We Don’t Think We’ve Ever Heard Of Terrell Suggs’ Alma Mater, “Ball So Hard University”

  • Glenn Davis

Needless to say, when Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs announced this as his alma mater, we were flummoxed. What of his great career at Arizona State? We had to look into this. We consulted College Board for more information on this “Ball So Hard University” – nothing! “Ballsohard.edu” didn’t even exist as a web address. Searching for a list of notable alumni was similarly fruitless. We hope it’s not one of those shady for-profit schools – we’d hate to see Suggs get scammed.

SB Nation shared some details of the BSHU experience, but we have no idea where they got that info. Maybe author Andrew Sharp went there too? Maybe Suggs just took some summer classes there, or something. It makes sense he would have gone there – he does know something about balling hard. Look at these numbers – the guy dominates out there.

It’s just a shock to the system to hear that the root of such hard balling apparently wasn’t the place where he once balled hard enough to record 24 sacks in one year. And no, we studiously looked into it, and Ball So Hard University does not appear to be an accepted alternate name for Arizona State. Hey, if the place helps you play like Terrell Suggs, consider us intrigued. We just wish it wouldn’t be so secretive.

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