal the setting, the wackier your Tebow pose will look.

For instance: you can Tebow at a party, which is not that wacky.

You can Tebow at work, which is kinda wacky I guess.

You can Tebow at a hospital, which is super wacky. Can you believe this doctor is doing this? Lmao. I bet he’s fun.

Or you can Tebow if you’re a baby, which is actually pretty great.

If you’re lost, don’t worry, this is not meant to make sense. Much like the “Tim Tebow Song” we told you about yesterday, this is merely how we deal with popular-but-polarizing public figures nowadays: a series of spoofy YouTube videos, memes, and Taiwanese animation treatments.

So, on the one hand, it kind of sucks that we don’t have better ways of dealing with divisive people, other than to throw a bunch of crap at the internet and hope some of it sticks.

On the other hand, that baby is pretty funny.

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  • Michelle

    I love Tim, leave him alone! 

    btw, the baby tebowing is pretty darn cute. 

  • Anonymous

    Really want to put my head through a wall….

  • Anonymous

    So much cooler than planking!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LDO6LIQBI2JQ4Q5MWLWBKGKSJY bensanity

    Haters. Fogarty, you must not be much of a pray-er, huh?

  • Anonymous

    False. I thought “Eat Pray Love” was fantastic. 

    Wait, what are you asking me?

  • Anonymous

    He was!

  • Sjfun46

    Tebowing:  To look like an idiot while everyone around you pukes in their mouth a little.

  • Mezeus

    It’s amazing no one makes fun of all the convicted felons playing in the N.F.L  Anyone know exactly how many there are? Past and present.

  • Margaret J. Denson

    koppe22May I ask, What is stopping you?  Go ahead and be stupid.

  • Sjfun46

    No, how many?

  • Anonymous

    Sjfun46: If I knew the answer I would not have asked the question..

  • Oreillywv

    This will certainly not appeal to all those self-confident
    people who have reason to feel they are invincible, self-reliant, or so right
    about all their decisions. I salute and respect the T-bow ritual as a sincere
    way for one to take a Time Out and direct their thoughts to spiritual
    reflection as a means of dealing with a stressful situation, or as just a
    periodic opportunity to re-direct their focus. The milieu is not important as
    long as the gesture is sincere. Our Islam neighbors face east and formally pray
    3 times per day. It is likely they stop for a brief prayer at other times. As
    for me, my daily ritual is to bless myself [sign of the cross] in the Catholic
    tradition, then offer thanks for my modest state of health, well-being, and
    blessings on my family [5 children + 14 grand-children]. I then proceed to
    recite several times the following: The Lord’s Prayer, the Hail Mary, and Glory
    Be To The Father. I perform this ritual at least a few times per day,
    particularly when driving long distances. Part of my petitions include asking
    God to, in the words of John Henry Cardinal Newman, “….. direct that every
    prayer and work of mine reflect honor and glory to God..”

    There is another Catholic ritual worthy of your
    consideration: on the occasion of losing or misplacing some critical object,
    praying to St Anthony to intercede with the Lord to provide enlightenment or
    focus so as to retrieve the object. The prayerful petition has worked dozens of
    times and I’m not suggesting there have been ‘miracles’ at work. Rather, like
    the T-bow ritual, my submission to a higher Being enables the disposal of
    clutter in my mind so that i can re-trace steps or it calms me down to accept
    that God’s plan in a particular case does not include finding the lost possession.
    Now, if you ask my wife about the “Tony Prayer” she will describe how
    her 52-year old wedding ring came up missing 3 weeks ago. Women, in particular,
    can identify with the trauma inflicted by such a loss. Not to worry. St Anthony
    got me to thinking about a handy-man that worked for me. I gave police his name
    and asked them to visit pawn shops showing them a picture of the ring +
    inscription. Sure enough there was the ring …….. along with other missing
    jewelry and tools. Finally, about the so-called ‘prayerful felons’ in the NFL that
    someone twittered about. I am not about to question who it is that God responds
    to. Better leave that alone. Maybe develop your own version of a spiritual
    reflection technique and see if it works for you. God Bless everybody and props
    to those prominent athletes and performers who are courageous enough to sincerely
    follow their beliefs. Patrick O’Reilly, St Albans, West Virginia.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Zedge-Hero/100002365512254 Zedge Hero

    Ummmmm How can I say this without shattering your feeble mind into delusional outbreak.  Jesus is not real.  As a matter of FACT,  Dionysus was half man half god and created w ine and rose from the dead.  Sound familiar, now go forth since you have the truth.   

  • Anonymous

    Oreillywv: You need to study the bible (new testament) and not Catholicism. You will learn what Jesus teaches and not the Pope. The bible plainly states that there is but one mediator between man and Good and that is Jesus Christ. Not the Pope, Bishop, Cardinal, or Priest or some man maid Saint. That mediator is Jesus Christ.. Catholicism is based more on tradition that on the bible. 1 Timothy 2:5 New King James Version (NKJV)
    “For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus.”Now don’t write back and call me a ‘bible thumper’  because for all practical purpose I am agnostic. I just believe that if a person claims to be a Christian the he/she  should live by what the bible says and not by what some old fart with a big hat dictates.

  • TebowSucks

    Wow, this went from talking about how fucking stupid “Tebowing” is to an argument about which religion is right? This is exactly why I can’t stand Gaybow: no one can talk about just him and football, they have to bring religion into every conversation. He’s a football player, not a priest. Talk about how terrible he is as a starting quarterback in the NFL, who gives a shit about his religious preference? And for fuck’s sake people obsessed with doing dumbass little internet trends like planking, GET A FUCKING LIFE.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LDO6LIQBI2JQ4Q5MWLWBKGKSJY bensanity

    I have faith that he is real. I feel his presence in my life daily. Just because Jesus is not real to you, doesn’t mean he’s not real.

  • HP34

    If Tebow is such a great, religious Christian, how come he did not tell the officials that they ripped-off the Arkansas Razorbacks in Gainesville a few years ago?  Why did he not convince his coach to decline the penalties that made SEC history with an officiating crew getting suspended for numerous bad calls against a leading road team in the Swamp?  If Tebow knew that the Gators were getting handed the game, why did he still get up and showboat after a Gator first down?  A penalty at the time, why did he not tell the officials “Hey, I should have been flagged for that”?  Maybe he was too busy asking for forgiveness.   I never recall him “Tebowing” after being sacked.  If he is going to start in the NFL, he should be prepared to do that.

    And to justify:  “I’m just saying.”  :)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LMPMCNWYUJGRHJ4CMFNKAF2DCA Jason

    This is the most blatant cry for attention I have ever seen.  ”I hope the cameras get this,  I just have to make a statement about my faith on TV.”   I for one am glad he is being mocked.   He has after all been hyped like crazy.  Being a Coloradan I do watch the Broncos, but this year all the fun has been taken out of this season.  Not like the team was doing well with Orton, but I just lost interest after tebow was put in.  Maybe next year, maybe next year.

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